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June 29, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff
By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
This week, CIA director Leon Panetta, admitted there has been no information on Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts since “the early 2000′s.”  During briefings with the directors of Paksitan’s information and intelligence agencies it was confirmed that Osama bin Laden had been killed, as stated by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, in 2001.  “Informed sources,” senior Pakistani commanders who worked with the CIA and bin Laden against the Soviets back in the 1980s, had confirmed Osama bin Laden’s death, as reported in the mainstream Islamic news, as having occurred on December 15, 2001.  Confirmations this week by CIA Director Panetta that Al Qaeda strength is negligible is preparation for a accompanying “sea change” in the US approach toward ending the conflict in Afghanistan.
For years, General McChrystal, whose recent resignation for “foot in the mouth disease” ignored the facts of Afghanistan, hatred by Afghani’s of Karzai, massive corruption, huge US payoffs to the Taliban and involvement by everyone around him in the drug cartel led by his friends in the Northern Alliance and “Karzai Brothers Incorporated.”  His only military success, the Marjeh operation, turned out to be one of the worst military failures in American histroy, attacking an lightly populated area, misrepresented as a huge enemy stronghold and still not being able to hold onto even that.
America awaits General Stanley McChrystal, the famed “bin Laden hunter,” waiting to see what right wing extremist group or defense contractor opens its checkbook first, thanking him for his years of extremely unsuccessful but “oh so profitable” service.  He will then spend his life, or the remainder of it, playing golf at GOP functions and whining about how he was betrayed and kept from “winning the war in Vietnam” or was it Afghanistan?  Did he ever really know the difference?
The famed Scottish poet had no idea he would be  describing the Bush/Cheney “War on Terror” when he wrote these immortal words so many years ago.  What do we know is true?  There was once a man named Osama bin Laden.  His family, lifelong friends of the Bush clan, are wealthy pro-American Saudis.  Their son, Osama bin Laden, was a sensitive, deeply religious family man who agreed to fight alongside the CIA backed Mujahideen in Afghanistan.  Beyond this, we know nothing at all.  With audio and video recordings of bin Laden now debunked as phony or mistranslations, there is little evidence that bin Laden ever encouraged or supported terrorism in any way.  The massive weight of generally accepted belief, based on literally millions of stories of bin Laden’s terrorist groups and their endless machinations are just that, stories, remnants of the dark recesses of Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney’s imagination and desire to invent a “Hitleresque” enemy to blame the mysteries of 9/11 on.
Similarly, Al Qaeda is really an invention, simply a brand name put on a disorganized group of suicide bombers, angry tribesmen, drug dealers and CIA/Mossad agents.  You can’t spend three trillion dollars, suspend the constitution and invade country after country, not without an “axis of evil,” a terrorist mastermind and a mysterious organization bent on world destruction, mythology right out of a James Bond novel.  The best part of it, all you have to do is invade countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and, low and behold, you will be up to your neck in civil war, terrorism, suicide bombers, IEDs and debt. 
With war profits soaring, gasoline prices through the roof, the national debt at over 13 trillion dollars and 65 billion in heroin pumping out of Afghanistan, a country totally “poppy free” when we arrived, it doesn’t take a genius to see why it was so important for the “cardboard lotharios” Bush and Cheney to invent make-believe bad guys who could never be beaten because they never existed in the first place.
When Kissinger negotiated the disastrous end to the Vietnam war, getting back half our POWs and setting up the destruction of South Vietnam, all to get his Nobel Peace Prize, he was simply doing what he does best, deceiving.  When, after Nixon announced one of the great lies of his political career, and that is saying alot, that “all” POW’s had been returned, he condemned hundreds of Americans to a lingering death in Southeast Asia.  Veterans Today editor, Special Forces Colonel Jim Hanke, while a POW recovery officer in Thailand tells of reliable live sightings many years after the end of the war.  Official orders to our military, “No POWs allowed home alive, none!”  Who is responsible for this?  “Hanoi John” Sidney McCain, United States Senator, that’s who.
When tapes were declassified and released, tapes of Nixon and Kissinger discussing POWs held by North Vietnam inside Laos, hundreds of Americans who had never been mentioned in the peace agreement, the news was quickly suppressed, kept out of the papers, kept away from our military.  Thus, when after the war, for decades, Senator John McCain, worked to suppress evidence, silence activists and provide cover for the North Vietnamese government reputed to have tortured him for years, a claim refuted by Colonel Ted Guy, we see lies compound, lies that cost American lives.  These lies from Vietnam, whether the secret military records of George W. Bush or the secret POW debriefing of John McCain or the secret reports by General Jan Senja of American POWs shipped to Russian gulags, all share the same end results as the Bush era “whoppers” involving 9/11, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, CIA involvement in Afghan drugs or the massive Blackwater/Halliburton financial scandals and dozens of other issues, not dozens, more likely hundreds.
All evidence the US used, Colin Powell swore to, all evidence Bush gave the America public regarding Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, 9/11, Afghanistan, domestic terrorism, Hurricane Katrina, his secret visits to Dover Air Force base to greet American war dead, in fact almost everything he ever said, they ever said,  was untrue.  Time has debunked all of it.  No weapons were found.  No Osama bin Laden was found.  No training bases in Afghanistan were found.  All we have are a few confessions, gotten through torture and thousands of questions unanswered, questions about criminal acts committed by hundreds of government and military officials, not just illegal torture or kidnapping but mostly financial crimes, outright theft, hundreds of billions disappeared, covered up, hidden away, written off as though it never existed.
For years, those surrounding Obama have been trying to get out from under the pile of manure sold the American people as rose petals.  Real courage would be “tough love.”  No, boys with box cutters didn’t knock down the World Trade Center, especially “magic building 7.”
No, Osama bin Laden didn’t get plastic surgery, shrink 5 inches and move to Israel to make video tapes, especially not after he died.
No, those mysterious terrorist organizations that can only be fought by landing plane after plane on runways adjacent to heroin producing facilities…
Yes, imagine the dozens of terrorists that thousands of Americans, died to find, hundreds of thousands have been wounded or injured to destroy, terrorists living at the ends of the earth with nothing to blow up but rocks and mud huts.  What’s wrong with this picture?
America has known for certain, no doubt, that Osama bin Laden has been dead yet over 300 Americas have lost their lives looking for him since then, all to perpetuate a lie, a scam to play election games with, scare small children and play on the fears of the weak minded.
Add the 5000 dead, following Colin Powell’s fairly tales about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of Americans whose lives have been destroyed, million of lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and you have a tragedy of epic proportions, all perpetrated for personal gain, all nothing but a massive fraud.

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