Are the London Riots a False Flag?


Richard Moore

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Are the London Riots a False Flag?

Since first hearing about the riots I have suspected they may have been instigated by dark agents provocateurs. Having done some searches to try to find out more information I have come across some articles suggest this could be the case. 

Cameron has just spoken and said he will do whatever is necessary to get control of the country again….. and there have been people ‘ordinary citizens?’ on social networks calling for the military to intervene. 

It is typicalt of the: Problem, Reaction, Solution tactic repeatedly used by the minions of the NWO ubermensch. 

There are familiar false flag footprints being reported in relation to the rioting and looting. Here are some of the articles/comments. 

First, an article which presents evidence in support of the argument that the US Government, Soros and organisations like ‘CANVAS’ and ‘Movements’ are instigating and supporting these revolutions world wide.… 


It is important to understand how clearly premeditated this is, how long it has been planned and worked on by the United States government, its extensive network of agents and NGOs, and how much they stand to lose if this premeditated plot becomes widely known to the public.… 

In Tottenham in London, the local Member of Parliament, David Lammy, has blamed people from outside the area for causing the riots. 

The Daily Mail referred to unconfirmed reports that suggest a group of around 150 youths arrived in the north London suburb of Tottenham from 4 p.m. 

Igor Gois, a Brixton resident and deputy manager at neighbouring Phones4u, said: “The police are saying that it is the youths that are doing this. But it’s not; it’s big men.” (Streatham traders speak of riot drama) 

“Rioters were left virtually unchallenged in several neighborhoods and able to plunder from stores at will or attempt to invade homes.” (Britain burns: Riots spread through UK cities) 

“This kind of behavior makes the police look like the good guys, which is why agent provocateurs are routinely used to stage such violence at major summits. 

“That’s not to say some of the chaos isn’t driven by genuine grievances over police brutality and poverty, but the majority of the violence is being committed by mindless teenage thugs who have let themselves be molded by Britain’s broken society into Clockwork Orange-style droogs.” (Prison Planet.) 

“Residents questioned why no police officers were available to combat rampant looting as thieves methodically cleared stores… 

“The most senior officer in Haringey left to go on holiday just hours before rioting began on Saturday. 

“Detective Chief Superintendent Sandra Looby jetted off to Florida despite warnings the police shooting of Mark Duggan could spark violence… 

“In the busy shopping street of Green Street, in Forest Hill, there were reports that 400 young Asian men had chased off up to 150 rioters… 

“Residents in Clapham, Croydon, Peckham and Hackney complained at the absence of police officers during the worst confrontations… 

“In Clapham, Owen MacCarthy, 28, a bank worker, said: ‘We’ve been here for an hour and half and we haven’t seen a single police officer.” (Scotland Yard braced for backlash over ‘lack of police on streets )… 

this comes at a time when the Bilderberg puppet globalist Cameron just happens to be seeking to appoint a “zero-tolerance” American policeman to be the new Met Police commissioner.… 

MSM is reporting that the bullet from the police radio is understood to be a police issue bullet.… 

The police ignored a small, peaeful protest outside the police station in Tottenham, when family and friends were there to ask for more information about the shooting. They then apparently beat up a 16 year old girl in front of the protesters, when she threw a stone at them in response to a ‘tough policing’ response to the peaceful protest. 

If I wanted to instigate a riot – I would go to one of the known more volatile communities and create an incident of a kind which predictably engender a response. I would send in agents provocateurs once some unrest had been whipped up, and would use them to escalete the violence. 

These riots and the way they have spread seem to have been organised and orchestrated. This isn’t a typical pattern in UK. 

There is of course, as yet, no proof that these riots are being orchestrated, instigated and led by agents provocateurs. However, it is increasingly looking like a real possibility. 

Please add any relevant information you find.