Canada Terror Plot Grows More Absurd


Richard Moore

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Canada Terror Plot Grows More Absurd
Kurt Nimmo | June 7 2006

Bizarre is the only way to explain it. "One 
member of an alleged al Qaeda-inspired terror 
ring arrested in Canada last weekend faces the 
accusation that he sought to behead Prime 
Minister Stephen Harper," reports SwissInfo. 
"According to a synopsis of charges that [Gary] 
Batasar [suspect Steven Chand's lawyer] said he 
saw, members of the group are alleged to have 
considered plans to take hostages and to attack 
the Canadian parliament in Ottawa with the aim of 
trying to force the government to withdraw 
Canadian troops from Afghanistan."

If indeed the accusation is correct, Steven Chand 
should be escorted to a rubber room, as he is 
seriously out of touch with reality. How exactly 
Chand and his band of would-be jihadists, 
including five minors, would get anywhere near 
Ottawa's Parliament Hill with a truck-and it 
would need be a big truck-packed with three tons 
of suspicious ammonium nitrate is not explained, 
or is the patently absurd idea Chand and crew 
would be able to abduct and behead the PM of 

Canada's "homegrown" terrorists, if the 
accusations are correct, are of the same mental 
caliber as Richard "shoe bomber" Reid and 
Zacarias Moussaoui, the raving lunatic supposedly 
rejected by "al-Qaeda" because, according to 
Ramzi Binalshibh, he was a grandstander.

Moreover, if we are to believe media reports, the 
suspects snatched in the Forest Gate, London, 
raid are retards. "An Internet trail left by a 
British computer expert has led investigators to 
an intricate terror network spreading from the 
backstreets of Baghdad through cells of young 
militants living in European capitals to Islamic 
extremists plotting car-bomb attacks in North 
America," explains the Times Online. "For nine 
months police and intelligence agents in eight 
countries have patiently worked through a forest 
of e-mails and intercepted telephone calls that 
have so far led to the arrest of up to 30 menŠ. 
Most of these suspects have never met. They had 
no need. They were recruited, groomed by skilled 
propagandists and schooled in bombmaking via the 

Obviously, this British computer expert is about 
as adept at computers and the internet as Hani 
Saleh Hanjour was at piloting a single-engine 
Cessna 172 (he was terrible, and yet, according 
to the government's fairy tale, was able to 
navigate these cockpit controls and crash United 
flight 77 into the Pentagon). Even people who are 
not especially internet-savvy realize one leaves 
behind an electronic trail every time he or she 
dials up or logs into the internet, and yet this 
"computer expert" did not seem to be aware of 
this, or maybe he was sending out a cry for help 
and secretly wanted to get busted.

But then, of course, the whole point of Operation 
Mazhar, launched by Scotland Yard and MI5, was to 
demonize the internet and portray it as a 
cesspool inhabited by "al-Qaeda" terrorists 
clutching bomb blueprints, thus an out of control 
medium in need of regulation, or at least a large 
dose of monitoring.

As usual, we are expected to ignore the 
inconsistencies and irrationality of the details 
and focus instead on scary Freddy Kruger Muslims, 
running around in the woods, sporting camo, 
plotting to abduct prime ministers and chop off 
their heads in Abu Musab al-Zarqawi fashion.

Never mind the bunch in Canada are in need of 
ziprasidone, a medication prescribed for 

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