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Subject:  Was 9/11 Allowed to Happen? 
         The 9/11 Timeline 10-Page Summary (Paul Thompson)
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Subject: Was 9/11 Allowed to Happen? The 9/11 Timeline 10-Page Summary
(Paul Thompson)
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The 9/11 Timeline 10-Page Summary     This is
"conspiracy journalism" at its most reliable for folks
who've been conditioned to react against "conspiracy
theories"--there's nothing here but documented reports
from the U.S. mainstream media. In fact, the least
credible 9/11 conspiracy theory around today ("Al Queda
did it, alone.") comes from the White House and U.S.

Paul Thompson asks modestly, "Was 9/11 Allowed to
Happen?" This is a slight variation on the LIHOP (Let
It Happen On Purpose) thesis. Others, with equally
reliable documentation, ask how 9/11 could have
occurred without U.S. command control. The modus
operandi of the 9/11 attacks certainly qualifies as a
"shock and awe" military operation.

Versed another way: Did the U.S. military learn "shock
and awe" from Al Queda?

Anyway, here are the facts, and only the facts! -- JEM


The 9/11 Timeline 10-Page Summary

Was 9/11 Allowed to Happen?

Developed and Maintained by Paul Thompson
To verify statements, click on links to original articles on mass media

For the complete 200+ page timeline, see

9/11 was one of the most pivotal events in world
history.  Its impact will be felt for years to come.
You owe it to yourself to go beyond the sound bites and
the simplified official story. This is an extremely
complicated story with numerous players and motives.
Not everything makes sense or fits neatly together.
It's a story full of espionage, deceit, and lies. But
if there are forces out there tricking us, they can
only succeed if we, the general public, remain ignorant
and passive.

I am limiting my sources to only those one might call
"mainstream." Why? It's not because I believe one can
only trust the mainstream media. In fact, I feel the
opposite is true - much of the best reporting today is
coming from alternative media. But many people are
initially very skeptical. A lot of material I found
looking around the web seemed very hard to believe when
I first saw it. My goal is to use mainstream sources to
generally open eyes to new possibilities.


"Members of congressional committees investigating the
pre-Sept. 11 warnings said yesterday that there is far
more damaging information that has not yet been
disclosed about the government's knowledge of events
leading up to Sept. 11. 'We've just scratched the
surface,' said Sen. Richard C. Shelby, ranking
Republican member of the Senate intelligence
committee." [Washington Post, 5/17/02]


1984: Osama bin Laden is running a front organization
for the mujaheddin known as MAK, which funnels money,
arms and fighters into the Afghan war. [New Yorker,
1/24/00] "MAK was nurtured by Pakistan's Inter-Services
Intelligence agency, or ISI, the CIA's primary conduit
for the covert war against Moscow's occupation."
[MSNBC, 8/24/98]

Mid-1980's: The ISI starts a special cell of agents who
use profits from heroin production for covert actions
"at the insistence of the CIA." This cell promotes the
cultivation of opium and heroin in mujaheddin territory
for smuggling into Soviet controlled areas to turn the
Soviet troops into heroin addicts. After Soviet troops
withdraw, the ISI's heroin cell start smuggling heroin
to Western countries. [Financial Times, Asian edition,
8/10/01] "Even by the shadowy standards of spy
agencies, the ISI is notorious. It is commonly branded
'a state within the state,' or Pakistan's 'invisible
government.'" [Time, 5/6/02]

Mar 1985: The CIA begins supporting the ISI in
recruiting radical Muslims from around the world to
come to Pakistan and fight with the Afghan mujaheddin.
Eventually, around 35,000 Muslim radicals from 43
Islamic countries will fight with the Afghan
mujaheddin. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/23/01, Honolulu
Star-Bulletin, 9/23/01] Pakistan's President Benazir
Bhutto, feeling the mujaheddin network has grown too
strong, tells President George Bush Sr., "You are
creating a Frankenstein." [Newsweek, 10/1/01]

1993: One of bin Laden's men buys a jet from the US
military in Arizona (the Pentagon approved the
transaction). This aircraft is later used to transport
missiles that kill US special forces in Somalia. He
also has some of his followers begin training as pilots
in US flight schools. [Sunday Herald, 9/16/01]

1993: An expert panel commissioned by the Pentagon
postulates that an ai rplane could be used as a missile
to bomb national landmarks. [Washington Post, 10/2/01]
Three attacks in 1994 involve hijacking planes to crash
them into buildings, including a pilot who crashes a
plane at the White House. [NY Times, 10/3/01]

