Bob Carter: Testing the global-warming hypothesis


Richard Moore

Professor Bob Carter
marine Geophysical laboratory
School of Earh & Enironmental Science
James Cook Universtiy
Testing the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming.
Based on actual measurements.
1. There is no significant change in temperature over past nine years, despite growth in Co2 concentrations.
2. Last 28 years, only very small warming in North, none in South.
3. Current temperature trend, past 3 years, is downward.
4. Recent variability well within range of past 1500 years. We’re now about in the middle of the scale.
5. Over 5,000 years there’s a 1500 year cycle. We are well within that pattern. 
6. Over 6 million years, deep-sea cores, show great fluctuations, and gradual decline overall. Species are adapted to much greater change than we are currently experiencing.