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I’m not familiar with Dave, but he sent me this very interesting message. It’s sort of an ‘ultimate conspiracy theory’. Much of it makes very good sense, and much of it I have no way to judge, given my current state of information. He cites Herbert Dingle, and here’s Dingle’s argument against Special Relativity, from http://www.marques.co.za/duke/dingle.htm:
According to the theory, if you have two exactly similar clocks, A and B, and one is moving with respect to the other, they must work at different rates, i.e. one works more slowly than the other. But the theory also requires that you cannot distinguish which clock is the ‘moving’ one; it is equally true to say that A rests while B moves and that B rests while A moves. The question therefore arises: how does one determine, consistently with the theory, which clock works the more slowly?

Dingle could be right, or perhaps Einstein was talking about an accelerating frame of reference, rather than simply a frame with a different velocity. There is no doubt, however, that mainstream cosmology has got it all wrong, as regards the dominance of gravity. Dark matter = epicycles, ie, a model in collapse.
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From: dave bunford
Date: 11 February 2010 02:01:37 GMT

Albert Einstein was a fraud. In his Special Theory of Relativity he expects us to believe that of two identical clocks each one can run faster (or slower) than the other. This is impossible and the theory is easily refuted. In his General Theory of Relativity we are expected to believe that matter can warp a completely fictional entity known as “space-time”. This again is complete nonsense – how can you warp NOTHING ? And why do academics toe the line?
It most definitely is a conspiracy. Overlooking blatant mistakes and ignoring obvious illogicalities (euphemism: “paradoxes”), that a child laughs at, is not human nature – unless the human intellect has been coralled, dumbed down and irretrievably stunted. How does one explain academical adherence to nonsense? Maybe it’s pensions, grants, salaries, peer group pressure and herd-mentality, or worse: shut up…or else.

All those “proves Einstein right” experiments have been questioned by heavyweights in the field and no satisfactory answers have been given. Remember the Venus fiasco. If time dilation is possible in the real world, then it is in no way explained or even described correctly by Einstein’s special and general hogwashes where he juxtaposes, willy-nilly, clock time and elapsed time. Read Professor Herbert Dingle’s “Science at the Crossroads”, and how he was defeated by the Matrix.  

It’s not only in cosmology and astronomy. It’s the same in archaeology, geology, history, religion, economics etc, etc – where the truth is systematically being denied us and covered up to be replaced by laughable absurdities.  You may wish to learn who is imposing the Matrix, and how and why. 
When a brain-dead newsreader tells you your country has x zillions of debt, have you never asked “Gee, who do we owe all that money to?” The International Bankers (IBs) with their global network of central banks is the correct answer. So how do they create this credit to loan to governments at interest for which we have to pay taxes? The correct answer is: it’s a scam.
“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin  … The Bankers own the earth … if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control credit.” 
– Sir Josiah Stamp, Director, Bank of England (the UK’s Central Bank), in the 1920s
By using fractional reserve banking, if the central banks loan a government y millions (by swapping government bonds for credit), they can then loan commercial banks and other financial institutions 10y millions at a discount rate. These 10y millions are not covered by their assets and deposits, they’re covered by the taxpayers – as we and our descendants will find to our cost. This is money/credit created out of thin air. The commercial banks, et al, can then do likewise and charge us any interest.
The present – completely unnecessary – global recession and “credit crunch” (hahaha) are all about the IBs calling in their loan debts (on money they have created out of nothing) and owning the entire Earth. The elite IBs are, almost to a man, of the same tribe as Einstein: Khazar-Jews. The latter also own or control nearly – if not – all of the major western media. These are our Matrix imposers, with millions of their minions (including elite Gentiles) being the Matrix enforcers.
The Universe is not driven by the weakest force in Nature known as “gravity” – some ten to the power of 39 times weaker than proton-proton or electron-electron repulsion, or electron-proton attraction – but by electromagnetism and plasma physics. It’s an Electric Universe, maybe infinite and eternal. Gravity is probably electrical – you don’t think the most massive dinosaurs could have been able to stand up, let alone walk and run or fly, in the Earth’s present-day gravity and atmosphere, do you?