Feb 1993: An attempt to blow up the WTC (World Trade
Center) fails. An undercover agent testifies that the
FBI knew about the attack beforehand and told him they
would stop it by substituting a harmless powder for the
explosives. This plan was called off by an FBI
supervisor. [New York Times, 10/28/93]

Oct 1995: The oil company Unocal signs a contract for a
"the perfect pipeline" through Afghanistan to Pakistan.
Unocal edges out a more experienced Argentinean company
for the contract. Henry Kissinger, a Unocal consultant,
calls it "the triumph of hope over experience."
[Washington Post, 10/5/98]

1996: The Saudi Arabian government starts paying huge
amounts of money to al-Qaeda, becoming its largest
financial backer. This money vastly increases the
capability of al-Qaeda. [New Yorker, 10/16/01]

Apr 1996: For the second time (the first was in 1995),
the US rejects Sudan's offer to turn over voluminous
files about bin Laden and al-Qaeda.. Around this time
Sudan also offers their al-Qaeda intelligence to MI6,
the British intelligence agency, and are also rebuffed.
[Guardian, 9/30/01]

1997: Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew
Brzezinski publishes a book portraying Eurasia as the
key to world power, and Central Asia with its vast oil
reserves as the key to domination of Eurasia. He states
that for the US to maintain its global primacy, it must
prevent any adversary from controlling that region. He
notes that because of popular resistance to US military
expansionism, his ambitious strategy could not be
implemented "except in the circumstance of a truly
massive and widely perceived direct external threat."
[The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its
Geostrategic Imperatives]

1998: In May, The Oklahoma City FBI office sends a memo
warning that "large numbers of Middle Eastern males"
are getting flight training and could be planning
terrorist attacks. [AP, 9/26/01, CNN, 9/18/01] In
August, a CIA intelligence report asserts that Arab
terrorists are planning to fly a bomb-laden aircraft
into the WTC. [New York Times, 9/18/02, Senate
Intelligence Committee, 9/18/02]

Dec 1998: A Time magazine cover story entitled "The
Hunt for Osama," reports that bin Laden may be planning
his boldest move yet - a strike on Washington or
possibly New York City. [Time, 12/21/98]

Late 1998: President Clinton authorizes a CIA
assassination of bin Laden. An officer who helped with
plans says, "We were ready to move" but "we were not
allowed to do it." [Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/16/01]

Late 1998-Early 2000: On at least three occasions,
spies in Afghanistan report bin Laden's location. Each
time, Clinton approves an attack. Each time, CIA
Director Tenet says the information is not reliable
enough and the attack cannot go forward. [New York
Times, 12/30/01]

1999: MI6, the British intelligence agency, gives a
secret report to the US embassy in London. The report
states that al-Qaeda plans to use commercial aircraft
"possibly as flying bombs." [Sunday Times, 6/9/02]

Sep 1999: A report prepared for US intelligence states
Al-Qaeda could crash an aircraft into the Pentagon.
[AP, 4/18/02, complete report on-line] The Bush
administration claims to have never heard of this
report until May 2002, despite the fact that it had
been publicly posted on the internet since 1999, and
"widely shared within the government." [CNN, 5/18/02,
New York Times, 5/18/02]

Nov 1999: The head of Australia's security services
admits the Echelon global surveillance system exists.
The US still denies it exists. BBC describes Echelon's
power as "astounding." "Every international telephone
call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission can be
listened to by powerful computers capable of voice
recognition. They home in on a long list of key words,
or patterns of messages. [BBC, 11/3/99]

Jan 2000:  Former President George Bush Sr. meets with
the bin Laden family on behalf of the Carlyle Group. He
also met with them in 1998. Bush's chief of staff could
not remember that this meeting took place until a thank
you note was found confirming it. [Wall Street Journal,
9/27/01, Guardian, 10/31/01]

July 2000: The Taliban ban poppy growing in
Afghanistan. The opium yield drops dramatically in
2001, from 3,656 tons to 185 tons. [Guardian, 2/21/02,
Reuters, 3/3/02, Observer, 11/25/01]

Sep 2000: A think-tank writes a "blueprint" for the
creation of a "global Pax Americana." Written for the
Bush team before the 2000 election, the report calls
itself a "blueprint for maintaining global US
preeminence and shaping the international security
order in line with American principles and interests."
The plan shows Bush intended to take control of Persian
Gulf oil whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power. It
calls for political control of the internet and
advocates "regime change" in China, North Korea, Libya,
Syria, and Iran. [Sunday Herald, 9/7/02, click here for
the report]

