Correction, re: “thirteen families effectively control the central banks”


Richard Moore

14 Apr 2006   thirteen families effectively control the central banks

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Subject: RE: weekend dialog
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:42:55 +0200


A caveat to your posting of 8 families... The list I have seen before on
various websites. The difficulty is that most of the 8 banks either do
not exist today or never did. 'Lazeres bank' no doubt refers to Lazard
Freres Bank, a Paris-London investment bank tied to Felix Rohatyn in New
York. It is a niche player. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and A'dam: The
Hamburg branch was headed after WWII by a Warburg, Felix Warburg, but
played no role in policy. The London S.G. Warburg is now part of a
larger European bank. Chase is the Rockefeller family Standard Oil bank,
Goldman Sachs is a major Wall St investment bank. Kuhn, Loeb was. Only
Chase Manhattan, today JP Morgan-Chase is a member commercial bank of
the Federal Reserve System. The rest are ineligible to be due to their
charter and hence not allowed by Federal Reserve Act to buy stock in the
Federal Res4erve 12 district banks.

The list makes great thriller reading for some perhaps but is not a
serious clarification of our highly defective money system.