Chavez Concedes Constitutional Reform Lost


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Chavez Concedes Venezuela's Constitutional Reform Lost in "Foto Finish"

December 3rd 2007, by

Caracas, December 3, 2007 - Venezuela's National Electoral Council Announced at 
1:15am that the No [stet] vote against the President's constitutional reform 
proposal lost 49.3% to 50.7%, with 45% abstention. Chavez conceded that the 
reform proposal lost "for now."

The vote was divided into two blocks, whereby the first block included Chavez's 
33 proposed article changes and the second block included changes proposed by 
the national assembly. The second block lost with a slightly higher margin, with
51.0% for "No" to 49.0% for "Yes".

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Printed: December 3rd 2007

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