Sep 15, 2000: Officials reveal that "a fully loaded,
fueled airliner crashing into the opening ceremony" was
one of the greatest security fears for the Sydney
Olympics.  [Sydney Morning Herald, 9/20/01]

Oct 24-26, 2000: Pentagon officials carry out a
"detailed" emergency drill based upon the crashing of a
hijacked airliner into the Pentagon. [Military District
of Washington News Service, 11/3/00]

Jan 2001: An flight school alerts the FAA that hijacker
Hani Hanjour lacks the English and flying skills
necessary for his commercial pilot's license. An FAA
official then sits next to Hanjour in class. The
official offers a translator to help him pass, but the
flight school points out that is against the rules.
[AP, 5/10/02]

Jan 2001: After the elections, US intelligence agencies
are told to 'back off' investigating the Bin Ladens and
Saudi royals. [BBC, 11/6/01]

Feb-July 2001: At a trial in New York, testimony
reveals that two bin Laden operatives had received
pilot training in Texas and Oklahoma. One bin Laden
aide gives the FBI detailed information about a pilot
training scheme. The FBI does not initiate
investigations into the matter. [Washington Post,

Mar 2001: A Taliban envoy discusses turning bin Laden
over, but the US wants to be handed bin Laden directly
and the Taliban want to turn him over to some third
country. About 20 more meetings on giving up bin Laden
take place up till 9/11, all fruitless. [Washington
Post, 10/29/01]

Spring 2001: Military and governmental documents are
released that seek to legitimize the use of military
force in the pursuit of oil and gas. An article in the
Army War College's journal advocates presidential
subterfuge in the promotion of a conflict and
"explicitly urge[s] painting over the US's actual
reasons for warfare as a necessity for mobilising
public support for a conflict." [Sydney Morning Herald,

Apr 2001: A report commissioned by former US Secretary
of State James Baker and the CFR argues the need for
military intervention to secure the US oil supply. It
argues that Iraq needs to be overthrown so the US can
control its oil. [Sunday Herald, 10/5/02, Sydney
Morning Herald, 12/26/02]

May 2001: Sect. of State Powell gives $43 million in
aid to the Taliban government.. [Los Angeles Times,
5/22/01] This follows $113 million given by the US in
2000. [State Dept. Fact Sheet, 12/11/01]

May 2001: The US introduces the "Visa Express" program
allowing any Saudi Arabian to obtain visas through
their travel agent instead of appearing at a consulate
in person. Five hijackers use Visa Express over the
next month to enter the US. [US News and World Report,
12/12/01, Congressional Intelligence Committee,
9/20/02, Senate Intelligence Committee, 9/18/02]

May 1, 2001: ABC reports that in the early 1960s,
America's top military leaders drafted plans to kill
innocent people and orchestrate acts of terrorism in US
cities to trick the public into supporting a war
against Cuba. The Joint Chiefs even proposed hijacking
planes and arranging for an astronaut John Glenn's
death during his first-ever spacewalk as a false
pretext for war. [ABC, 11/7/01]

May-Aug 2001: A number of the hijackers make at least
six trips to Las Vegas. All of these "fundamentalist"
Muslims drink alcohol, gamble, and frequent strip
clubs. They even have strippers perform lap dances for
them. [San Francisco Chronicle, 10/4/01, Newsweek,

June 2001: German intelligence warns the CIA, Britain's
MI6, and Israel's Mossad that Middle Eastern terrorists
are planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as
weapons to attack "American and Israeli symbols."
[Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 9/11/01, Fox News,

June 13, 2001: Egyptian President Mubarak claims that
Egyptian intelligence discovers a "communiqué from bin
Laden saying he wanted to assassinate George W. Bush
via "an airplane stuffed with explosives." The US and
Italy are sent urgent warnings of this. [New York
Times, 9/26/01]

July 4-14, 2001: Bin Laden, America's most wanted
criminal receives lifesaving treatment for renal
failure from an American surgeon at the American
hospital in Dubai. The surgeon later refuses to answer
any questions on this matter. [Le Figaro, 10/31/01,
London Times, 11/01/01] During his stay, bin Laden is
visited by two CIA officers. [Guardian, 11/1/01] The
explosive story is widely reported in Europe, but
barely at all in the US (possibly only by UPI [UPI,

July 10, 2001: An FBI agent sends a memorandum warning
about Middle Eastern men taking flight lessons. The
memorandum suspects bin Laden's followers and
recommends a national program to track suspicious
flight-school students. The memo is sent to FBI
headquarters and two field offices. It is ignored in
all three places and no action is taken. [New York
Times, 5/20/02, Fortune, 5/22/02] Vice President Cheney
states in May 2002 that the memo should never be
released to the media or public. [CNN, 5/20/02]

