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Claudia von Werlhof Call for a “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth”[1] International Goddess-Conference “Politics and Spirituality” Castle Hambach, Germany, 29th May 2010
We are gathered here at a special location, one that has always been about freedom, and where we came together ten years ago to proclaim the “women‟s millennium”. Today we live in an age such as the one invoked by Annette Rath-Beckmann, when she cited an inscription that was made in Bucharest some 4,300 years ago: “When the silver-winged birds fly, when the houses touch the sky; when the lions disappear and the frogs silently peer, then the goddess will return.”
Indeed, we now live in such times, and of this, I will speak here.
The women‟s millennium has gotten off to a rather difficult start, which is why I will not speak, as I had planned, “on loving the grass near the highway”.[2] Rather, current events force me to speak of the patriarchal hatred of Mother Earth, our wonderful planet, and what we can do about it.
I have come to make a terrible accusation!
Not only has life on Earth come to be threatened with extinction. No, the planet itself is under a permanent attack that goes to its very foundation. What is at stake is the ultimate matricide, murdering the Earth herself – the conceivably, inconceivably, unimaginably greatest crime of all times.
I am thus here in good company. For I have – albeit only symbolically – brought with me a few of the children of our beautiful and strong Mother Earth, whom I will now call upon:
     the whisper of the trees
     the murmur of the streams
     the flickering of the light
     the black panther of the night
     the eternal serpent and
     the elder mothers in the form of the dinosaurs, whom I want to once again awaken – my life‟s task as long ago imparted to me by my son Götz
All this wonderful life, this beauty and variety, this strength and power of Mother Earth, our planet, are in danger today, because the planet itself is heavily threatened. There is agitation 1
about and Earth calls upon us, to stand by her side. That means: We have to change sides. We stand with Mother Earth, not with human society! “Pachamama o muerte!” – Mother Earth or Death! Thus Evo Morales, the indigenous president of Bolivia at the great climate tribunal and conference on the rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in April 2010.[3]
He didn‟t know then, however, that what is at stake is no longer simply a conflict between “capitalism”, as it is generally understood, and Mother Earth. This is about far more than mere economics: it is about new technologies that have been developed over the past decades and which are being put to ever more dangerous uses – be it for experiments, be it in targeted actions – technologies of planetary destruction by way of the planet itself.
Planet Earth has thus been self-retooled to become a weapon of mass destruction, the very same “bad nature” that it had supposedly always been. This new type of destruction now occurs through seemingly natural catastrophes.
This development over the last decades has remained hidden from nearly everyone because it has been systematically kept secret. For it is of a military nature, and both, the West and the East, the US, Europe and the Soviet Union/Russia have been driving it forward simultaneously. While the peace movement is currently busy looking at “nuclear weapons negotiations… the military (has) moved to plasma-weapons, weather wars, and geo- engineering”. Thus Rosalie Bertell,[4] virtually the only civilian scientist on the planet to have tracked the invention of these non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction in her profoundly upsetting book: “Planet Earth – The Latest Weapon of War”.[5] Bertell continues: “There is a profound ignorance of the general public and even academics of the weather modifications and military plans to use the whole earth system as a weapon, which has fuelled military research since WW II.”[6]
So while we are here celebrating Mother Earth and/as “the Goddess”, we are not even aware of the fact that, behind our backs, she is being tortured as some kind of mega-witch. Every year more of her bones are broken; every year the depth of her innards is being penetrated, x- rayed and shaken up; her aura is being dissected and perforated; her breath is being taken away and heated unbearably; she is being forced to destroy herself through droughts and floods, through tornados and even volcanic eruptions. Thus, her cycles and patterns that have lasted millions or even billions of years, her currents of air and water, as well as their connections and compositions are distorted and perverted, grotesquely amplified and manipulated, or eroded beyond recognition by alien substances and toxins.
Mother Earth has been appallingly humiliated, she has fallen ill, she can no longer stick to her own rules. She is being maltreated and mocked at, she is forced into artificial vibrations as though under electric shocks. She can no longer calm down, recuperate, find back to her own dynamic equilibrium. And she has no chance to escape these attacks, for she cannot fly away like a bird.
What has happened? What is happening? What is this unbelievably monstrous, unspeakable crime, a crime that has hitherto seemed entirely unthinkable, unimaginable, indeed, impossible?