If the universe were driven by attraction-only gravity, it would have collapsed long ago. It most surely stands to reason that for the very big jobs, Nature would use the strongest attractive and repulsive forces at its disposal. The Big Bang, Black Holes, neutron stars, dark matter, dark energy, warped spacetime and other fancy gobbledygook are impossible, laughable absurdities. Without Einstein, but with a Maxwell-Lorentz ether, a gravity-driven universe would never have got off the ground.
Admitting an electric universe opens the door and could lead (as Nikola Tesla well knew) to free energy. To the Matrix imposers who want to own us by monitoring, tracking, metering and charging us for everything: That is Forbidden!
In order to understand what our ancestors were trying to tell us, we have to understand how the Solar System really formed. The Earth has experienced major, literally earth-shattering and terra-forming, catastrophies in the past – it was one hell of a ride for our ancestors some 5,000-10,000 years ago. Why do you think the planet Venus was obsessively monitored worldwide and made, among many motifs, a ravaging witch-on-a-broomstick and a beautiful virgin goddess by nearly all cultures? Why was the planet Mars made the god of war? Why was the planet Saturn described as an ancient sun?

There is only one answer: the Solar System we see today is radically different from the one our ancestors saw; and almost all myths, worldwide, are describing the life and violent death of the longlived Saturnian Golden Age (The Otherworld) and the creation of the present Solar System (New Earth, New Heaven, New World). But they are not myths: they are a true record of what our ancestors actually experienced, up close and personal. 
For our ancestors, this – the creation of the solar system as we know it – is when time began; and it could be measured, for they could now see the present metronomic Sun, Moon and the stars; and it was also the time of a massive leap in human consciousness – literally shocked into a higher level – with the consequent birth of civilizations: the Earth and all its inhabitants became fully plugged into the Electric Universe. Let there be Light.
The archetypical Red Dragon symbolizes the planet Mars. The planet Mars – to countless cultures worldwide – was the saviour of mankind, god of war, redeemer, healer, destroyer of worlds, miracle worker, fertility god, etc…etc, who sacrificed it/himself to save the Earth by being crucified on the axis mundi, the tree of life, navel or mountain of the Earth, Pillars of Hercules, etc…etc
The planet Mars also took a battering – wounded in the side, thigh or heel, scarred on the face, incinerated, melted, and in some cultures had had his “skull shattered to pieces” – which may well explain the creation of the Asteroid Belt. For our ancestors, the planet Mars was also their leader who brought them out of the Saturnian half-darkness (The Twilight of the Gods) into the present solar system, out of Egypt into the land of milk and honey, as it were.

All ancient societies, tribes, nations boast of the planets Saturn, Venus or Mars, under countless names, as being their creator, first ancestor, founder, protector, father, mother, saviour. And they believed that one day the Red Dragon will return to free his people and restore goodness to the world. Many buried their dead with red ochre and facing North where the Saturnian system, and that of course includes Mars, was once located. The Egyptians went much further in that their Pharoahs were expected to actually recreate the Saturnian system – The Golden Age – in their afterlife.
To the ancient priests of Judah, YHWH was the planet Saturn. Israel never existed on Earth – only in the Saturnian sky. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Samson, etc..etc, were different aspects of the planets Saturn or Mars; Miriam, Esther, Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah, et al, were the planet Venus. God, Father, Elohim, El Shaddai, Jehovah, Lord of the Mountain are also the head-honcho planet Saturn. Hell, even today, their holy day – Shabbat – is the planet Saturn’s day. 
Whoever wrote the New Testament gospels (probably the Romanized Maccabees) were indeed smartasses – the main character, Jesus Christ, is the planet Mars; the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Salome, and probably other Meri/Marys, are all different aspects of the planet Venus; The whole purpose of the NT is to remind Christians to pay taxes lovingly on time (and turn the other cheek, sucker) and to unwittingly (or wittingly for some, come to think of it) worship the god of war. 

The major gods (also with many other names) of the Egyptians were: Osiris/Ra – Saturn; Isis/Meri – Venus; and Horus – Mars. The same trinity/triad is found in countless cultures, worldwide. Eg. to the Sumerians they were Shamash, Inanna and Nergal. This triad is also depicted on the national flag of Wales. 

To the ancient Welsh (Britons) and Irish, the planet Saturn (in the Otherworld, located way above the North Pole) was The Holy Grail, the magic cauldron, the head on a platter, Caer Gwydyon; Arthur (“not a King, a warlord”) of legend is the planet Mars; Branwen (White Crow), Arianrhod (Silverwheel), Olwen (White Track), and many other Welsh characters are different stages in the life of the newly-born planet Venus: Athena (Venus) did indeed come “out of the head of Zeus” (Saturn). And our ancestors saw it all.
The Deceiving of Huan  – [The Darkening of Saturn] 
Peniarth MS 112 880-881
[See:  http://www.maryjones.us/ctexts/huan.html ; The Saturn Theory:  http://www.maverickscience.com/saturn.htm ; and  Thunderbolts of the Gods: www.thunderbolts.info ]

