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First Minister, the SNP's Alex Salmond
Britain's hard-line Dictators Exposed

Intrepid whistle-blower and the UK's ex-Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, 
today makes a searing indictment of Tony Blair's arrogance, ill manners and 
anti-democratic nature.

In 'Blair is no Democrat', Craig Murray illustrates how Blair's contemptuous 
refusal to congratulate Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party (SNP) on 
its historic victory in becoming the (albeit minority) government of Scotland 
hides more than a tyrant.

Many, including myself, believe the SNP victory would have been much greater if 
Blair and his cronies in the Scottish Office hadn't sabotaged the recent 
election by ignoring the several warnings they were given by producing a 
complicated ballot paper. As a result of this (very likely deliberate) de facto 
rigging of the election as well as several other electoral improprieties, 
including missing postal votes, well over 142,000 of the electorate in a small 
country of under 5 million were effectively disenfranchised.

Having first tried to frighten the Scottish electorate into not supporting the 
SNP, Blair's reaction since has been to maintain not only a cold silence but to 
avoid his own duties of governance by not inviting Scotland's new First 
Minister, Salmond, for a meeting.

"This," writes Craig Murray, "shows a profound contempt, not just for the SNP, 
but for Scotland and the Scottish Parliament. More than this, it shows a 
profound contempt for democracy. Blair is only in favour of it when it gives the
"right" result - ie the one he wants. That has been evident in Iran and 
Palestine. It is now evident in Scotland."

"Blair and Brown are also showing just how unpleasant New Labour in Scotland 
have become. They still refuse to acknowledge that they lost Scotland after 
fifty years of dominance. Blair and Brown's failure to congratulate Alex Salmond
on his victory is a denial of all the politenesses and decencies that are 
necessary to the smooth running of a democracy, and which are understood by 
democratic politicians everywhere. They are showing both their nastiness and 
their pettiness."

Nasty and petty they certainly are. Corrupt, venal and, we may add, a party 
responsible for a collective war crime for which their leader stubbornly refuses
to accept responsibility.

And if the bad-tempered defensiveness of their media spokespeople is anything to
go by, Blair's Nu Labor is a party desperately frightened that the hard lesson 
in Scotland may well augur something far worse for them in the future.

It may well do. And if it does they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Far from being socialists, the Labour Party was built upon the foundations of 
reformism, ie. a hopelessly optimistic belief that it was possible to reform 
capitalism into a more benevolent creature. From the time of Roosevelt's New 
Deal through to Keynes and the concept of Welfare State capitalism it looked 
like the reformists could be right.

But all that was brutally ended with the Friedmanites and the monetarists who, 
under Thatcher and Reagan, began the wholesale dismantling of public ownership, 
the systematic destruction of public services and the handing-over of national 
assets at knock-down prices to private market forces.

The ruthless, cold war mentality of the Reagan-Thatcher Axis and the huge surge 
of military spending it hid became not only an essential part of the ideology of
the Atlanticists in all Britain's political parties but embedded itself in the 
very culture of Anglo-American societies.

Naturally, this process was all along promoted enthusiastically by capital's 
media whores who themselves have become increasingly embedded as the 
propagandists for the USUK's new imperialism. Using euphemisms like 
'neo-liberalism' the media has and will continue to play an active part in 
promoting the ruthless economics of the much harsher, totalitarian version of 
corporate capitalism we face today.

The more Blair and his abortion of a Nu Labor promote this ugly dystopia the 
more out-of-step they become with their people. In spurning them, Scotland 
rejected an entire agenda of betrayal and warmongering.

"It should not be forgotten that key to the SNP's victory was their profound 
opposition to the War in Iraq and to Trident nuclear missiles, and their 
replacement. The SNP showed what happens when a genuine choice on these issues 
is given to voters. That is a huge threat to the conservative establishment in 
the UK, and explains Blair's arrogant hostility."

The hostility towards the SNP's victory from both Labour and the so-called 
Liberal Democrats underscores the deep commitment of the leaders of these two 
Atlanticist parties, as well as the Tories, to not only obediently toe 
Washington's line but to actively promote its belligerent, unipolar imperialism.

In treating Scotland so contemptuously they are exposed as the cold, hard-line 
establishment, enemies of democracy they really are.

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