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27 NOVEMBER 2006
Weekly international Ezine focusing on the New Economics


If you've a spare $40- and want to have confirmed what you have long 
suspected about the blatant dishonesty of politicians and their 
public statements, then Nicky Hagers book: THE SHALLOW MEN" , may be 
worth buying. TV1 (NZ) showed video clips of Dr. Don Brash making 
blunt statements of ostensible facts, and then showed the texts of 
email messages which Dr Brash claimed were his own property, stating 
the opposite.

The book , which went into much detail about who advised key people 
in the National Party in particular, about how to lie to the media 
and the public, to conceal their wrongdoing, and hopefully win the 
General Election. Accuracy was treated as irrelevant; the only thing 
that mattered was fooling the public and projecting a good image.

Despite the book not officially going on sale till today, we have 
from one of our subscriber/contacts, Doug Lever, a review of the book 
which apparently forced the sudden resignation of Dr Brash as Leader 
of the N Z National Party. Right up into the Election Campaign Brash 
had been denying any association with the Exclusive Brethren Church, 
or even that he knew people in it. The Review by Lever lifts out 
details of highly relevant communications, which illustrates that as 
totally false.

(We Quote:) " The salient parts of this email letter are:- 1. It is 
from Ron Hickmott - who coordinated the Exclusive Brethren publicity 
campaign. He signs it off with, "We need a meeting at your earliest 
convenience.I. am essentially working on our/your election campaign 
full time. (!) 2. It is addressed to Don Brash and John Key. 3. It is 
dated 24 May 2005 (Don Brash has repeatedly claimed both before and 
since the election - including in the past few days - that he knew 
nothing of the pamphlets till August, 2005. Earlier this week he even 
told TV3 reporter Duncan Garner in a stand-up with the Press Gallery, 
"I don't think I have ever had an email from the Exclusive 
Brethren.") 4. It leads off with the "smoking gun" paragraph: "Good 
afternoon Don and John, Doug Watt and myself enjoyed your 
presentation this morning at the Millennium Hotel. However as backers 
of the recent "Wake Up NZ" campaign ($350,000) and as responsible for 
a very extensive election campaign ($1,000,000) with the sole goal of 
"Getting Party Votes for National" a meeting following on from our 
one last week with Steven Joyce is important." Students of election 
spending law, ethics, and politics will quickly identify the problems 
inherent in this next email.

1. It's an email to Don Brash. 2. It shows very clearly that Steven 
Joyce, Don Brash & John Key knew about the pamphlet campaigns long 
before August 2005. 3. Any campaign which has a goal of getting votes 
for one particular party is by law required to be authorised by the 
campaign manager for the party concerned - in this case Steven Joyce 
- and is also required to be incorporated into the election return. 
This campaign wasn't. The full chapter contains significantly more 
detail about the relationship than this. Effectively its thesis is: - 
Elements in the National Party, and certainly the team close to Don 
Brash - including Bryan Sinclair, Richard Long, Peter Keenan, Murray 
McCully and Gerry Brownlee - were fully aware of, and to some extent 
working with the Exclusive Brethren for months prior to the election. 
Some MPs in the party were allegedly even shown copies of the 
pamphlets. - This self same campaign leadership team planned and 
intended that the Exclusive Brethren involvement in the campaign 
ought to remain secret. For the National Party campaign leadership it 
was vital that the extent of the National Party's involvement with 
the Exclusive Brethren remained secret. And on the face of it several 
members of the team lied publicly to protect this information.

  OUR COMMENTS: While the public, mainly through being misinformed and 
misled, often act dumb, in some ways they are more perceptive than 
they get credit for. Quotable examples are Opinion Polls in Australia 
and N.Z. (and probably elsewhere) in which on the "Trustability 
Index" Joe Bloggs rates politicians right on the bottom rung of the 
ladder; even below Used Car Salesmen. QED, Yes ?


  [2] The defacto rulers of U.S. are not satisfied with becoming
  international invaders to control the world's oil production and 
distribution, and maintain the USD as the main Reserve Currency by 
keeping it locked on to oil purchases, and protect the State of 
Israel against Muslim and Arabian countries it is consistently 
provoking, BUT it also wants to execute a backroom strategy to absorb 
both Canada and Mexico.

Knowing that it could never achieve this by democratic means, it is, 
with the complicity and leverage of national and TNC business 
executives, seducing a sprinkling of elected leaders to co-operate. 
Fortunately there is one Canadian political; party which may give 
voters some chance of politically blocking it: The Canadian Action 
Party. While the integrated news media will be doing its best to 
ensure that such an option will be strangled financially and by a 
lack of media exposure, there is at least some chance, with Internet 
assistance, that the voters may see their chance and take it. Let us 
hope so.

Leader of the Canadian Action Party had this to say: "Notice to 
Canadians from Connie Fogal Leader; Canadian Action Party. It is 
important that Canadians understand what is happening in the USA 
because a de facto North American government of unelected 
industrialists, financiers, academics, military leaders along with 
representatives from our elected governments and government officials 
including our Prime Minister (both Liberal and Conservative) are busy 
implementing the same incredible changes into the nation we have 
known as Canada that now exist in the USA. Canadians are affected by 
the USA's Military Commissions Act. Unlike England, we are not exempt 
from being scooped away as an enemy combatant if George Bush wants 
us. The US Homeland Security Logo is already posted in at least some 
Canadian airports- even in the local small airport of Penticton BC in 
a town of only 30,000 people but which now hosts a full sized runway 
that can land very big planes. Why?

So, please read the excellent commentary below by Keith Olbermann, 
Anchor, 'Countdown' MSNBC , on the USA Military Commissions Act. 
Although it describes the horror of what this act does in the USA, 
the article also is a message of hope and a future because it 
describes the history of previous bad USA law that was repealed, and 
bad Presidents who were defeated. Remember Ghandi's words:

"There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem 
invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it....always"

Just as citizens of the USA must and can take back their nation, so 
must and can Canadians take back Canada. As Canadians we can wring 
our hands in despair, bow our heads, cow with our tail between our 
legs, lick boots and whine, turn in our neighbour or friend or 
family, or we can stand up for what is right and principled. . We can 
join the cowards and traitors,or we can say NO.

In Canada there is still a legitimate mechanism to defend against 
this complicit conquest- The Canadian Action Party can run 308 
candidates who will stand and defend. To be secure, we must be free. 
Without freedom there is no security. IS this the Beginning of the 
End of America


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