Chavez Slams Israeli Bombing of Lebanon


Richard Moore

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Venezuela¹s Chávez Slams Israeli Bombing of Lebanon
Thursday, Jul 20, 2006

By: Steven Mather -

Caracas, Venezuela, July 20, 2006‹Shortly before his departure on a seven 
country international tour, Venezuela¹s President Chavez denounced Israel¹s 
bombing of Lebanon, discussed south-south cooperation, and emphasized the need 
for a multi-polar world. He spoke at Maquetía (Caracas) International Airport 
before boarding a plane to Argentina, which will be only the first stop of his 
international tour.

Foremost on his mind was the current crisis in the Middle East.  He criticized 
Israel¹s actions, the responses of many other nations and the media¹s coverage 
of the events,

³They are bombing entire cities, it is a true genocide.  Where will this madness
end? God only knows!  It extends from Iraq to Lebanon and Palestine.  Let¹s hope
it doesn¹t spread further.²

³The most virulent, loud, and high-handed critics of North Korea are the same 
ones that, in view of Israeli aggression against innocent men, women and 
children, say nothing.²

He also addressed the media¹s use of language in their reporting of Israel¹s 
attacks on Lebanon and Palestine, singling out CNN for special treatment, CNN 
doesn¹t ³speak of invasion, they don¹t speak of aggression, they don¹t speak of 
any of that, [they speak of] the conflict, and the Isreali army against the 

Chávez has long been a vocal proponent of the sanctity of national sovereignty 
and a fierce critic of US foreign policy which he brands simply as imperialism.
His government has criticized CNN in the past and has created a cable TV channel
named Telesur which offers an alternative for Latin American viewers to the 
³North American-centric² CNN in Spanish.

In a direct swipe at the US, their recent veto of a UN resolution that demanded 
a halt to Israel¹s offensive in Gaza came into the firing line.  From there, he 
glided smoothly on to the subject of his government¹s campaign to win a seat as 
a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

³They have stabbed the Middle East peace process in the heart, and we see a 
security council blocked by the power of the veto, that of the government of the
United States especially.²

If Venezuela could occupy a seat on the council he said he hoped they would be 
able to, ³Contribute modestly towards the battle to free the world from the 
imperialist threat².

Unsurprisingly, the US government is strongly opposed to Venezuela¹s campaign 
for the seat and is campaigning hard for Guatemala to take the one to be vacated
by Argentina later this year.  Guatemala is seen as a government that will not 
cause trouble for the US, unlike Venezuela.

Chávez praised Russia, though, and he mourned the death of the old Soviet Union.
In the view of Chávez it seems Russia should be a regional power in a 
multi-polar world and he wants Venezuela to develop strong economic ties with 
her. ³Let¹s see what a great scientific and technological contribution Russia is
going to give us with the installation of the munitions factory, the armament 
factory, because it¹s not only the armament, the product, it is the processes 
applied to many other fields,² said Chavez.

His time in Argentina will be spent at a Mercosur Summit, the first for 
Venezuela since becoming a full member earlier this month.  He reiterated his 
desire for a more ³social² Mercosur.

After Argentina he will head to Belarus, Russia, Qatar, Iran, Vietnam, and Mali.

There have been some complaints that he should be staying at home as there are 
enough problems to solve in Venezuela.  A number of residents of Coche, in the 
south of Caracas, where there have been more than five gangland murders since 
the weekend, say he should be sorting out the problem of insecurity in their 

Elsewhere on the domestic front Chávez announced that National Assembly Deputy 
Francisco Ameliach would be managing the upcoming presidential election 
campaign.  Ameliach will leave his post as Deputy during that period.

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