Coup D’Etat in Mexico? By whom?


Richard Moore

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Subject: Coup D'Etat in Mexico?
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 09:13:27 -0700

Here we have the real face of the mainstream media in this editorial from the 
Los Angles Times.  Mexican patriot and supporter of the democratic process, 
Obrador, is berated for fighting against massive electoral fraud by continuing 
to resist after a full recount of ballots was refused and the corrupt high 
courts ruled in favour of the results of a fixed election.  It is the ruling 
elite of Mexico that is setting up Mexico for political unrest, not Obrador.

- Don Nordin.

Original source URL:,0,5872150.story?coll=la-news-comment-editorials

Coup D'Etat in Mexico?

The votes have been counted yet again, but the losing presidential candidate is 
threatening the peace by failing to recognize the result. August 30, 2006

A COUP D'ETAT IS BREWING in Mexico. Even as he runs out of legal ways to 
challenge the July 2 presidential election results, the contest's sore loser, 
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is planning to proclaim himself president and 
establish a parallel "people's government" on the national Day of Independence, 
Sept. 16.

The defiance by the leftist former mayor of Mexico City comes after a unanimous 
ruling Monday by the nation's top electoral tribunal, which rejected claims 
filed by Lopez Obrador's party of massive fraud. Lopez Obrador, who finished 
second in the balloting, has been waging an increasingly desperate campaign to 
have the election nullified. The independent panel of seven electoral justices 
reviewed 9% of polling places where it had reason to suspect error, and it threw
out tens of thousands of ballots.

The net result of the review was to reduce conservative candidate Felipe 
Calderon's nearly quarter-million-vote margin by about 4,000 votes. The tribunal
has until next Wednesday to certify the election results.

Lopez Obrador's supporters have shut down much of Mexico City in acts of civil 
disobedience, and they appear intent on making the country ungovernable. The 
hope had been to pressure the tribunal into overlooking legal niceties - 
reformed election laws defer to the election-day count conducted by citizens 
chosen at random - to annul the vote.

Lopez Obrador and the Democratic Revolution Party, or PRD, are crying out 
against the imposition of a president backed by the nation's business elite, but
the whining is misplaced. Lopez Obrador, who obtained roughly a third of the 
ballots cast, became an activist in the dark days of the autocratic rule of the 
Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, but Mexico's electoral institutions 
are now fully independent. There has been no convincing proof of any widespread 
fraud. The election was conducted by nearly a million citizens selected to 
serve, and foreign observers have all praised the balloting as exemplary.

Indeed, if there is any threat to democracy in Mexico, it is Lopez Obrador and 
his sense of entitlement. The vast majority of Mexicans, including many of those
who voted for him, find his antics tiresome. But even if only 10% or 15% of the 
population believes its candidate is being unfairly denied the presidency, it 
can create quite a bit of havoc if egged on by a demagogue exploiting their 
sense of victimization.

The next weeks and months pose a different challenge for the country's 
democracy, as Lopez Obrador's supporters will seek to disrupt President Vicente 
Fox's final State of the Union address on Friday, as well as Independence Day 
celebrations later in September. Fox's government has shown admirable restraint,
but Lopez Obrador is hoping for some violent confrontation with federal 
authorities to score him sorely needed public opinion points.

Meanwhile, it's time for democratic voices on the left in Mexico to distance 
themselves from Lopez Obrador's destructive coup attempt. The likes of 
Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, the PRD's founder who probably was victimized by electoral 
fraud in his 1988 bid for the presidency, should say basta and encourage 
everyone to respect the election's outcome.

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