The end of the naivety and rose-tinted blindness in which I, like 99% of the human population, was living, came to me during a debate about whether the great earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, which claimed more than 200,000 lives, might have been artificially produced. I mentioned this monstrous hypothesis from the international debate in an interview
with an Austrian newspaper, to which I had been invited in February because of a discussion about the general crisis.[7]
This led to two campaigns being waged against me: one by my university department, which declared publicly that I had “damaged” the department; and a second three weeks later, when the entire Austrian print-media personally attacked me, and called for my discrediting as scientist, university teacher, researcher and human being. Their gist was: she is a “scandal”, she spreads conspiracy theories, is mentally ill, and has to be removed from the public sphere. Many of you know this because you worked to get a global campaign of solidarity started: In Germany, Mexico, the US and Austria, with petitions and letters from all around the world that deeply moved me, that gave me joy and excitement. Today, I publicly thank you for your efforts!
After all: rather than investigate the Haiti-thesis, so-called public opinion tried to label it a “conspiracy theory”, and thus to destroy and consign it back to the underworld!
Then I understood: This had not been about me, but about the attacks on Mother Earth! It had been about turning me into a modern “witch”, a monster, in order to hide something behind that. It was Rosalie Bertell, whom I have just cited, who revealed to me what was supposed to be hidden there. For it was during my quest to find out what had really happened in Haiti that I met her. Ten years ago, at the beginning of the women‟s millennium, she wrote the book “Planet Earth”, which I already mentioned above. The only reason it failed to reach a wide audience was that its publisher went bankrupt and did not distribute the book. Virtually no one was thus aware of Bertell‟s seminal investigation into the emergence of weapons of planetary destruction. And suddenly, I had arrived at the source, holding her book in my hands, which she had immediately sent to me. Rosalie, who has since become a good friend – a friendship that I am proud of –, is both a natural scientist and a nun. Already in the 1980s, she had become known as a biologist, radiologist and eco-feminist through her analyses of the health consequences of nuclear contamination. In 1986, she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award or alternative Nobel Prize. Her book on the subject, “No Immediate Danger?”[8], achieved global fame. But of her second great book, “Planet Earth”, only the first part of the title became known, obfuscating the content that is only revealed in the second part of the title. In this book she describes what I have come to call “HAARP-Alchemy” and the development that has taken us there.
Presentation of “Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War”
For decades, the Soviet/Russian as well as the US military have conducted secret experiments, including detonating powerful nuclear devices. These experiments can destroy those vital layers of the atmosphere that protect us against lethal solar and cosmic radiation. Moreover, they have been, and continue to be, conducted without any civilian experts being consulted. The risks to those layers of the atmosphere that maintain life on this planet are not taken into account. The author assumes that accelerated global warming, increased incidence of earthquakes as well as extreme weather conditions are at least partly caused by these experiments. After all, they rely on a systematic “heating up” of, in particular, the ionosphere by way of artificially generated electromagnetic waves, which the many transmitters of the HAARP-installation(s) in the east and west can send up into the skies, and from there to any point on the planet, by using the air that has been thus condensed by the “heat” and curved to form one giant reflector.
More specifically:
No later than in July 1962, the US space agency NASA announced that nuclear weapons tests in higher atmospheric strata had created a new radiation belt stretching some 750 miles wide around the planet – in the creation of which, to be sure, the USSR was equally active. According to Bertell, US scientists found out that it would take hundreds of years for the Earth‟s protective Van Allen Belts to recover from this. The ozone layer, too, was already damaged back then.
The effects of such assaults would, quite possibly, not remain limited to the atmosphere. Another story told by Bertell is that of a nuclear experiment, which created new electromagnetic belts in the atmosphere, and after which the Caribous, for the first time in 3,000 years, did not migrate. It is possible that other animals, fish or birds might also react to disturbances in electromagnetic fields, including human beings.
In spite of opposition from within the International Astronomers‟ Union, the US military had shot the incredible amount of 350,000 million copper needles into orbit around the Earth as early as 1961. The result of this action is unknown. It may have resulted in a disturbance of the Earth‟s magnetic field, which in turn led to the 8.5-strong earthquake in Alaska, and to Chile losing part of its coast.
These programmes are primarily about waging war from space (SDI/”Star Wars”) and to affect the Earth. This includes programmes to produce “heat weapons” with solar energy that can burn people and buildings the same way a microwave-oven does; or start fires on the ground, for example in forests or fuel-depots, by way of ultraviolet radiation. This kind of technology, according to the author, was tested during the last Gulf War, among others.
