Connie Fogal: Has The Eugenics Program Begun?


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Subject: Has The Mass Eugenics Program Begun?
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A Frenchman angrily demands the truth from the Japanese government.
YouTube Has Been Restricted In Japan. A Last Message Sent Out From Man In Japan.

This is the most complete single video compilation explaining that Japan was HAARPed once before. 

Pay CLOSE attention to the above video because this current earthquake may ALSO have been HAARPed . . . both to harm the Japanese physically and economically . . . AND . . . to kill Americans and call forth martial law while our economy implodes.  Wouldn’t an economic implosion seen small, compared to death and dying?

To see the actual laws covering Martial Law, please read:  TWO ‘ACTS’ OF TYRANNY ON THE SAME DAY!  HERE(

Information about HAARP and a previous Chinese earthquake when the Chinese military claimed it was created by HAARP:   (source: at the bottom)

To find out what the current status is for the fallout here in the USA, and northern hemisphere . . . click around the graph on this page:

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Connie Fogal
3570 Hull St.
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