Democratic revolution in Mexico?


Richard Moore

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Mexico's opposition leader calls for alternative government

Mexican left-wing presidential candidate and opposition leader Andres Manuel 
Lopez Obrador called for the formation of an alternative "people's government" 
on Sunday.

Speaking to more than 200,000 followers in the Zocalo, Mexico City's central 
square, Lopez Obrador said his appeal was grounded in Article 39 of Mexico's 
constitution, which endows the people with the right to change their government.

Lopez Obrador, representing the Coalition for the Good of All in the 
presidential race, said that the current right-wing National Action Party (PAN) 
government was trying to impose its presidential candidate, Felipe Calderon, by 

Official results of the July 2 presidential vote showed that Lopez Obrador lost 
by a mere 0.58 percentage points to Calderon.

Lopez Obrador, who believes the election were massively fraudulent, called on 
citizens to participate in a Sep. 16 event, the National Democratic Convention.

He described the convention as "a space to make the people's voices heard," 
which would "unite all the Mexicans who are free and determined to 
once-and-for-all end this unbearable oppression, misery and injustice from which
our nation is suffering."

The country's electoral authority, the Electoral Tribunal, is due to rule on the
disputed election by Aug. 31, and by Sep. 6, it will have to announce a 
president-elect, who is due to take over from incumbent President Vicente Fox on
Dec. 1.

The Tribunal's decision would "define the depth and direction of our movement," 
Lopez Obrador told supporters, "if it validates the fraud, our duty as citizens 
is to bring an end to the political system based on this democratic farce."

Source: Xinhua

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