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Richard Moore

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Flu reaction reports in the media only the tip of the iceberg?

I received the following email from one of our members. If what this nurse says is true, the hundreds of reactions we know about may only be the very tip of the vaccine damage iceberg.

Hi Meryl,
I was speaking to a nurse who works at PMH in Perth and she told me that the numbers of children admitted to ICU after vaccination is up to 25 per day and that the situation is being severely downplayed to the public. They are vaccinating for 3 viruses at once and some GPs have given the MMR at the same time!

They have known about the problem for many weeks and the nursing staff became increasingly upset and threatened to leak the information to the public if the authorities didnt do so.

Now they have but are not telling the truth about how big the problem is!

I have been very upset by TV footage of pregnant women and babies being given the swine flu vacc and it is well known pregnant women shouldn’t be given ANY vaccinations.

As this nurse said, the side effects on those unborn babies hasnt come to light as yet. It is horrific!

I can only hope this causes more people to think and become better informed about the dangers of vaccination.

Yours sincerely,

This weekend, I also received a report of a previously healthy 19 year old dying within 3 days of getting his seasonal flu vaccine too. Coincidence? The anti-choice league would like you to think that. But I remember very clearly the days when healthy 19 year olds didn’t just die like that and if they did and if they had been given some form of treatment prior to death, that treatment would usually be linked as the cause of death. Now, untested and unproven vaccines have been given a special place in society whereby any reactions that occur after their administration are automatically judged to be totally unrelated. Is this what medical science has degenerated to? Afraid so!

Hi Meryl
I spoke to one of our son’s friends who visited the grieving parents today. The boy, 19 years old,  received the flu vaccine on Monday (this week), was admitted to hospital Wednesday night with pneumonia and died last night. He was symptomless and well on Monday.


How  many more healthy children and adults need to die or be injured because the government simply did not take its duty of care seriously and thoroughly test this and all other vaccines prior to releasing them for the euphemistically-named ‘post marketing surveillance (which isn’t surveillance at all as we have found out!)?

The Australian Vaccination Network calls for legislation to be introduced immediately to require that all reactions which are notified to practitioners within 30 days of vaccination be reported. If any health provider does NOT report these reactions, there should be penalties under the law for this lapse.

In addition, we demand representation for consumer groups like the AVN on the committees that approve vaccines and also for representation on the committees that write and institute government vaccination policy.

These committees are stacked with so-called ’stakeholders’ which consist of pharmaceutical company representatives, members of the mainstream medical community and government bureaucrats. Parents have the largest stake in ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines and require representation on these government bodies.


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