Bush: will there be a mutiny?


Richard Moore

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., January 5, 2007: ³Working in the White House is like working 
in the monkey house in a zoo when all the primates are loaded with uppers.

A number of lower staffers have abruptly quit, Harriet Myers has quit and others
are going the same way. Now why is this? Because it is now very obvious that 
Bush has lost his marbles, if he ever had any, and we are headed into a major 
governmental crisis.

Bush has absolutely no intention of leaving Iraq. Any general officer who 
disagrees with his stupid ³surge² is promptly fired and others warned that Bush 
will fire them if they open their mouths. The brass at the Pentagon and the 
troops in the field are approaching open mutiny.

There are very serious rumors that National Guard and reserve units will not 
show up for shipment to the slaughterhouse. Bush has told Congress that they 
will do what he tells them and if they do not, he will refuse to sign any of 
their bills he does not approve of and refuse to implement anything they try to 
pass over his head.

He has deliberately antagonized the new Congress and when he is told that the 
people want an end to the Iraq horrors, he claims the public still want him to 
³stay the course.²

Hate mail and death threats are pouring in here in unprecedented numbers and the
Secret Service can¹t begin to keep up with them. There is no question that very 
soon, there will be a major confrontation between Bush on one side and the 
military and Congress on the other. And be sure Bush will lose.

No one seems to know what to do about Bush. He will listen to no one and could 
care less what the American public wants. What he wants is to hang the remaining
Saddam crew, launch a huge military attack in Baghdad, level parts of that city 
that he personally feels should be leveled, kill off anything that moves, 
replace the current Iraqi government with a pliable military dictator like 
Saddam and then come home in what he considers will be a great triumph.

A Republican Senator recently said that what Bush was doing was criminal. It is 
and now both Congress, the military and a growing segment of the American public
are beginning to realize that Bush has to be removed, by force if necessary, 
from his high office.

I have talked with some of the staff members who are in his presence on a 
regular basis and all of them say, without reservation, that he has gone around 
the bend. The Pentagon brass have nicknamed him Caligula and there is a very 
strong possibility of open revolt from that sector. Troops in the field are 
seriously talking about mutiny but if Bush knows about this, he could care less.

The plain and simple truth, children, is that our President is a fanatic nut and
has absolutely no business running a war. Whatever happens to him will be 
entirely his fault and I am looking for another job starting this afternoon.²

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