Assad says Israel likely to attack Syria


Richard Moore

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Assad says Israel likely to attack Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad told a Lebanese
newspaper that he believes Israel will use Syria's supposed ties to Iran to 
attack his country.

In an interview with As-Safir, Assad said he believes that Israel's leaders need
a new military operation because they are in a political crisis.

"Syria will resist, stand strong and never give in," he said.

The leadership of Israel's Kadima Party is divided on negotiating with Syria, 
the Jerusalem Post reported. In August, Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter 
said that he supports trading withdrawal from the Golan Heights for a permanent 
peace agreement but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert disagrees.

"I am the last person who will say I want to negotiate with Syria," Olmert said,
calling Syria "the single most aggressive country of the axis of evil."

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