Cindy Sheehan: Bailing Out Wall Street by Selling out Main Street


Richard Moore

“Small People.”

Bailing Out Wall Street by Selling out Main Street
By Cindy Sheehan
03/10/08 “ICH” — – I am watching the debate on CSPAN over HR 1424 the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.” As you can imagine there is empty rhetoric on both sides of the issue and there is bi-partisan support and opposition. If anything, it’s a little more interesting than usual.
Rep Gary Miller (R-Ca), in a rare lapse of guarded “poli-speak” said that this bill would help the “Small People.” Meaning, you and I. Fundamentally, that’s what we are to the Congressional-Wall Street Cabal—the “Small People.” 
But, watching the proceedings, I am underwhelmed how these people are all of a sudden worried about we “Small People.”
Congress, under the failed leadership of Nancy Pelosi, has passed laws to undermine our 4th Amendment rights to be safe and secure in our personal correspondence, phone calls and emails. Nancy Pelosi’s Congress has given George Bush over 500,000,000,000.00 dollars to age his insane wars in Iraq and now they are going to give his Secretary of the Treasure, Henry Paulson, (Former CEO of Goldman-Sachs), 850,000,000,000. 00. That’s a lot of zeros! 
Congressperson after Congressperson have risen to say that we must hand over billions of “Small People” tax dollars so “Small People” will not “lose their jobs” or “lose their homes.” We “Small People” have been losing our jobs and our homes at record paces only rivaled in the 1930’s, and not one Bill was passed to help the “Small People” keep our jobs and homes. Tent cities are arising all over the country and Congress is going to bailout an industry that caused these cities and not only that, but use our money to help keep the CEO’s in the style to which they have become accustomed.
Congressperson after Congressperson have also risen to say that their constituents, we “Small People” are overwhelmingly against the bailout of corporate piracy and pillaging, but he/she will vote for the Bill anyway, because he/she knows better what is good for us “Small People.” We will eat our spinach and like it, because our REPRESENTATIVES have become mini-dictators in the shadow of the Fuhrers who are exercising fascistic control over every aspect of our lives.
I would like to remind everyone that at the beginning of the year, Congress passed another “emergency” bill that gave we “Small People” a few hundred dollars that did nothing to stimulate the economy. The solution to the crisis may cost billions of dollars, but not to hand to Wall Street. The bill failed on Monday, but Wall Street did not crash. 
The solution is to put our economy to work for we “Small People.” Federal Jobs programs that pay living wages to repair our crumbling infrastructure and rebuild the Gulf States so “Small People” can return to their homes.
Put a moratorium on foreclosures until the housing bubble can adjust to reasonable levels and restructure loans with fixed interest rates so “Small People” can pay their mortgages and the economy will “Gurgle Up” to the Congressional-Wall Street Cabal. We need to extend food stamp and unemployment benefits to pump money directly into the “Small People” economy.
Taxes need to be raised on the top one percent of wealthy people in this country that own more wealth than the bottom ninety percent combined. Taxes need to be reduced dramatically for the bottom 99%. A .25 transaction fee for the people who gamble on Wall Street must also be levied and put into the “Small People” economy for such programs as education and energy.
Regardless, if HR1424 passes or fails, every Congressperson, Democratic or Republican, who voted to sell out the “Small” Person needs to be retired and not sent back to Congress in January. 
Reject fear-based politics. We “Small People” need courageous REPRESENTATIVES that will work on real solutions for us, because, as a matter of fact, we are not the “Small People,” we are the sovereigns in this Republic and we need to reassert our sovereignty and show our employees in DC that we mean business.
Help me replace Nancy Pelosi in January, she has been the biggest Bush enabler of them all. She sent a very obsequious letter to George Bush this week promising him that Congress would pass a Bill for him. Not only did she not hold him accountable for the crimes he has committed while in office, she is giving him one last victory (at the expense of we “Small People”) before he shamefully rides into the sunset while our Republic is burning and Nancy Pelosi plays her fiddle, obediently. George Bush is going to leave quite a mess, and this Congress has proven that they not only do not know how to clean up his messes, but they have collaborated in the orgy that made the mess.
Update: HR 1424 just passed and Congress applauded the marauding of our Republic. We “Small People” have been given a significant defeat. 
Democrats: 154 yeas; 58 nays
Republicans: 86 yeas; 103 nays
31 Reps not voting