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Sat May 03 2003 Columns Harvey Wasserman 

Bush's Military Defeat: The SuperPower of Peace is our only hope 

May 2, 2003 

George W. Bush has fittingly stopped short of declaring
victory in Iraq.  He doesn't want to claim a definitive
triumph because it would legally obligate the US to
begin cleaning the place up and enforcing human rights

But in fact, the US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan
have been shattering defeats.   

Let's count the ways:  

    *At least three times US troops have fired live
    ammunition against angry crowds of "liberated" Iraqis. 
    Far from "dancing in the streets" over the American
    presence, the people of Iraq have made it clear they
    want the US out just days after the removal of Saddam
    Hussein, who most Iraqis understand was put in power by
    the US in the first place. 
    * US troops have now killed at least twenty Iraqis in
    demonstrations that appear to be nonviolent.  Military
    claims of self-defense are reminiscent of lies that
    Kent State students fired weapons during the 1970
    massacre there.  Those four deaths put the US in an
    uproar; in Iraq, 1/20 the size of the US, the
    equivalent of 20 dead would be 400. 
    * By independent count at least 3,000 Iraqi civilians
    were killed by the US in the removal of Saddam Hussein.
     That would equate to 60,000 Americans if the attack
    had been by Iraq on the US.   
    * Like Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein is widely
    believed to be alive, but has yet to be found.
    * The weapons of mass destruction used as a pretext for
    the American attack have also yet to be found.  None
    were used in Iraq's defense.
    * The pillaging of Iraq's most treasured museums, for
    which the US is directly responsible, has been widely
    ranked as one of the most barbaric and indefensible
    acts of cultural desecration in world history.   
    * US corporate media coverage of the Bush attack was so
    absurdly one- sided and nationalistic it drew
    unprecedented contempt from critics worldwide.  
    * The "victory" which has so enamored the US corporate
    media was an assault by a rich nation of 280 million
    people which spends more on its military than the rest
    of the world combined, against an impoverished,
    disunited nation 20 times smaller which has been ruled
    by a hated dictator installed by the US, subjected to
    international sanctions for 12 years, continually
    bombed through that time, and which was recently
    disarmed by United Nations weapons inspectors. Far from
    a military triumph, its martial conduct drew mocking
    derision from the global media outside the US.  
    * The first female US soldier killed in Iraq was a
    divorced Hopi- Navajo mother of two small children who
    joined the military to escape poverty.  Her death, and
    the grim future facing her children, received virtually
    no media attention, while the dubious "rescue" of her
    white friend, Jessica Lynch, received ecstatic---and
    wildly distorted---saturation hype.   
    * Defense Secretary Rumsfeld openly and willfully
    violated explicit US law by failing to establish a
    baseline health study of American troops entering
    combat, reinforcing the failure to deal with Gulf War
    Syndrome from the previous attack on Iraq.  
    * Though less than a thousand US troops were killed or
    wounded in the 1991 Gulf War, 220,000 or more are now
    disabled.  Similar casualties are almost certain to
    surface in the wake of the latest attack, though
    Rumsfeld's illegal refusal to lay the statistical
    groundwork for a health study will again make these
    casualties hard to trace.  
    * It is widely believed Bush launched a lethal attack
    on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad with the express
    intent of killing and intimidating foreign
    * While profoundly disinterested in protecting the
    region's cultural history, or its civil institutions,
    the US military took great pains to guard Saddam's
    ministries of interior and oil, where crucial
    information on Iraq's petroleum reserves are stored.   
    * US military encampments during the attack were named
    after major oil companies.  
    * No major nations of the world except Great Britain
    joined the attack on Iraq, and none have come forward
    since to endorse it, despite Bush's alleged
    * Though leading Bush hawks have raised the possibility
    of attacking Syria, Iran or North Korea, all other
    major nations of the world--- including Great
    Britain---have denounced the possibility.  
    * Bush has scorned his previous promise to Great
    Britain's Tony Blair, his one major ally, that the
    rebuilding of Iraq would be largely done through the
    United Nations.  
    * Afghanistan, has sunk into tribal warfare, complete
    with the rebirth of the "defeated" Taliban.  American
    soldiers are still fighting and dying there.   
    * Despite Bush's effusive pre-war promises, there is
    virtually no money in the latest US budget for
    rebuilding Aghanistan, or even for repairing the damage
    done by the US attack.   
    * Drug production, particular opium poppies, is back in
    full swing in Afghanistan after having been
    successfully repressed by the Taliban.
    * Bush's violent assault and undiplomatic arrogance
    have infuriated much of the Muslim world and made it
    highly likely fundamentalist Iran-style regimes will
    eventually sweep over both Afghanistan and Iraq.  
    * That likelihood has been enhanced by anti-Islam
    statements from close Bush cronies, including Rev.
    Franklin Graham, who've confirmed Bush's initial
    proclamation of a "crusade".   
    * While crowing over "democracy" to Iraq, Defense
    Secretary Rumsfeld says he will not "allow"
    fundamentalists to take power in Iraq, but has not
    explained how he would stop it within a democratic
    * By infuriating the Muslim world and isolating the US,
    Bush's conquests of Iraq and Afghanistan will likely
    guarantee a horrific increase in terrorist attacks
    against the US in years to come.  Polls show a large
    portion of the American population fears precisely this

In short, the Bush "triumph" has the taste and smell of
a profound defeat.  The Iraqi people have made it clear
they want the US out, and that the demonstrations can
only escalate.  Afghanistan is in ruin and chaos.   

World opinion, so profoundly sympathetic to the US
after the horrors of September 11, has swung wildly
against us.  To the vast bulk of humanity---especially
1.2 billion Muslims---the US is an out-of- control
bully that invaded Iraq without legitimate provocation,
primarily to grab its oil.  

Only the grotesquely unbalanced and intolerant US
corporate media has supported this attack with any
consistency.  Worldwide, its credibility has sunk below

The United States may currently be the only military
superpower.  But it's a hollow shell, with its domestic
economy in profound crisis and the dollar in fast

The cynicism, arrogance and brutality with which Bush
has carried out these attacks has provoked a profound,
deep-rooted worldwide hostility.   

Far from victory, the US has never been more weakened,
isolated or insecure.  In the long run, only one
superpower---the one for peace---

holds any hope for any of us.  

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