Chavez Derails Plan For Global Dictatorship


Richard Moore

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Chavez Derails Plan For Global Dictatorship

Venezuelan President trounces "genocidal, immoral, sick, and corrupt elite" 
running United States

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, November 27, 2006

Hugo Chavez' vow to "defeat the most powerful empire on earth" and "beat the 
devil" on December 3rd by achieving re-election in Venezuela is a bold and stark
reminder that the fiery President has achieved what many dismiss as impossible -
Chavez has derailed the plan for global dictatorship.

The Free Trade Area of the Americas, craved for so long by internationalists 
whose goal is to centralize global power into a pervasive world government 
structure with the U.S. as the token figurehead, was derailed last year when 
Chavez signed the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, which effectively 
killed the FTAA.

Chavez insistence that, "The FTAA can go to hell," is a rallying cry that has 
spread like wildfire across Latin America over the past year and has completely 
isolated U.S. and Mexican aspirations to have had the power bloc in place by 
2005. It falls further behind schedule by the day and this is one reason why the
Bush junta and the CIA are chomping at the bit to overthrow Chavez as they first
attempted to do in April 2002.

But it's a forlorn desire supported by an arrogance that buries the memory of 
the riots that resulted in Chavez re-taking control less than 48 hours later.

Framing Venezuela as a safe-haven for Al-Qaeda terrorists, as some have tried to
do, is a discredited old method and simply won't pass the smell test with the 
Venezuelans or U.S. citizens. The only umbrella under which Venezuela can 
conceivably be overthrown would be an inside coup de 'tat smoke screened as a 
natural political transition, but Chavez himself would have to be kept in the 
dark over a long period of time for anything of this nature to take place. Any 
overtly violent putsch would immediately be recognized for what it was by the 
Venezuelans and riots would ensue again.

While cutting slack for unforeseen circumstances, the Globalists are stuck 
between a rock and a hard place and it is patently clear that Hugo Chavez has 
derailed the plan for global government.

As Wayne Madsen points out, recent election results across the region show a 
noticeable decline of successful candidates with close ties to the Bush 
administration and the Neo-Con junta. Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, 
Uruguay and Cuba have all elected leaders with populist, nationalist and 
anti-globalist sympathies.

Madsen notes that during his campaign Bush backed banana tycoon Alvaro Noboa, 
opponent of newly elected President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, "bragged about his
close ties to the international bankers' class, including the Rockefeller 

Such vapid associations are now routinely perceived as admissions of a candidate
serving the dark side and the individuals who declare such alliances are being 
kicked out of power across the world.

Chavez does not mince words when he characterizes the enemy in stating, "We are 
facing the threat of global challenges stemming from the genocidal, immoral, 
sick, and corrupt elite currently governing the United States, which appear to 
have no limits."

In taking on this elite, Chavez has built his attack on the legitimacy of the 
uni-polar world and U.S. imperial domination on two pillars.

1) By following a populist course of serving the interests of his own country 
rather than an elitist fad-driven ideologue of submission to the role of a slave
cell in a global dictatorship. This has afforded him the overwhelming support of
his countrymen domestically.

2) By consistently and vociferously denouncing the U.S. led imperial agenda as 
being mired in a toxic soup of lies, deliberate carnage and false 
justifications. Chavez' repeated attacks on the official story behind 9/11, 
other state sponsored acts of false flag terror and their exploitation to 
advance geopolitical agendas has resonated internationally.

Chavez's socialist leanings do not sit well with many, this author included, but
no one can deny that his actions have contributed substantially to reversing the
stampede of world fascism, neo-mercantilism and economic meltdown presided over 
by unelected, unchecked, faceless powers in pursuit of global totalitarianism 
and a new world order.

No surprise it is therefore to witness the juggernaut of the U.S. media engage 
in ceaseless attempts to drag the name of Chavez through the mud - mindful, 
desperate and terrified that another "rogue state" has excelled itself in 
neutralizing the goals of an elite hell-bent on turning the earth into a prison 

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