China evacuates over 1 million as typhoon hits


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Subject: China evacuates over 1 million as typhoon hits
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China is far from perfect as everyone knows.  But compare this
hurricane preparedness plan to that of Bush with New Orleans.

- Don Nordin.
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More Than One Million Evacuated As Typhoon Khanun Slams Into
East China

Rescuers carry an elderly woman and her belongings to safety
in Taizhou, eastern China's Zhejiang province 11 September
2005. More than 800,000 people were evacuated from their homes
in China's eastern province of Zhejiang as Typhoon Khanun was
expected to batter six cities in the coastal province. China Out/ AFP photo.

Beijing (AFP) Sep 11, 2005
More than a million people were evacuated from their homes in
China's eastern province of Zhejiang as Typhoon Khanun hit the
region Sunday, state media reported.

Typhoon Khanun was expected to batter major cities in the
coastal province and neighbouring Shanghai, Xinhua news agency
said, citing local meteorological bureaus.

Strong winds and torrential rains brought by Khanun have
already inundated some counties and towns in Zhejiang and
caused blackouts in parts of the province, but there were no
reports of any injuries so far, it said.

More than a million residents in areas affected by the typhoon
have been moved to safer places, and more than 37,625 ships
and boats have returned to harbour, according to Zhejiang

The commercial metropolis of Shanghai had evacuated more than
100,000 people and upgraded its typhoon emergency warning from
yellow to red, Xinhua said.

Some 116 flights from Shanghai's airports were cancelled
Sunday evening, with Khanun expected to bring torrential rains
to the city from late Sunday to Monday morning, the agency
said. A flight from Melbourne was diverted to the southern
city of Guangzhou.

All Shanghai schools would be closed on Monday, a first for
the city, Xinhua said.

The Zhejiang provincial government has called on relevant
departments to be fully prepared for floods and to safeguard
life and property.

It also warned people to be aware of landslides, which could
result from the torrential rains.

The typhoon is the 15th to hit China this year, according to
official statistics.

Television footage showed large waves crashing into the
shoreline areas of Zhejiang, while earlier police were seen
transporting residents to shelters.

Earlier this month Typhoon Talim left at least 124 dead and 31
missing after slowly churning its way through the provinces of
Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan and Hubei.

Some 19 million residents in those provinces were affected and
1.84 million of them had to be evacuated, according to state

Landslides and floods destroyed or damaged huge areas of
farmland and some 374,000 houses, causing direct economic
losses of 15.4 billion yuan (1.9 billion dollars).

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