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Date: 9 November 2009 00:41:11 GMT

Baxter’s Ukraine Pneumonic Plague Virus is a BIOWEAPON

This is the upgrade – the weaponization – that we have long predicted would
occur. This would explain why BO declared a “National Emergency” here in the states Oct 29 – likely the very day or day before the low-flying planes aerosol-sprayed the viral plague into the mountains around Kiev. Important video:


Ukrainian Plague Bioweapon is Phase 2 of
SWINE-ELEVEN – Alex McGowin Studer of

Today’s total of very ill people in the Ukraine is officially at 633,877. This disease was unknown six days ago! Three days ago the number of cases was approximately 255,000, yesterday it was a little over 470,000. Official death figures are just under 100, but multiple sources say the real death figures are now over 3,000. The internal temperature of the patients who die reaches 130F to 135F, the lungs are full of blood and have turned to mush, and are black.
It can be reasonably expected that it won’t take long for this to travel the world, and I’m projecting that by Christmas it will have spanned the globe. Rather than immediately invoking quarantines and closing Ukraine borders and restricting travel, no such actions have been taken so it is only a matter of time before infected people reach other countries abroad and begin infecting others.
This clearly appears NOT to be A/H1N1 and it’s behavior suggests a likely hemogluttanin gene change (at the very least) and probably an entirely different more lethal strain altogether.
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THIRD ARTICLE Ukranian Plague Update: “officially” now over 871,037 infected, 135 deaths, 39,603 hospitalized  Cases of infection are increasing at about 200,000 per day; this is NOT A/H1N1
Ukranian Plague Update: “officially” now over 871,037 infected, 135 deaths, 39,603 hospitalized – Cases of infection are increasing at about 200,000 per day; this is NOT A/H1N1
Courtesy of Tim Alexander Earl of Stirling
The public is being kept in the dark about what is happening in the Ukraine. Please pass this site on to as many family and friends as you can and post links to it on as many sites as you can.
The rapid rise from almost nothing to over 3/4 million people in a week is highly reflective of an Advanced Biowar ‘designer virus’. This is NOT A/H1N1. This is either a new virus or a major recombination of A/H1N1 with another virus/viruses.
UPDATE: Official Ukrainian Plague totals are now: 871,037 infected, 135 deaths, 39,603 hospitalized. The death figures don’t make sense, ARI hospital ER admissions generally result in 5% to 10% fatalities yet only in the non-official reports of several thousand deaths do we get near this percentage. And by the way, those ARI percentages do not involve something like this plague that results in internal temperatures of 135F or hemorrhagic lung tissue (lungs turned to mush) or the lungs being black. We are not getting the truth on this and in fact, most people in America and much of the world do not even know of the strange new wildfire epidemic in the Ukraine. The public is being kept in the dark for as long as possible, so that the virus can spread. So that the public does not question what little is being done to stop the global spread of this new killer disease. Cases of infection are increasing at about 200,000 per day! ~ link
Martial Law ‘all but declared’ in Ukraine over mystery epidemic ~ link ~ Stand way back from the trees and look at the forest: Since the technology was invented about 30 years ago to genetically engineer viruses using recombination, there have been a host of ‘new diseases’ such as AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu H5N1, Swine Flu A/H1N1, etc. We are living in the Age of Advanced Biological Warfare. This Ukrainian Plague could be a terrible killer throughout the world. Almost nothing is being done to stop the spread of the disease globally; about the same steps to contain the spread of the disease are being taken under WHO’s direction that were taken to contain Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) and look how successful that was.