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February 04, 2007
The World Can't Wait, Won't Wait, Isn't Waiting
Cynthia McKinney adresses the Kuala Lumpur Peace Conference
February 5, 2007

It is among the greatest pleasures of my life to have been invited to 
participate in this Conference dedicated to peace. I look forward to 
joining the international community of activists dedicated to change 
based on the principles of dignity, justice, self-determination, and 
peace for all the peoples of the world.

Everyone in this room and every participant in this Conference is 
here because we want peace. Peace and justice.

And these principles of peace and dignity, justice and 
self-determination were embodied in the policies pursued by our host, 
The Honorable Tun Mahathir, while he was Prime Minister of Malaysia. 
In fact, it was Tun Mahathir who put Malaysia on the map for me when 
he stood up to the world's economic powers and refused to cash their 
check of dependency. Instead, Tun Mahathir returned their check and 
said out loud for the entire world to hear that Malaysia would chart 
its own course. As a result of that singular act of pride, 
self-determination, confidence, and independence, Malaysia boasts a 
strong economy and a legacy of uncommon independence.

But, Tun Mahathir has also learned that such independent thinking, 
and confidence in the people comes at a personal price. For while his 
message ricocheted around the world and struck me, an African 
American woman steeped in the Old Confederate South of the United 
States, the people we fight for are rarely in a position to reward 
such acts of courage. Yet the powers that be always seem to be able 
to exact their punishment. So oftentimes, where there is courage, 
truth, compassion, belief in the people, and a solid sense of right 
and wrong, there is also aloneness, vulnerability, or deep 

But instead of abandoning the struggle, we come together at this 
important Conference to commune with each other, learn from each 
other, give love and support to each other, recharge our batteries, 
and continue our work on behalf of what is right in a world currently 
filled with so much wrong.

Not too long ago, I was asked by Debra Sweet to endorse the 
activities of the American peace-seeking organization named World 
Can't Wait. They advocate the impeachment of George Bush and other 
Members of his Administration because in their view, the World Can't 

I agree with them.

And after having been defeated for the second time by an unsupportive 
Democratic Party and Republican voters who crossed over and voted in 
the Democratic Primary for my opponent, and knowing that George Bush 
had earned impeachment, I decided that I would do it if no one else 
would. So, on my last day in Congress, after 12 years of service to 
my people and my country, I offered Articles of Impeachment against 
President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of State Rice.

Impeachment is America's roadmap back to dignity. Impeachment is the 
Constitutional way to handle an Administration that has, from the 
outset, violated so many tenets of the U.S. Constitution. It is also 
a way of saying "No, we do not condone what has been done in our 
name, and we are not complicit."

The first time I felt the sting of Republican retribution and 
Democratic Party indifference was in 2002 when I questioned the 
Administration's explanation of what happened on September 11th, 
2001. I am the Member of Congress who asked the simple question, 
"What did the Bush Administration know and when did it know it, about 
the tragic events of September 11th."

After I was defeated in 2002, I traveled all over my country 
supporting the anti-war movement and informing the American people of 
the lies of the Bush Administration.

The film "American Blackout" (http://www.americanblackout.com/) tells 
the whole story of how Republicans stole two Presidential elections 
and of how Republicans stole two elections from me.

Well, as it turns out, The World Didn't Wait. And activists in the 
rest of the world are the people now practicing the art of effective 

I guess it started in 1959 with Cuba. However, Cuba is no longer 
alone in its attempt to chart its own course.

In 1998, Venezuelans elected Hugo Chavez who has used oil profits to 
set up healthcare for all, arts programs for the children, and 
subsidized education, including free universities.

In 2001, the people of Cote d'Ivoire rejected dictatorship and up to 
today, continue to try and chart an independent course despite huge 
big power interference due to offshore oil reputed to be of the 
quality of Nigeria's.

In 2002, Brazilians sent shockwaves throughout the Americas by 
electing the Workers' Party Lula to become their head of state.

In 2003 Argentina elected Kirchner, 2004, Spain elected Zapatero, and 
India rejected the BJP politics of division. In 2005, Bolivia elected 
Morales; 2006, Bachelet in Chile, Correa in Ecuador, Ortega in 
Nicaragua were all elected, with one agenda -- to provide prosperity, 
independence, justice, and peace -- to the people that they represent.

And let us not forget the valiant people of Haiti who twice have had 
their elected President, Aristide, removed from office by means of 
U.S. intrigue. But the Haitian people took to the streets and 
demanded that their votes be counted and that the election not be 
stolen as the U.S. opposed the election of Aristide's friend and 
ally, Rene Preval.

Today, Preval is the President of Haiti because the Haitian people 
took every step within their means to ensure that their votes were 
counted and that their democracy was respected.

Against tremendous odds, people who have far less than most Americans 
have -- in terms at least of material goods -- stood up and took 
their fates in their hands. They did what Mario Savio asked Americans 
to do in the 1960s. They put their bodies against the levers and the 
gears and the wheels of the machine and they said to the owners if 
you don't stop it, we will. And stop it, they did. The people of 
these countries stopped the machine. And I know that Americans can do 
it, too.

On the day before he was murdered, in his less-celebrated "I've Been 
to the Mountaintop" speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that he 
is happy to be living in the second half of the 20th Century because 
something is happening in our world. He said, "The masses of people 
are rising up. And wherever they are assembled . . . whether in 
Johannesburg, Nairobi, Accra, or New York City, the cry is always the 
same: "We want to be free."