Laser technology – that is, the concentration of light to a single wavelength and its subsequent rhythmic resonance rise – is also playing an ever more important role, as it can be used to build “smart bombs”, to cut metal or atmospheric layers, and to fly to the moon.
The point of all this, according to the author, is to invent and develop the weapons and communications systems for the coming wars.
The HAARP-Technologies:
Construction on the HAARP-installation (HAARP: the US‟s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) began in Alaska in the early 1990s. It was supposed to “transform the capacity of communications- and surveillance-systems”. Harmless though this may sound, there are today some 180 aerial-transmission-towers that fire electromagnetic waves, which are in turn powered by large oil- and gas-fields and/or nuclear power plants, and their number is projected to increase to 360 or even 720 transmitters[9]. Financing for all this comes from the military and the “Star Wars”-defence-network. The military views HAARP and its associated projects as “ionosphere-modification-installations”. For HAARP is meant to initiate and control natural processes in the lower ionosphere – the transmitters reach up to about 150-200 km – in such a way that they can be “put to use in pursuit of the goals of the defence department”. Put differently, the ionosphere, which protects the Earth, is to be used as, so to speak, the barrel of a gun.
The technology on display in the HAARP-installations is built on the inventions of Croat scientist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who wrote treatises on alternating currents, high-voltage
electricity, as well as wireless communication, and who developed plans for the construction of new weapons employing electromagnetic energy. The Russians, too, were supposedly working with Tesla‟s inventions since the 1960s, and there has been speculation about the invention of super-weapons, including an earthquake-weapon, since the 1980s.
According to Bertell, in one of the experiments the transmission towers would all together emit a giant beam, which is so strong that, in an eruption lasting several minutes, it slices through the ionosphere “like a microwave-knife”, leaving a long cut in this vital layer of the atmosphere. These experiments have to do with rocket-, satellite- and space-technology. They make it possible to push through the atmospheric layers above the Earth.
However, the most important goal of HAARP, as Bertell reminds us, is the above-mentioned “heating up” of areas of the ionosphere to the point where they become an overheated plasma, as a result of which they turn into a sort of curved “lens”. This, like a mirror, can reflect the enormous energy-radiation coming from the HAARP-aerials and retransmit them back down to Earth as artificial lightning or energy waves. They appear as light effects, which, because of the warming of the particles in the atmospheric layers, look rather like northern lights- auroras- or parts of rainbows. These electromagnetic currents can be steered through these artificial lenses to reach and destroy any target on the ground, possibly without leaving even a trace of the cause of this destruction.
The author reminds us that we know so little of the layers in our atmosphere that nobody could fully grasp the effect of cutting open the ionosphere, or of condensing and bending it into a lens, or of vibrating the entire Earth through these experiments. The military‟s goal is “rather than accepting the limitations imposed on operational systems by the natural ionosphere, it envisions seizing control of the propagation medium and shaping it to insure that the desired system capability can be achieved” (to gain “control over the medium of the ionosphere, and to mould it in such a way as to achieve the desired systemic capacities.”) (p. 125)
This means that the Earth is supposed to be transformed into a “system” that can be steered, into a machine or some kind of apparatus!
HAARP and other, similar installations in Russia near Nizhni Novgorod – in which the US have participated – can also emit pulsating, extremely low frequencies as waves (ELF), which are aimed deep into the Earth. These waves are capable of tearing apart the precariously balanced tectonic plates of the Earth‟s crust. The investigations into the subterranean world that thus become possible are also called “deep earth-“ or “earth-penetrating tomography”. According to Bertell, however, we know very little indeed about the interplay of tectonic plates, volcanoes and the Earth‟s molten core.
For example, a Soviet experiment in the ionosphere was conducted shortly before an earthquake in China 1967, which claimed 650,000 lives. In the US, ELF-waves were detected just before the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco, and similar unnatural and inexplicable waves appeared before the earthquakes in Japan in 1989, as well as the one in Los Angeles in 1994.
One thing that is certain, as Bertell demonstrates, is that the global incidence of earthquakes is more than twice as high since the military began experiments affecting the atmosphere and the Earth itself. But there is more evidence that something unusual is afoot. An earthquake in
Bolivia, in 1994, came from 600 km below the surface of the Earth, 24 times as deep as it normally would.
Between mid-January 2010 until April, there were at least 9 partly very severe earthquakes worldwide.
But ELF-waves not only match the Earth‟s resonance frequency, but also that of the human brain, and can therefore be used for the manipulation of living beings. They can, for example, be superimposed upon brain waves for the purpose of mental manipulation.
