Connie Fogal: UN People’s Assembly is a ruse


Richard Moore

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 21:51:34 -0700
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Subject: [Fogal_contacts] Campaign for UN People's Assembly is a ruse to  impose
an unaccountable Oligarchy

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PRESS RELEASE April 23, 2007

"Campaign for UN People's Assembly is a ruse to impose an unaccountable 

Connie Fogal, Leader, CAP/PAC, opposes the campaign for a United Nations 
Parliamentary Assembly as being a deceptive mechanism to impose one world 
government by unelected, unaccountable entities.

Anticipating the launch April 24, 2007  of this campaign, she commented April 
23, 2007 that such a campaign "is a treacherous manipulation of the people in 
another use of Orwellian Double Speak as is the statement 'I have to give up my 
liberty to be free'."

"The use of the term 'parliament' and the word 'voice' misinforms people that 
they would have a democratic say. Not so," insists Fogal. " 'Parliament' 
suggests 'legislative'. To legislate is to enact or pass laws. We are too 
overwhelmed, impoverished  and oppressed  already by laws being passed by  a  
select few with no knowledge by or consent of or  accountability to the whole 

" A democracy is a form of government in which the sovereign power resides in 
and is exercised by the whole body of free citizens, as distinguished by a 
monarchy, aristocracy, or oligarchy. There is no democracy in the practice of 
unelected, unaccountable special interest groups functioning in a world assembly
be they from the military, industry, financial or nongovernmental sectors of 
'civil society'.This campaign is a creation of another form of   oligarchical 
power. It is an action that is contrary to the interests of the majority of the 

"Elective franchise is the right of suffrage; the right or privilege of voting 
in public elections. Women, minority groups and people generally have died and 
suffered for the right to a vote that counts - one person, one vote! This means 
every person , not a select few"

Fogal said, "It is a joke to suggest the United Nations will be a voice for the 
people while the United Nations has already been acting as the policing 
mechanism for the global aggression of the USA, while the concept and practice 
of a nation state  is under attack, and since Parliaments around the world have 
been emasculated by their submission to the globalization administrative 
structure and process  that has implemented   rule by unelected, unaccountable  
bodies , be they corporate, and /or military and/or  NGO's (non-governmental 

"It is very revealing to see the NDP and the Greens as part of and promoting  
this," she continued.

"There can be no direct voice of the people via non-governmental, unelected, 
unaccountable groups," Fogal asserted. "Further, the European assembly has 
proven to be a rubber stamping mechanism of bureaucratic decisions.  This is not


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