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"The Lord of the Flies"

MNN. Sep. 2, 2006. We bought an interesting video* on Thursday, August 31, at 
the Six Nations information session at the Montreal Native Friendship Center. 
The land and historic issues behind the reclamation of land at Six Nations were 
well explained. It showed how, early in the land dispute, hundreds of young 
people from the nearby non-native town of Caledonia were lured to the Indigenous
barricade by such enticements as beer, marshmallows and hot dogs. At first the 
kids were reasonable and talked about how they wanted to organize things. As the
night wore on, things started to break down. The crowd became loud and raucous. 
Soon they were reverting to their lowest instincts, mostly racial hatred, in 
this case. These sorts of behavior usually come out when people are abused in a 
hierarchical society that doesn¹t care for those at the bottom of human society.
It is nurtured behavior.

This breakdown of social order and disrespect for fellow human beings reminded 
us of those kids in the famous film, ³Lord of the Flies². All those kids were 
British, from rich families and went to private boarding schools. Their plane 
crash landed on an island. In the jungle they eventually reverted to behavior 
that reflected the way they had been mistreated in their boarding schools.

As indigenous people we know something about the problems caused by boarding 
schools which were modeled on the British system. They were designed to shape 
children so they could grow up to commit genocide. True to form the children in 
the film started to kill each other off.

The Caledonia youth became increasingly angry. They didn¹t know how to deal with
difficulties without vilifying each other. Their models of social order is based
on a quest for dominance.

The Caledonians became excited and worked themselves up to a fever pitch. All 
their lives they have been oppressed. Here, for once, they were not the target. 
They had a chance to experience the other side of the evil hierarchical game. As
the evening wore on, the kids got drunker. They started to realize they were 
being empowered by authority and their ravings towards Indians became 
increasingly hysterical. One girl who began by crossing back and forth between 
both sides got caught up in the frenzy of her Caledonian neighbors. The cops had
harassed her when she tried to follow her natural instinct to play a mediating 

Whoever organizes these events knows how to incite this aggression inside of 
these young people. They know how to foment riots, trouble and get people to do 
things they wouldn¹t ordinarily do. They wanted to turn their aggression onto 
the intended victims, in this case, the Indigenous people. The kids were 
frustrated by the police blockades which stopped them from getting home or made 
them travel 35 miles out of their way. They correctly identified the police 
blockades and not the ³Indians² as the problem. Whoever was fomenting civil 
disobedience deftly manipulated their frustration into hatred of ³Indians².

Some lost control. Unobstructed, uncivilized behavior became the norm. Their 
thinking became irrational. They clutched at straws and imagined mountainous 
cultural barriers where there was nothing but molehills. With a little help, no 
doubt! They went from one extreme to another about the land issues and the 
³Indians². Their cultivated hatred of ³Indians² began to blossom. These kids 
have been told what to do all their lives. Now all of a sudden they're important
because they put Caledonia on the map with their unruly behavior. After their 
hangover, if they thought about what they did, they would probably have been 
embarrassed, we hope. Unfortunately, though, they¹re probably too indoctrinated.
³Indians² have become their scapegoats every time they stub their toe.

In the meantime, the Indigenous people were sober and stayed peaceful, just 
watching the craziness. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the Indigenous 
site. We have a lot to be proud of.

R.G., from a union in Hamilton, stated that these instigators are set up by the 
"political police". He has seen this in both Canada and the US. They organize 
others to intimidate anyone who shows signs of independent thinking. While they 
prime the rioters to attack, they unsettle their victims. For example, the first
story was that the police were being withdrawn from Six Nations/Caledonia during
the Labor Day weekend, at which time they could bring in the skinheads and allow
a riot to take place. Then the army would be called in to declare martial law.

After the MNN story on the ³vigilantes² became public, the state had to change 
its course and send in extra police. On Friday night, September 1, three 
busloads of skinheads were stopped from going to Six Nations to stir up trouble.
Now the police have to make sure there is no riot.

The Toronto Globe & Mail on September 2nd states, ³Residents are ready to turn 
their guns on the Indigenous People². This message is repeated a few times in 
the story by Alex Dobrota for those who did not get it the first time. Who 
knows! Someone who is weak minded may pick up a gun and start shooting! Mayor of
Caledonia, Marie Trainor, said that two women told her they are, ³Ready to arm 
themselves and clean it up since nobody else will². The instigators get 
vulnerable people to do the dirty work. If things backfire, the mobs take the 
blame. The people who create the situation always get off Scot-free, i.e. 
Ipperwash where the Ontario Premier Mike Harris got away with murder.

