Christians Demand Bush be Impeached for Worshiping Satan


Richard Moore

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Christians Demand Bush be Impeached for Worshiping Satan

(MANCHESTER, NH) -- A Christian based group known as the Christian¹s Liberation 
Movement has concluded that George W. Bush is a fake Christian and worships 
Satan. The group is demanding his impeachment not only for his crimes against 
humanity but for lying to the American people about his worship of Satan. It is 
highly doubtful that George W. Bush would have been elected President two times 
had the American people known about his secretive worship of Satan. Although 
this claim might seem difficult to believe, when one looks at the secret 
societies that George W. Bush has been involved with it becomes clear that 
George W. Bush is anything but a good Christian man.

"There is no question that George W. Bush worships Satan," proclaims Lee Rogers 
spokesman for the group.

"George W. Bush and any other member of the administration that secretly 
worships Satan should be removed from office immediately. It is one thing if 
Bush openly announced that he worshiped Satan and was elected, but the fact that
Bush poses as a Christian and secretly worships Satan is deeply offensive to the
moral values of Christians," Rogers continues.

Evidence of George W. Bush¹s worship of Satan is clear when one considers the 
secret societies that he is affiliated with. These include Skull and Bones as 
well as the Bohemian Club. Both organizations are confirmed to be heavily 
involved with Satan worship.

George W. Bush¹s Affiliation with Skull and Bones

George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush and his grandfather Prescott Bush 
all became members of Skull and Bones a secret fraternal society located at Yale
University. Founded in 1832, the official legal name of the society is the 
Russell Trust Association named after one of the founding members of the 
society. Skull and Bones at one point was actually known as The Brotherhood of 
Death if that gives any sort of indication as to what this group is all about. 
Each year, 15 new members are recruited into Skull and Bones and meet in a 
building known as ³The Tomb². The group¹s symbol is a skull and crossbones with 
the number ³322² located underneath the crossbones.

Here is the American Heritage Dictionary's definition of the word crossbones.

crossbones - A representation of two bones placed crosswise, usually under a 
skull, symbolizing danger or death.

Obviously from the description alone, Skull and Bones is no Christian group. It 
becomes even more disturbing when one learns of the rituals members of Skull and
Bones must participate in so they can be reborn into this satanic order of 
death. Newly tapped members of Skull and Bones participate in a ritual where 
they are reborn into the order by laying naked in a coffin. Members must also 
recount their entire sexual history, pretend to slit a nude woman¹s throat and 
participate in other bizarre satanic rituals.

As if this wasn¹t bad enough, George W. Bush¹s grandfather Prescott Bush along 
with other Skull and Bones members actually robbed the grave of Apache warrior 
Geronimo and stole Geronimo¹s skull in 1918. A group of Native Americans have 
actually petitioned Congress to investigate the Skull and Bones group as part of
an effort to return the remains of Geronimo for reburial. Geronimo's grandson, 
Harlan Geronimo, has even asked George W. Bush to return his grandfather¹s skull
and has volunteered to undergo DNA testing to prove ownership.

It is ridiculous to believe that a good Christian man as Bush claims he is would
have anything to do with a group that participates in these things. At the very 
least Bush should help facilitate the return of Geronimo¹s skull and apologize 
to Harlan Geronimo for the actions of his grandfather.

George W. Bush¹s Affiliation with the Bohemian Grove

George W. Bush and his father are also both members of a group called the 
Bohemian Club. The all male Bohemian Club¹s membership which consists of 
America¹s wealthy and political elite, meet every summer in a place known as the
Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove is located in the town of Monte Rio in the 
middle of the redwood forests of northern California. Each year, they conduct a 
satanic ritual called the ³Cremation of Care² where they burn an effigy of a 
child to an idol of the demon Molech. The ceremony could best be described as a 
mock human sacrifice and is hardly anything a Christian man would take part in.

This is especially true considering that Molech is actually referenced in the 
Old Testament. In the book of Leviticus, God denounces the sacrifice of children
to Molech as shown here.

Leviticus 18:21

And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither 
shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord.

Leviticus 20:2

Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children
of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his 
seed unto Molech: he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall 
stone him with stones.

Security at the Bohemian Grove is taken seriously as members of the press are 
not allowed to film inside the encampment. Members value their privacy and 
apparently do not want people to know that they participate in a satanic ritual 
and engage in other bizarre behavior. That all changed in the year 2000 when 
radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones along with camera man Mike 
Hanson snuck into the Bohemian Grove and filmed the entire ³Cremation of Care² 
ritual via a hidden video camera. Jones released the video footage of the ritual
in his documentary film Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove. It is clear 
from the video footage contained in the film that the ³Cremation of Care² 
ceremony is in fact a satanic ritual.

There have also been reports of rampant homosexual prostitution in the Bohemian 
Grove. The NY Post reported that a gay porn star by the screen name Chad Savage 
was brought into the Bohemian Grove to service the moguls there. Members of the 
Bohemian Club are also said to run around naked, dress in drag, engage in drug 
use as well as urinate openly within the encampment. There are even allegations 
of snuff films being filmed within the Bohemian Grove during the 1980¹s. Details
of these allegations can be found in former state senator John Decamp¹s book The
Franklin Cover-up.

Richard Nixon was even recorded on audio tape referring to the Bohemian Grove as
³the most faggy godd**ned thing you could ever imagine.²

Why would a Christian man be associated with an organization that has members 
who secretly engage in homosexual acts, satanic rituals and other bizarre 

George W. Bush¹s Actions Are Immoral and Not Christian

If George W. Bush were really a good Christian man why would he wage an endless 
war on terror based on lies and propaganda? It has already become clear that the
war in Iraq was based off of lies and has thus far resulted in the deaths of 
nearly one million people. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the 
attacks of September 11th, 2001 were a government inside job, meaning that the 
entire war on terror that Bush promotes is also based off of lies and 

The United States is spending close to one billion dollars building an embassy 
in Iraq that is going to be as big if not bigger than Vatican City. How can Bush
justify spending this money on an embassy when Baghdad is still in shambles and 
the Veteran¹s Administration in the United States is in complete disarray? It is
clear that Bush doesn¹t care about U.S. military personnel, or the Iraqi people.
Instead, Bush is more concerned with building a new modern day version of 
Babylon as part of an effort to further the influence of his satanic New World 
Order masters. Bush and his New World Order masters believe that they themselves
are living gods on earth and exempt from divine judgment.

The evidence is overwhelming. George W. Bush¹s association with these secret 
societies coupled with his actions that have caused an untold amount of death 
and destruction is clear proof that he worships Satan. We are demanding that 
Bush and any other member of his administration that poses as a fake Christian 
and worships Satan in secret be removed from office immediately.


The Christian¹s Liberation Movement is a Christian based news organization and 
liberation movement dedicated to exposing government corruption and the New 
World Order.

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