Scientists have now warned that the energies emitted by HAARP might overlap with or amplify natural electromagnetic wave frequencies, leading to results that might be disproportional to the original input and destroy the harmony between life forms on Earth and the planetary order that sustains them. More generally, we are seeing accidents happen as a result of such “interference” of waves coming from electromagnetic installations. They can lead to airplane crashes, or “friendly fire” incidents.[10] After all, one aim, among others, is to develop methods of control and use of information technology as a weapon.
We can thus not exclude the possibility that HAARP and its “brothers” might trigger catastrophic changes for humans, the environment, or, indeed, the planet. For, as Bertell reminds us, everything is connected to everything else, everything in our universe exists in a dynamic equilibrium, and HAARP might just destabilise a system that was built up over millions, possibly billions of years, and which has since then maintained its own internal circulation.
Bertell shows that the incidence of natural disasters has increased ten-fold from the 1960s to the 1990s.
She tells us of an expanding network of surprisingly large and potentially interactive military installations that use different types of electromagnetic fields and wavelengths, each equipped with a different kind of capability to influence the Earth or its atmosphere. The installation in Alaska, for example, will be – or is already – equipped with a magnetic field that is 60,000 times stronger than that of the Earth itself. The risks posed by these installations are therefore obvious, though they remain largely hidden and un-discussed. After all: the Earth‟s magnetic field is the result of electric currents within the Earth‟s liquid core interacting with the atmosphere‟s Van Allen-belts in ways that we do not yet understand. Hence, it is impossible to judge what effect a magnetic field might have on the Earth‟s interior or the atmosphere that is some 60,000 times stronger than that of the Earth. Bertell assumes that military experiments have already destabilised the Earth‟s balance and caused it to wobble.
According to Bertell, IT is logically conceivable that all these experiments with heating up the atmosphere could have contributed to global warming – adding to the massive depletion of the ozone layer which had already started earlier. And if the ozone layer were, as a result of this “shooting holes in the sky”, to grow to twice the size it is today, it could in fact make it impossible for plant life to flourish on Earth.
Would that be the end of the “green” planet?
A number of unusual weather conditions and “natural” catastrophes may also have been directly caused by experimenting with installations such a HAARP. In the US, the task of influencing the weather is located with the Air Force, while the Russians reported in 1992 that
they had already mastered the technique. Bertell demonstrates how the “El Niño”- phenomenon has changed its cycle since the beginning of the “Star Wars” experiments, and how it has become far more severe and destructive. For example, the so-called GWEN-effect, a kind of short-circuit between atmospheric layers and the Earth‟s surface, can amplify the effect of attempts to influence the weather – in the case of storms and rainfalls, for instance – making them much, much stronger than normal, and thus also increase associated risks beyond all bounds.
Rosalie Bertell also advises strongly against so-called geo-engineering technologies, which only benefit the military, while being sold as means of mitigating climate change (e.g. the use of “chemtrails”[11]). She argues that these techniques form part of a broader attempt to control the world as a whole, and to further expand the experiments with different parts of the atmosphere.
Weapons and/or experiments, that affect and transform the atmosphere in a hostile intent, however, are in violation of the UN‟s 1977 Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD). The US signed this document, but, as Bertell points out, the White House neglected to enforce the requirement contained therein to assess the Pentagon‟s actions with regard to their environmental impacts.
Furthermore, we may add that the topic of ENMOD and climate change was excluded from the agenda of the 2009 climate summit in Copenhagen.[12] Nor was the issue of the military discussed at the Earth Summit in Rio, in 1992.
To be sure: the US and Russia are not the only countries to possess such weapons. According to Bertell, revelations from 30 years of military innovation show that the UK, Germany and NATO were all involved in military developments that demonstrate an almost criminal disregard for life on Earth. Apart from Siberia, one can also find HAARP-type installations in Tromsö, Northern Norway, operated by the German Max-Planck-Institute, but also in Sweden and Puerto Rico.[13]
The author points out that, beyond all this, there is still the possibility that accidents, miscalculations, acts of madmen, or (faulty) political decisions may produce one final global catastrophe. A US empire that dominates the world, together with the vision of divinely caused Armageddon if this were to fail, cause the self-appointed players to believe that their game is worth the attempt. They accept every risk, and then deny that there is, in fact, any risk. But just like the war criminals of old, they will always claim that their crimes aren‟t crimes at all, but rather steps towards their allegedly “reasonable” goals.
