Aug 14-18, Ecuador: Crisis and Opportunity 2010


Richard Moore

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Crisis and Opportunity 2010: Announcing an Innovators’ Symposium on Truly
Sustainable Solutions for Ecuador and the World
Montesueños-Vilcabamba, August 14-18, 2010,    
The out-of-control manmade BP oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico adds a wrenching action-inducing insult to the injury of the massive Chevron-Texaco toxic oil spills here in Ecuador and other ecological destruction and distress worldwide.  We must oppose plans to drill extensively in the one remaining vast biodiverse rainforest on Earth: the western Amazon.  Humanity is poised at the edge of a terminal worldwide disaster unless responsible people in developing countries find new ways to preserve and regenerate our ecosystems.  It is also essential that we let indigenous and other communities find their own solutions through innovation and other sustainable practices, free of international economic pressures.  The mandate for sustainability is clear here in Ecuador: we must end the exploitation of nonrenewable resources and we must create economic sovereignty through sustainable innovation.  There is no other choice for us now.  The end of the Oil Age and the beginning of a New Energy Age are upon us, and we need to take decisive action to ensure that the transition moves forward.
In this next of our series of Crisis and Opportunity conferences, we are gathering leading-edge innovators of sustainable technologies that work with nature rather than against nature.  Collectively, these technologies could begin to produce a much more harmonious environment throughout the planet while generating income and employment on a massive scale.  We are also honored to present the award-winning Awakening the Dreamer Sympoium of the Pachamama Alliance, a motivating visual workshop to participate in saving the rainforest and its indigenous peoples. Come join knowledgeable innovators and activists in creating a sustainable future! We will also be showing the films Crude; Yasuni: Two Seconds of Life; and Water: The Great Mystery.
Invited presenters who have tentatively accepted include: 
* Gunter Pauli,; International author of The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs, the 2010 groundbreaking catalogue of nature-friendly technologies that could be implemented immediately.  An outstanding example is the productively sustainable rainforest of Las Gaviotas, Colombia, restored through an ingenious blend of soil and plant regeneration.
* Dr. Brian O’Leary, Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Author and scientist; director of Ecuador Affairs, UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization; fellow, World Innovation Foundation; former Apollo scientist-astronaut; former senior consultant, U.S. Congress on energy; former Physics faculty, Princeton University; co-founder, Global Innovation Alliance.
* Leonardo Wild, Tumbaco, Ecuador: President and co-founder, Logichem Solutions S.A.; author, marketing consultant and industry advisor; director and co-producer of feature documentary on the Yasuni-ITT Initiative (to leave the oil in the ground); co-founder, Global Innovation Alliance.
* David Yurth, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Director, Nova Institute of Technology, inventor-integrator of new energy technologies; author of the Y-Bias model of scalar physics; R&D project administrator; co-founder, Global Innovation Alliance.
* Joel Segurola and Dan Ecklund, M.D., Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Coordinators, Los Visionarios and Global Genius Trust; inventors and integrators of innovative energy, sustainable mining and breakthrough medical technologies.
* Nati Greene, Quito, Ecuador, Pachamama Alliance, facilitator of the internationally-acclaimed Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and advisor to the Ecuadorian government on environmental issues.
* Jaime Santin, Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Forester, co-director of the Vilcabamba Community Center; coordinator of reforestation projects in the Vilcabamba area.
Confirmation of presenters and program details will be posted on  Daily tuition for 4 days is $75 including a delicious meal. A special package for the symposium and accomodations for five nights at Montesueños per person twin or double occupancy is $395.  To make a reservation, send e-mail to •••@••.•••.

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