Bilderbergers oppose US control of World Bank


Richard Moore

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Exclusive: Bilderbergers War Over World Bank
Reporters detail Elite Confab | June 1, 2007
Steve Watson & Paul Watson

Alex Jones was joined on air today by several reporters, including 
veteran Jim Tucker, reporting exclusively from the Bilderberg 
conference in Istanbul, Turkey where the shadowy and private meeting 
of elites from throughout the Western world is now underway.

Yesterday Tucker exclusively revealed that the meeting is to be held 
at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul after the group tried to throw the 
local media off the scent and lie in claiming the elite confab was to 
take place 40 miles away in the city of Silivri.

It seems that Bilderberg has also been using the Turkish media, in 
particular the Turkish Daily News as a propaganda mouthpiece, having 
it pen an article today entitled ' Why are we scared of Bilderberg? '

Tucker became convinced the Carlton was the real site when security 
surrounding the area became intense yesterday.

Tucker described a heavy police presence surrounding the Ritz Carlton 
and confirmed that he had been followed by secret police and was 
under close surveillance. The police have put up large metal barriers 
around the hotel making sure no one gets close, as can be seen in the 
picture above.

According to Romanian journalist Paul Dorneanu, who is covering the 
meeting and also briefly joined Alex Jones on air today there are 
upwards of 100 protesters in the vicinity of the Ritz Carlton.

Early reports suggest that activities are already underway with long 
time Bilderberger Henry Kissinger having already called for a new 
international cooperation in order to end the civil war in Iraq.

Kissinger revealed why Istanbul has been chosen this year stating 
"Turkey is in a position to make an important contribution for 
shaping what I mentioned above," saying that Turkey's being part of 
the European system has an extremely strategic importance.

Jim Tucker suggested that Bilderberg is keen to portray Turkey as 
desperate to be allowed entry the to EU despite the fact that many 
Turks are strongly opposed to it because they see it as a 
surrendering of sovereignty.

Also joining Jones on air was Daniel Estulin who has been covering 
the Bilderberg group for 15 years.

Estulin pointed to the fact that a Bilderberg attendee, Robert 
Zoellick is the US candidate to take over at the World Bank. Estulin 
revealed that his sources have told him that yesterday Zoellick 
pledged to Bilderberg that he will restore confidence in the World 
Bank and that differences need to be put aside in order that the 
global body can be strengthened.

According to Estulin's sources however, European Bilderbergers are 
not at all happy with continuing the status Quo of having the US 
nominated candidate become the world bank President. Estulin says 
that one Belgian Bilderberger proposed a merit based selection 
process without regard to nationality, fearing that if the world bank 
goes with Zoellick it could be accused of double standards because he 
is best remembered for arm twisting poor nations to adhere to US 
imposed intellectual property laws that make medicines and drugs 
unaffordable to the developing world.

This reveals exactly why Zoellick has been nominated to head up the 
world bank, he has a great track record during his time as a trade 
representative and NAFTA architect of securing globalist dominance 
over the third world. Zoellick is, as we revealed here yesterday , a 
globalist all rounder with strong corporate ties to boot. As it 
preaches accountability and transparency to developing nations, some 
elites at the Bilderberg meeting clearly fear Zoellick's appointment 
would be compromising.

Estulin went on to describe in depth the damage that the world bank 
and its sister globalist outfit the IMF have done to humanity through 
their "Structural adjustment programs" which are nothing more than 
huge loans handed out to third world nations in order to reap the 
profits from the resulting debt trap.

Returning to the media coverage of Bilderberg, the Dallas Morning 
News yesterday reported Texas Governor Rick Perry's attendance at 
this year's Bilderberg meeting which has since been confirmed by the 
Governor's Press Office as he left Austin for Istanbul and also 
picked up by the AP.

Perry has been intimately involved in aiding international firms 
represented by Bilderberg personnel to take control over land, roads 
and newly privatized utilities in Texas.

Jim Tucker believes that Bilderberg are considering him as a 
potential future President because he is not a regular attendee. If 
he is invited back next year this may be an indication that he is in 
the running for future leadership, according to Tucker.

Appearing on the Alex jones show yesterday, presidential candidate 
Ron Paul confirmed that Perry's trip could be in violation of the 
Logan Act which prevents U.S. citizens from unauthorized negotiations 
with foreign entities. Paul also added that the trip indicates Perry 
is in league with the movement to establish a global government.

Listen to today's Bilderberg exclusive here .

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