Nothing is holy anymore!
The deliberate exclusion of civilian scientists also makes it impossible for them to issue early warnings or course corrections. According to Bertell, there have so far not been any serious investigations into the HAARP-installations. Whoever made such attempts was ridiculed, had their scientific reputation ruined, or got cut off from research funding.
Something very similar just happened to me!
These military experiments are also conducted in what is euphemistically called „peacetime‟. Because of these technologies we find ourselves in a permanent state of war, without being
conscious of this fact: military research today has become a war against life and the planet as a whole. The stability of life on Earth and the Earth as a living being is thus in danger.
Bertell concludes: “I hope this book has given readers some inspiration as to how they might become involved in helping this peaceful planet evolve to its full potential. Despite years of abuse, it is still an amazing and beautiful creation. It deserves our best efforts. Enjoy it, love it, and save it” (p. 223).
Bertell and the “critical theory of patriarchy”
Bertell‟s book was largely ignored both within eco-feminism and military- and peace-studies circles; neither was it read by those who engage in the critical study of technology, nor by women‟s studies. Maybe this is due to the fact that we often do not understand enough of technology and natural science, and that we are not terribly interested in these issues, let alone in developing a critique of them. Nor have the alter-globalisation movements discovered her. On the other hand, Bertell is a natural scientist, not a social or political scientist, and her arguments appear fairly naïve with regard to the possibility of changing or even abolishing these military projects. The approach that is currently able of integrating Bertell ́s work is obviously the “critical theory of patriarchy” that has been emerging here in Innsbruck over the last two decades, especially because of the critique of technology, that lies at its core – more specifically, the critique of “alchemy”.[14]
“HAARP-alchemy”: reading Bertell, the first thing that catches the eye about the way that the military conduct their research and the basic ideas they seem to be pursuing, is their patriarchal character. One might say that their goal is to subordinate the entire planet like a woman, to take hold, to rape, to subject to male control, and to transform it into something that no longer has any real autonomy or power. In the critical theory of patriarchy we call this process “creation from destruction”. In this case, the intention is to, first, “kill” the Earth as a planet and alleged chaos together with its order, or, in the language of alchemy: to “mortify” it. Finally, in a “Magnum Opus” it is to be re-created as a supposedly more valuable, fantastic machine-like system that can be freely manipulated, employed, switched on and off. This is what the military research cited above referred to as the Earth‟s “system capabilities”! It is what I call typically “alchemical”, for the thought behind all patriarchal alchemy/ies since ancient times has always been that so-called “fathers” can wantonly create new and allegedly “higher” forms of matter and life. These “fathers” hope to usurp the place of the mother, and justify this by promising to bring forth a better creation by helping nature to realise the higher development that she supposedly desires herself. The goal is obedience![15] Throughout the ages, this thought has justified any and all violence against women and nature. There cannot be a greater crime: to destroy Mother Earth through the military-industrial complex‟s planetary system of war that is currently under construction; to commit the ultimate matricide! This level of “progress” of the natural sciences and technology represented by the HAARP- technologies, as described by Bertell, appears as the last step on a long path towards an intentional creation from destruction. Life on, within and above the planet Earth have already come under the sway of modern technology and its alchemical projects of transformation. It is, therefore, only fitting that it is now the turn of the planet itself. Today, it is literally everything that is at stake.
Presumably, the rational, that is, supposedly reasonable goal of all this is to get a comprehensive grip on the Earth as macrocosm – as the “life sciences” do to the microcosm; to grasp her through the antennae‟s electromagnetic waves, to reach her from all sides, from above and the outside just as much as from below and within. In this, all of her own forces are
employed; not just material, but also ethereal ones, which now appear as targets of manipulation. They can be amplified and minimised, directed at will, and deployed everywhere, even against the planet itself. This would be the newest “philosophers‟ stone”! The lords of the planet now have a method to use the latter as they see fit! And, grotesquely, this is occurring on the basis of what is basically an “alternative” technology, namely that developed by Tesla. Unlike traditional physics, he clearly also worked with the Earth‟s more ethereal layers: the electromagnetic waves, which have to be seen as expressions of the mobility and vitality of the Earth as planet. This takes us to new heights of perversion: as soon as the not immediately materially perceptible forces of the Earth, which are, after all, proof of her vitality that it is usually denied, are de facto recognised by experiments, they are then once again turned against the Earth, and thus immediately denied once more! What a Paradox!
