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Richard Moore

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WOW, you are right, to pay attn..anyway, I was listening to CZECH radio last night, and the news said that hundreds of medical care workers refused the vaccination, as were the general populace–even the so-called “AT RISK” groups. So there is a media blitz to allay fears about the dangers of the adjuvants in the vaccines, and lots of talk of how SAFE they were, despite the fast-tracking..but the news is definitely at least questioning it all now. THEN, the chief of health or some minister–I didn’t write it down, was working…said that if you go in to see a doc and they ask you to take the vaccine and you REFUSE, then you have to sign a paper RELEASING them of “responsibility” if you get the flu! I thought that odd, I think that people there listening to that would say to themselves, “Well, we are just not going to the doctor for now, and if they don’t ask, we don’t have to refuse nor sign a paper..”, so thought I would let you know about the “signing the paper” part, wonder what that is leading to. I had to laugh, the czechs aren’t buying it…love pen thanks for all the news….

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