Breakthrough hailed as US and Iran sit down for nuclear deal discussion


Richard Moore

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Ashton said: “It was a substantial meeting with a good atmosphere, and energetic. We had a discussion on how we would go forward with an ambitious timeframe to see if we can move along quickly … The good news is there are talks about a timetable.”

The meeting was also attended by foreign ministers from the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China. Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague, also welcomed what he described as a new Iranian approach to the talks.

In the world of reality, there is no new Iranian approach. Iran has always wanted negotiations. But in the propaganda world, they can get by with this pretense. For in the propaganda world, Iran’s past attempts at negotiation have not been fairly reported, and hence they didn’t exist. The ‘new approach’ is entirely on the part of the other participants in the discussion.