Calif tap water: 18,000% above radiation limit


Richard Moore

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Despite countless reassurances that no harmful levels of radiation from the Japan nuclear fallout would hit the US from the EPA, the University of Berkley in California is now reporting that rainwater in San Francisco water has now been detected at levels 18,100%  above federal drinking water standards.
Again, with just about all other news of the radiation hitting the US, the news is once again reported to the public over a week after it was first detected.
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Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco was 18,100% above federal drinking water standard

March 31st, 2011 at 06:33 PM
UCB Rain Water Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley, Department of Nuclear Engineering:
Iodine-131 was measured in a rainwater sample taken on the roof of Etcheverry Hall on UC Berkeley campus, March 23, 2011 from 9:06-18:00 PDT. The 3 Liters of rainwater collected contained 134 Becquerels of Iodine for an average of 20.1 Becquerel per liter, which equates to 543 Picocuries per liter .
The federal drinking water limit for Iodine-131 is 3 Picocuries per liter, putting the rainwater sample at 18,100% above the federal drinking water limit.
20.1 Becquerel per liter (Bq/L) = 543 Picocuries per liter (pCi/L)
Conversion calculator here.
The federal drinking water standard for Iodine-131 is 3 pCi/L. (Source)
UCB Rain Water Sampling Results here.

Radiation in San Francisco 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limits

Radiation in San Francisco 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limits

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