China-Russia relations at “record high” – Chinese President


Richard Moore

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China-Russia relations at "record high" - Chinese President

30/ May/ 2006

MOSCOW, May 30 (RIA Novosti) - Relations between China and Russia are at their 
highest level ever and the countries are seeing massive increases in trade, the 
Chinese president told a Russian newspaper Tuesday.

"Through mutual effort, our relations have risen to a record-high level, and 
their strategic component is expanding dramatically," Hu Jintao said in an 
interview with official government paper Rossiskaya Gazeta.

The Chinese leader said the two countries had been able to sustain high growth 
rates in trade for seven consecutive years and had made substantial progress in 
energy and investment cooperation.

"Our consultations and interaction on international and regional affairs are 
highly efficient," Hu said, highlighting the contribution of events organized as
part of the Year of China in Russia and the Year of Russia in China.

He said China was "willing to further work together with Russia toward stronger 
mutual political confidence and deeper strategic interaction."

This year marks 10 years since China and Russia established a relationship of 
strategic partnership and interaction, and next year will mark the 15th 
anniversary of the Asian giant's diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan, 
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

These former Soviet republics are now part of a regional security alliance with 
Russia and China, known as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which aims to 
maintain stability in Eurasia.

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