Climate: the case for solar causation


Richard Moore

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Solar Cycle 24:  Implications for the United States 
David Archibald 
International Conference on Climate Change 
March, 2008 
Do we live in a special time in which the laws of physics and nature are suspended?  No, 
we do not.  Can we expect relationships between the Sun’s activity and climate, that we can 
see in data going back several hundred years, to continue for at least another 20 years?  
With absolute certainty.  
In this presentation, I will demonstrate that the Sun drives climate, and use that 
demonstrated relationship to predict the Earth’s climate to 2030.  It is a prediction that 
differs from most in the public domain.  It is a prediction of imminent cooling.   
To put the solar – climate relationship in context, we will begin by looking at the recent 
temperature record, and then go further back in time.   
Then we will examine the role of the Sun in changing climate, and following that the 
contribution of anthropogenic warming from carbon dioxide.  I will show that increased 
atmospheric carbon dioxide is not even a little bit bad.  It is wholly beneficial.  The more 
carbon dioxide we can put into the atmosphere, the better the planet will be – for humans, 
and all other living things.