Indian Affairs called a meeting after they received the August 25th MNN 
vigilantes story. They had a big problem on their hands. They¹d been found out. 
If anything happens, they will be held accountable. Parliament is reconvening at
the end of the summer. Their committees will be investigating what¹s been going 
on all summer. Now the Opposition can ask some stiff questions.

R.G. understands the difficulties of oppressed social classes like the 
Caledonians. Their manipulators have made them feel they are one notch above 
³Indians² in the hierarchical order. Colonial society is designed to enslave 
them. The only difference is the kids don¹t know what¹s happening. We do. We 
refuse to be enslaved. The Six Nations people have always challenged this idea 
that social order has to be hierarchical. We are the original democrats on 
Turtle Island.

The Caledonians are angry and upset about having to reinvent themselves. They 
bought houses on the Haldimand Tract which were cheap because there was no clear
title. Crooks conned them into thinking this would not be a problem. The fear 
that they will lose all their homes and their savings feeds their hysteria. 
Their houses have gone down drastically in value and they¹re blaming us. They 
aren¹t asking why they were misled by the Ontario government. This is the same 
government that paid off Henco, who were knowingly involved in the con game.

To resolve issues, Canadian institutions use force to deflect attention to the 
real questions. R.G. saw that the solution is not to oppress us. An alliance 
between the Indigenous people and the unions is needed if the abuse of people 
like the Six Nations and the Caledonians is going to stop. Like my father and 
family, most of the Iroquois belong to these unions and know what it means to be
a hard worker and to be loyal to our fellow members. None of the mainstream 
media have published the fact that many large unions support the Six Nations. 
The unions understand the complicity between government institutions, 
developers, multi national corporations, banks and the armed forces in the 
oppression of all people of Canada. Unions have been fighting this for hundreds 
of years.

Canada officially endorsed the principle of human equality in Section 15 of the 
Constitution Act, 1982. This means the law and the way people relate to each 
other has to change. Canada and its provinces have to sit down and talk to us as

To have a good look at the conflict, there needs to be a public inquiry about 
the history of land title at Caledonia and Six Nations. We have to go right back
to the beginning. The first survey was the Jones Survey where the boundaries of 
the Six Nations territory and the surrounding counties were set out. [This is 
probably in the Land Claims Office at Six Nations].

There also needs to be a public investigation into Henco Industries which tried 
to illegally build a housing project on Six Nations land. Henco and Ontario knew
that the title of that land known as ³Douglas Creek Estates² was not valid. 
Henco was conning people into buying luxurious homes on land it didn't have 
title to. Henco wrote to the Six Nations band council and went ahead with 
construction even though they did not get a reply. There¹s plenty of hard 
evidence on this fraud.

The Supreme Court of Canada has staunchly upheld the principle of human 
equality. It knows that sorting things out is an ongoing process. Canadians and 
Indigenous people have to work together to come up with a solution that is equal
and fair. This can't happen when the Canadian government institutions are 
supporting fraud. The days of colonial oppression are over.

The people of Ontario ended up paying over $15 million in compensation to Henco 
for this duplicity. Ontario is trying to plaster over the fraud. It¹s like 
putting new aluminum siding over rotten wood. Henco may have also knowingly 
destroyed an archaeological site and a gravesite. Desecrating graves is a 
criminal offence. They should be investigated and charged.

The opportunists and oppressors are pushing for this issue to generate into a 
fight between the people of Six Nations and Caledonia. They want to divert 
attention away from the real issue of the phony title and theft of land. The 
megalomaniacs want to build more houses to bring more people into the same false
title situation as in Caledonia. If it's true that Jane Stewart, former Minister
of Indian Affairs, who sits at the table on the ³negotiations² with Six Nations,
wants to build 23,500 houses at Paris Ontario overlooking the Grand River, it¹s 
loathsome. Is there a doctor in the house? This woman¹s head needs to be 

Other developers on the Haldimand Tract [southern Ontario] must be hysterical 
now! Our questioning of their schemes will interfere with their fantasy of 
having obscene buckets of money. There is a basic standard of decency that is 
not being met here in relations with Indigenous people. These developers don't 
really have to die and take enormous pots of money to heaven or hell! They have 
caused serious problems for us and other people here on earth. Look what they¹ve
done to the Grand River! They¹ve turned it into a sewer that has killed who 
knows how many people, animals and natural life. Cleaning the rotten wood out of
Canadian governmental institutions will pave the way for cleaning the 

Kahentinetha Horn

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*Video: Struggle for the Land. Footage of and Statements from Participants of 
the Six Nations Land Reclamation (April ­ June 2006). - 

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