Chavez to Rice: “Don’t mess with me”.


Richard Moore


Whereas Iran is a target because it threatens the
petrodollar regime, Venezuela is a threat because it is
fomenting a regional resistance to US economic imperialism.
In the Matrix, on the other hand, we read about a 'nuclear
threat' and 'anti-democratic behavior', both of which are
bald-faced lies.  Meanwhile, Iran's near neighbor Israel is
an actual nuclear danger to regional peace, and many of
Venezuela's regional neighbors (e.g., Guatemala) are
outright fascist dictatorships with death squads and the
whole 9 yards. These actual offenders, of course, receive
aid from the US.

c'est la vie in the Matrix,


New Zealand Herald
Don't mess with me, Chavez tells Rice
CARACAS - Hugo Chavez has warned US Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice not to "mess with" him days after she
described Venezuela as a menace to regional democracy.

"Don't mess with me Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl,"
the President said during a weekly broadcast. The warning
comes days after Rice described Venezuela as one of the
"biggest problems" for the West and promised to develop
regional alliances as part of a strategy to expose
"anti-democratic" behaviour in Venezuela.

Chavez has repeatedly accused Washington of trying to topple
him, and says the US will attempt to sow chaos in this
year's elections.

Relations between the US and Venezuela have been strained
since Chavez accused the US of plotting a coup that briefly
toppled him in 2002.

Tensions between Washington and Caracas increased this month
after Chavez expelled a US naval attache for alleged
espionage. The State Department responded by expelling a top
Venezuelan diplomat.



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