Well, I can stand here nearly 40 years later and say that at the dawn 
of the 21st Century, "something is happening in our world!" The 
world's marginalized, exploited, and dispossessed are taking center 
stage because they have decided to defy imperial domination. They are 
saying that resource wars that hurt the masses and benefit the few 
are illegal, immoral, and just plain wrong.

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were with us today, I think he would 
be proud of the people around the world who are standing up for 
themselves. But would he be proud of American resistance?

I'm sure Dr. King would wonder why the American people have failed to 
change their own government when it's so very possible to do, 
notwithstanding the stolen elections.

What is clear is that the world isn't waiting for the people of the 
United States to act. But what the world is showing us, is that if 
we, in the United States, fail to act, we will be the ones left far 

Republicans stole the 2000 Presidential election.

Then, on September 11th a grave tragedy befell our country.

We, the American people, were promised a white paper by Colin Powell 
stating what happened, how it happened, and who did it. We have yet 
to receive such a white paper, Osama bin Laden is on the FBI website, 
but not for September 11th! And yet, the American people continue to 
rely on the truthfulness of the Administration for explanations.

Hot on the heels of September 11th, however, the Administration 
pushed through a series of draconian laws that usurp the United 
States Constitution and the civil liberties embodied in the Bill of 
Rights that make us "free," the ostensible cause of the September 
11th attacks in the first place, according to the Administration 

Then, the Administration seized the September 11th tragedy to invade 
and occupy Iraq while lying to the American people and the global 
community about why this action was necessary.

A campaign of terror ensued at home with the U.S. government 
targeting the Muslim community and actually rounding up innocent, 
law-abiding residents for interrogations. Those of all faiths, races, 
and ethnicities who dissented from the Administration's policies 
found themselves targeted for surveillance and worse. Medical 
records, bank records, telephone conversations, e-mails, regular 
mail, and more, all became subject to government seizure. Even church 
sermons, environmentalists, and peace groups were monitored. The 
Administration spied on the American people, breaking U.S. law, and 
lied to them about it.

The Administration stole the 2004 Presidential election, and 
immediately set the stage for attacks on other countries it didn't 
like. It told us to expect war for the next generation and targeted 
60 countries around the world. It has now initiated gunboat diplomacy 
against Iran, is saber rattling against Syria, taunting North Korea, 
and has actually dropped bombs on the poor, defenseless people of 
Somalia. Ethiopia, a country with a proud heritage of never having 
succumbed to any colonial power is now firmly a Bush vassal, part of 
the Administration's war machine against fellow Africans.

Interestingly, none of what I've said is a secret in the U.S.

When Bobby Kennedy was asked about a U.S. military strike on Cuba 
during the Cuban Missile Crisis, his response was that it was 
unseemly for a country the size of the United States to use military 
force against a small country like Cuba.

Bobby Kennedy, would have been President of the United States had he 
not been murdered by assassin's bullets. And I'm told that Bobby 
Kennedy was considering Dr. King to be his Vice President, but the 
assassins got Dr. King, too.

Who could explain today's U.S. behavior to Bobby Kennedy or Dr. King? 
How do we maintain any dignity or pride or responsibility to our 
children and to the world's children when we fail to exercise every 
tool available to us to stop the Bush Administration and for that 
matter, any future Administration that would do this in our name?

I am pleased to announce that I have signed the online petition 
pledging not to vote for any candidate who has voted in the past or 
who will vote this year to fund the war.

The petition can be found at

The work being done here in Malaysia is necessary and we must conduct 
our lives in such a way as to mean it when we say "No War!"

Each one of us, individually, has no choice but to become the leader 
we are looking for. Otherwise, we will continue to get what we've 
always been given: handpicked leaders who don't represent us.

One way for the American people to demand accountability from their 
leaders and a return to respectability is to impeach the Bush 
Administration. However, the complicity of both major U.S. parties in 
this intensifying debacle is clear now that the Democrats have taken 
impeachment "off the table."

And if the Democratic Congress, that owes its majority status to 
antiwar voters, votes to fund the war, then our mission will become 
very clear.

We will have to change the structure of U.S. politics because 
changing the people, clearly, isn't enough.

This is quite possible with the right set of circumstances. And the 
current elected leadership is helping to create those circumstances. 
When the Presidential election was stolen in Mexico, defenders of 
democracy shut Mexico City down for weeks until the unrightful, new 
Mexican President was sworn in.

After that, they formed a "parallel" government. And if Mexican 
defenders of democracy can do it, certainly American defenders of 
democracy can do it, too.

For us, nothing less than the soul of our country is at stake. But 
for the world, nothing less than the fate of mankind is at stake.

Because of the work of the Perdana Global Peace Organisation, Kuala 
Lumpur has become the "peace capital" of the world. And because of 
this Conference that should be taken to every Continent Kuala Lumpur 
will shine the light of peace on the world by showing us the horrors 
of war.

Thank you, Tun Mahathir, for hosting this Conference for peace. Thank 
you Tun Mahathir, for giving us the courage to go forth, especially 
in the United States, and build an uncompromised movement for dignity 
and justice, based on peace and love.

Thank you.

You can learn more about Cynthia McKinney at
http://www.cynthiaforcongress.com and coming soon at
http://www.allthingscynthiamckinney.com .

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