In fact, this completely negates the living connection of the Earth to the solar system and the universe in general. The in-between, the living substance that was once called “ether”, but was later denied, the “5th” element, is being attacked by missiles, satellites and space travel. As a result, it may at some point no longer exist, making its existence impossible to prove. A self-fulfilling prophecy: the utopia becomes real! Maybe at some point the planet will in fact be dead and race through an equally dead universe, just as modern natural science (both military and civilian) had always imagined. Only then we‟ll all be dead, too. Thus the image of geo-engineering and the planetary “engineer” corresponds perfectly to the no longer geo- but helio-centric perspective of the 16th century, which looked at the world from the outside, from an “Archimedean” point in space[16]. At least that‟s what it looks like to the makers and divine fathers of a new Earth and a new heaven, just as religion and esotericism had prophesied.
Alchemy is to act like a God, to be as God, to in the end become God. The basis for this is the faith in technology. This is almost certainly what the military men feel like: literally omnipotent! For from their perspective, they are already lording it over the largest of all living beings: the planet itself.
Call for the creation of the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth”
For all these reason we must create the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth”, and Bertell‟s book must become the book of the movement![17]
The military-industrial complex‟s project can only fail, i.e., destroy the planet without any alternative. The contradiction between the envisaged “system capability”, that is, between the machine-like condition of the Earth and its denied vitality cannot be overcome. It is not envisaged that the Earth might react, or even resist, to the experiments conducted upon her as a living creature.
We, however, who belong to the planetary movement for Mother Earth:
We are already resisting!
Together with animals, plants, landscapes and elements, we, the children of our Mother Earth, rise to protect her, the basis of our lives; to protect her as the most beautiful, amazing, strongest and most powerful of all living creatures. We will celebrate her, show her in her beauty and vulnerability, in her power and humiliation.
We join her side against this society!
We recognise her dignity before any so-called human dignity, as long as the latter consists of the ever further “domination of nature”. Humans have to be denied the right to “subdue the Earth”, to feel themselves the “pride of creation” while at the same time abusing, indeed, destroying it! We are thus no longer fighting for granting dignity to the Earth, too. This would be the viewpoint of the liberation theologian and co-founder of the “Earth-Charter” Leonardo Boff and others who asmbivalently remain stuck within the framework of patriarchal spirituality and for whom true rights and true dignity ultimately always have belonged to humans alone.[18]
No, we follow the indigenous and matriarchal spirituality of the Earth itself as the Great Mother, to whom we all belong. We are not merely a “part” of her, but we are connected to her as her creatures, in love, curiosity and tenderness.
We rise up for her!
We are developing the outlines of a different way of human existence on this planet, of another science and a militant art, and of a different society, or indeed, civilisation, which is based on Mother Earth coming first, not last; on her and her order becoming the measure of our actions, thoughts and feelings; on her being the measure whose reality we follow, whose beauty, strength and multiplicity guide us. Mother Earth as primal, as wilderness, is the most precious expression of the cosmic creative force and the love of the universe. The Goddess is primal nature. She must not be sacrificed to the patriarchs‟ mania of pragmatism, destruction and domination!
Thus we rise up!
Worldwide, everywhere, global, planetary… For patriarchy has not disappeared. In fact, it is preparing its final, decisive and destructive blow! We cannot look away or merely look upon. Today, as the entire planet is under threat from the patriarchs‟ alchemical hellfire, we also see the interconnections between this and all other threats and crises, be they economic or social, political or psychological. We become aware of how they are all connected, that what is at stake is a single, enormous project of destruction: a masculine-patriarchal creation from destruction that is being sold to us as progress.
Against this, we rise up!
For if the Earth falls ill and dies, then everything else, too, will fall ill and die. Today, we can finally see things clearly, and we will show them to others: in writing and in speech, in theatre, drama and celebration, in caricature and cabaret, in song and music, in dance and in scream! For this is what the patriarchs fear most: us, the women, us, the civilians, us and the general public, us and our lack of fear.
We will act everywhere: Locally and internationally, in small groups and at large gatherings. No social movement has yet realised the importance of this issue. Now is the time!
And now we sound the first song that was dedicated and given as a present to the movement by a man, a supporter and an ally from the very beginning: the composer, musician, singer and songwriter Konstantin Wecker from Munich!
The song is called “…let us live only for this!” (“… nur dafür lasst uns leben”). The chorus line goes:
To us, dear Earth Has given so much. That this world may never end, That this world may never end, Let us live only for this!
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