Chertoff ordered scanners before ‘underwear bomber’


Richard Moore

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We learn below that Michael Chertoff, as head of Homeland Security, ordered the full-body scanners prior to the (inside-job) ‘underwear bomber’ incident. And now he’s working for the company making the scanners. The message below emphasizes the corrupt profit making, as if that were the main reason behind the scanners. In fact this kind of corruption should be seen as a kind of bonus plan. 
When the powers-that-be want something done these days, they give the job to someone who will be able to line their pockets in the process, thus providing a strong incentive to get the job done. They want to bring down the economy, so they give the job to Wall Streeters, who can do insider trading and collect big bonuses on bogus deals. They want to build bases in Iraq, so they give the job to Cheney, who can siphon out billions in unaccountable Halliburton profits. Chertoff and scanners represents standard procedure.
The actual reason for the scanners is explained by Naomi Wolf, in “The End of America”. It’s about systematically conditioning people to total subservience to the state. Public humiliation is a page taken directly from the Third Reich blueprint. Naomi’s video:

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Chertoff the dual passported Israeli…..remember this guy!!!!

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Michael Chertoff ordered the full body x-ray scanners
*before* the so-called “underwear bomber” scare. 

Now he personally profits from selling them to the
Department of Homeland Security he used to head.  

Can the corruption and fraud be any more obvious?

Meanwhile, the news media reports that most people
are “happy” with the new procedures, an obvious lie.  

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Stop flying and let the people responsible know


– Brasscheck

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