Back in Ireland: rkm report


Richard Moore

From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" 
To: "Richard Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Its been some time
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 04:55:36 +0100

Hi Richard,

I trust you are well.
Its been some time since a posting from you -
or has my name fallen off the cyberjournal list?

Warm regards,




I'm here guys, finally!  I've been off to USA-Land, a branch of
McDisneyland Inc.  No time to send out postings, too many shows on
stage: one covert regime change, one proposed constitutional amendment,
one phony presidential race, and 20,000 gay marriages!  Actually.. I had
a great time & met great people... totally relaxing times with family &
friends, and then a quest in search of "We The People"!  On the plane
over from Ireland I read "The Power of Now", and I must admit that had a
great influence on me and added much to the quest. One gets so much more
out of things if one is "present" for them.

My quest was a drive up the West Coast from San Francisco to the
Canadian border and back. I got to spend time with Jim Rough (inventor
of Dynamic Faciliation), Tom Atlee (& the others at Walnut Street
Co-Op), David Wick (& the others who put on the Rogue Valley Wisdom
Council), and Rosa Zubizarreta (contributor to Zen of Global
Transformation).  There are many others I should mention by name, but I
must keep this posting short.

What I was looking for was a deeper understanding of facilitation
technology, its movement-building potential, and the community of
activists who are involved in that sort of thing. The quest was very
worthwhile, spiritually refreshing as a matter of fact. I was welcomed
into the community of activists, and was much enriched as they shared
their experiences and wisdom. I got to see first-hand the enthusiasm
that people feel after going through a DF session: the empowered spirit
of We The People. It is real, and it has a spiritual dimension.

What do I mean by a spiritual dimension?  It seems that when people
really "hear" one another, are really "present" for one another, that
creates a very special experience. In some sense a "place" is created,
and that "place" seems to be imbued with a spirit, a power. We might
call it the "spirit of humanity", or perhaps the source of "heart
energy". Or perhaps better not to give it a name. Real democracy, it
seems, is a spiritual as well as a political experience. There is a
connection between political liberation, societal enlightenment, and
personal enlightenment. They all seem to be intertwined parts of a
transformation process that is now needed if humanity is to survive.

best regards,

BTW>  I'd like to hear from you folks... What would you like to talk about? 
How can this list be useful to you?



    "...the Patriot Act followed 9-11 as smoothly as the
      suspension of the Weimar constitution followed the
      Reichstag fire."  
      - Srdja Trifkovic

    There is not a problem with the system.
    The system is the problem.

    Faith in humanity, not gods, ideologies, or programs.

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