The wife [Venus] of Huan(1) [Sun] ap Dôn(2) [Sky goddess, cf. Hathor] was a party to the killing of her husband [Mars. Venus interacted electrically with both Saturn and Mars and was, just like Isis (Venus) with Osiris (Saturn) and Horus (Mars), considered the “wife” of both of them and also the “mother” of Mars], and she [Venus] said that he [Mars] had gone to hunt away from home [left the Saturnian System]. And his father, Gwydion [Saturn], the King of Gwynedd [White or Blessed Land], traversed all countries in search of him [Mars], and at last made Caer Gwydion(3) [Saturn Citadel. cf. Homer’s Troy], that is the via lactea [Milky Way – but not as we know it – cf. Hathor], which is in the sky, to seek him. And he found him in heaven, where was his soul [Mars had taken a battering – wounded in the side, thigh or heel, scarred on the face, incinerated, melted, and in some cultures had had his “skull shattered to pieces” – which may well explain the creation of the Asteroid Belt]. And for that he turned the young wife [Venus] into a bird [maybe owl – many cultures have this motif  for Venus; but could also be Branwen – White (female) Crow/Raven – also a common Venus archetype; Raven for Saturn and Raven-Boy for Mars were common epithets among the Native Americans] and she [Venus] fled [became a comet] from her father-in-law [and “husband”, Saturn], and [he, Saturn] is called to this day Twyll Huan(4) [Tywyll Huan – Dark Sun. Twyll (deceit) and tywyll (dark) sound almost identical]. Thus, after the manner of the Greeks, the Britons formerly treated their stories and tales [true history] in order to keep them in memory [if they were merely stories and tales they would not have kept them so assiduously, meticulously, in memory; and certainly not the etymology of the word for an owl !].

1. Huan ap Dôn [Sun of the Sky]: the figure here is obviously [I beg to differ] Lleu Llaw Gyffes [Mars. Gyffes is cyffes – “confession” or “acknowledgement”. I suggest Left Hand Light: facing east to the present Sunrise, the right (Welsh “de”) hand (“llaw”) would be to the south (also “de”), the raised left hand would be to the north, acknowledging where the Saturnian system was once located, way above the North Pole], and this short text is a retelling of the final section of the Mabinogi [Mabinogion: Mabyn o g(wyd)yon – Children from/of Saturn); why his name is Huan, “Sun,” is a difficult question (see note 3). [In many cultures worldwide, Saturn is described as an ancient or dark sun]. “Lleu” is certainly derived from Lugh, in which the “gh” is essentially silent; Lugh is in turn derived from “Lugus”, which ultimately derives from the hypothetical proto-Indo-European *Leug- “oath/swear.” In other words, he is originally the god of the oath, Dumezil’s Mitra to Nuada’s Varuna. Thus, Lleu was not originally a god of light; however, the similarity between *leug- (oath) and *leuk- (light) may have influenced the idea that Lugus (and thus Lugh and Lleu) was somehow associated with light, at least in late Iron Age/early medieval thought. [Lleu is light, as in modern Welsh lleuad – moon; or goleuad – light or luminary]. 

2. Huan/Lleu’s [Saturn/Mars] pedigree here is confusing, as traditionally his [Lleu’s] mother is Arianrhod [Silver Wheel. Saturn-Venus electric-discharge intercourse, where Venus looked like a silver wheel from Earth], making Dôn [Sky] his grandmother [same sky]. Moreover, Gwydion [Saturn] is also the son of Dôn [Sky], and so Lleu/Huan [they are not the same entity] would be the product of Gwydion’s incest, either with his sister or his mother; the sister is more likely. [Blimey. Since they are the sky and planets, no incest is involved].

3. Caer Gwydion: there is some tradition that the Milky Way is called Caer Wydyon in Welsh; whether this is actual medieval tradition, or influenced by the antiquarians, I am not sure. [cf. Hathor/Nut – Supreme Sky and Milk goddess – depicted as a sky-arch with teats, with all the god-planets “beneath her feet”. However, Saturn Citadel is a much better interpretation of Caer Gwydion].  

4. Twyll Huan [literally “Deception Sun” – does not make sense]: The story is an attempt to explain the word tylluan, the owl. [No, this is nonsense by Mr Jones, hiding the true meaning:  the dimming or darkening of Saturn]. In this bit of folk etymology, tylluan is divided into twyll [there is no justification in adding a “w”; tyll does not sound like twyll] and (h)uan [there is no justification in adding the “h”], the sun. Thus, the composer changed Lleu’s name to Huan, [this assumption should never have been made], which he may have thought fitting. [Ha!, it’s what Mr Jones thought “fitting”].
[In modern Welsh, the Sun is Haul (m); Huan (f) is not commonly used].

Jones, T. Gwynn. Welsh Folklore and Folk-Custom. London: Methuen & Co. LTD, 1930. p.16.