Attack on Iran still seems likely


Richard Moore

This attack has seemed imminent for quite some time now, so one never knows for sure. But all this assembled naval power must be for something. And Russia has made it clear it’s not putting up with any more nonsense from Washington. If there is a blockade, Russia will challenge it. If shooting starts, all these naval ships will be sunk within the first hour. Perhaps they are being sent there as sacrificial lambs, like the out-of-date ships Roosevelt left at Pearl Harbor for the Japanese to sink, so he could declare a ‘day of infamy’. 

Bush Could Still Attack Iran
By The Guardian
17/09/08 “The Guardian” — – Despite the main finding in the latest report from the International Atomic Energy Agency that it “has been able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran”, the western media has focused on the issue of Tehran’s lack of transparency over the IAEA investigation into recent intelligence allegations (Report, September 12). These involve missile re-entry vehicle projects and have been rejected by the Iranians, who have not even been permitted to see the documents upon which the allegations are founded.

This week the US Congress is debating two non-binding resolutions which, if passed, will greatly increase the likelihood of military intervention against Iran. They call on the US president to “increase economic, political and diplomatic pressure on Iran to verifiably suspend its nuclear enrichment activities”, and demand “stringent inspection requirements” of all goods entering or leaving Iran and an embargo of refined petroleum products to Iran. Although both resolutions exclude authorisation for military action, the embargo will require a naval blockade. Such a blockade could result in skirmishes with the Iranian navy which could rapidly escalate.

The US is massing the largest armada of warships in the Gulf since 2003. Two aircraft carrier task forces are already there and a third was dispatched on August 22. French and British warships and carrier groups are also reportedly on their way. This has increased speculation that George Bush might authorise military attacks against Iran before the end of his term in office in January, or before the November elections to boost to the likelihood of a McCain presidency.

Stefan Simanowitz -Westminster Committee on Iran