Corrupt Britannia sinks below the Waves


Richard Moore

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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2007
Corrupt Britannia sinks below the Waves

The British establishment is reeling with scandals. We can only hope that this 
signals its terminal implosion, something which should have occurred half a 
century ago.

Like a terrier with its teeth embedded deep into the ankles of the Royal Family,
billionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed continues with a determined campaign to expose 
Prince Philip and Prince Charles as being the architects of Princess Diana's 
death. Whether or not Diana was pregnant by Al-Fayed's son, Dodi, he insists 
that neither Philip or Charles could bear the thought of Diana getting married 
to an Egyptian.

Philip's racist comments are well-known but never commented on by a fawning 
British MSM which does everything it can to protect the collapsing image of 
Britain's royals. But, with the recent resignation of Lady Butler-Sloss, Coroner
at the current investigation into Diana's death, even Britain's MSM is beginning
to smell a putrefying rat in the official story that the death was caused by an 

No one in the British establishment, it appears, has the courage to take on such
an investigation and to face the consequences of the truth behind what was very 
possibly a cover-up of what happened that night in a Paris underpass. Who, in 
Britain, would dare to point to the royals as being criminals, let alone 
murderers? It's just not going to happen. The British are particularly good at 
whitewashes, snow jobs, and you can expect another one of those in a story which
will run and run like Jack the Ripper's.

And then there's Blair and the cash for honours scandal in which he and his 
cronies handed out peerages to the wealthy in return for their huge 'donations' 
to the Labour Party. Now what we're beginning to see is the tip of the iceberg 
exposing how British zionism continues to play a seriously corrosive part in the
country's politics and foreign policy.

Britain's attorney-general and old-time Blair crony, Lord Goldsmith, is 
squirming at the accusation being made by certain British MPs like the Liberal, 
Norman Baker, that he is no way qualified to make a final decision whether or 
not the public prosecutor should act upon police recommendations to bring 
charges in the cash for honours scandal.

The reason Baker gives is that both Goldsmith and Lord Levy --who was twice 
arrested and is presently under bail-- are both leading members of the 
parliamentary British-Israel and Commonwealth Committee which recently funded a 
trip to Israel by Lord Goldsmith. It should never have done so says Baker and 
what is more serious is that Goldsmith should have no influence on any decision 
whether or not to charge his crony Levy with conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Despite Goldsmith's squeals that he promises to receive "independent advice" on 
the matter the British MSM seem in no mood to buy any more lies from the man who
twice changed his mind on whether Britain should have gone to war in Iraq.

The Jewish establishment, finely-tuned to the slightest criticism, has already 
accused the British police of 'anti-semitism' for daring to arrest "Britain's 
premier Jew", Lord Levy. It seems that certain people should remain above the 
law. So we can expect more indignant cries from those quarters in the near 
future. And I expect to be accused of anti-semitism for even mentioning it!

The ordinary proles very rarely get a glimpse into the corrupt workings of their
country's establishment. These two stories, however, emanate a stink much closer
to home than anything rotten 'in Denmark.'


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