Chavez predicts the “end of the US empire”


Richard Moore

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Chavez predicts the ³end of the US empire²

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that he will increase support for Cuba and
suggested United States prepare ³its own transition plan because this century 
the American empire will come to an end".

Chavez made his remarks in response to Washington's announcement of a plan for a
post-Fidel Castro transition to democracy in Cuba which will "discourage" third 
countries ­ allegedly Venezuela - from obstructing "the will of the Cuban people
for freedom and democracy².

³The empire not only threatens Cuba ... with its political transition plan" but 
also threatens Venezuela when "it says that it will undertake to 'discourage' 
any third country that wants to support Cuba¹s Castro regime", said Chavez.

The George W. Bush administration "believes that Fidel Castro is going to die, 
that¹s why it insists with the transition plan. I recently went to Cuba ... and 
saw Castro looking stronger than ever: clear minded, in good spirit, working 
like a boy ... Look out, if Fidel Castro lives past 100, God wants it to be that
way" Chavez highlighted.

Washington announced Monday that it would allocate 80 million US dollars in the 
next two years to hasten the end of the Castro regime in Cuba, support the 
opposition and anticipated economic incentives to a future transition government
in Havana.

Chavez condemned the "obscene, immoral and genocide-prone U.S. empire² 
suggesting that instead of a transition plan for Cuba ³it should begin thinking 
about its own transition plan because this century the U.S. empire will come to 
an end".

³I recommend ³Mister Danger" (President Bush) reads Paul Kennedy¹s ³Rise and 
fall of the Great Powers² to see in the mirror of history what became of great 

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