July 24, 2001: Larry Silverstein's $3.2 billion
purchase of the WTC is finalized. [Ireizine, 7/26/01]
It's the only time the WTC has ever changed hands.
[ICSC, 4/27/01] Silverstein may get $7 billion in
insurance from the 9/11 destruction of the WTC towers.
[Guardian, 10/24/01]

July 26, 2001: CBS News reports that Attorney General
Ashcroft has stopped flying commercial airlines due to
a threat assessment. [CBS, 7/26/01] In May 2002
Ashcroft walked out of his office rather than answer
questions about it. [AP, 5/16/02]

Late July 2001: The Taliban Foreign Minister learns
that bin Laden is planning a "huge attack" inside
America. The attack is imminent, and will kill
thousands. He sends an emissary to pass this
information on to the US consul general. The message is
not taken very seriously. [Independent, 9/7/02,
Reuters, 9/7/02]

Late July 2001: Noted Chicago lawyer David Schippers
claims that FBI agents tell him a terrorist attack is
going to occur in lower Manhattan. The agents developed
extensive information on the attack. But the FBI pulls
them off the investigation and threatens prosecution
under the National Security Act if they go public.
Schippers is now representing at least ten FBI agents
in a suit against the US government to have their
testimony subpoenaed, enabling them to tell what they
know without going to jail. [Judicial Watch, 11/14/01,
Alex Jones Show, 10/10/01, World Net Daily, 10/21/01,
note the sources are partisan]

Late July 2001: Egyptian intelligence receives a report
that 20 al-Qaeda members slipped into the US and four
of them received flight training on Cessnas. They pass
on the message to the CIA. [CBS, 10/9/02]

Summer 2001: Russian President Putin alerts US of
suicide pilots training for attacks on US targets.
[Fox, 5/17/02]

Late summer 2001: Jordanian intelligence makes an
intercept deemed so important that King Abdullah's men
relay it to Washington. It states that a major attack
is planned inside the US and that aircraft will be
used. Christian Science Monitor calls the story
"confidently authenticated" even though Jordan has
backed away from it. [International Herald Tribune,
5/21/02, Christian Science Monitor, 5/23/02]

Aug 2001: Britain gives the US another warning about an
al-Qaeda attack.The previous warning was vague as to
method, but this one specifies multiple airplane
hijackings. [Sunday Herald, 5/19/02]

Aug 6, 2001: Bush receives classified intelligence
briefings indicating that bin Laden might be planning
to hijack commercial airliners. The CIA director's
briefing is titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in
U.S."The briefing is kept secret until May 2002. [NY,
5/15/02, Die Zeit, 10/1/02] The New York Times later
reports that Bush "broke off from work early and spent
most of the day fishing." [NY Times, 5/25/02]

Aug 8-23, 2001: Israel gives at least two warnings that
an al-Qaeda attack is imminent. [Fox News, 5/17/02] Two
high ranking Mossad agents come to Washington and warn
the FBI and CIA that up to 200 terrorists have slipped
into the US and are planning "a major assault on the
United States." Indications point to a "large scale
target." [Telegraph, 9/16/01, Los Angeles Times,
9/20/01] The Mossad gives the CIA a list of terrorists
planning to carry out an attack in the near future.
Four of the names are 9/11 hijackers. [Die Zeit,
10/1/02, Der Spiegel, 10/1/02, BBC, 10/2/02]

Aug 22, 2001: Counter-terrorism expert John O'Neill
quits the FBI partly due to a power play against him,
but also because of repeated obstruction of his
al-Qaeda investigations. He was the government's "most
committed tracker of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda." The
next day he starts a new job as head of security at the
WTC. He is killed weeks later in the 9/11 attack. [New
Yorker, 1/14/02, Irish Times, 11/19/01]

Aug 24, 2001: Frustrated with lack of response from FBI
headquarters about detained suspect Zacarias Moussaoui,
the Minnesota FBI asks the CIA for help. CIA stations
are advised of Moussaoui, who is called a "suspect 747
airline suicide hijacker." Three days later an FBI
Minnesota supervisor says he is trying keep Moussaoui
from "taking control of a plane and fly it into the
WTC." [Senate Intelligence Committee, 10/17/02] FBI
headquarters chastises Minnesota FBI for notifying the
CIA. [Time, 5/21/02]

Aug 30-Sep 4, 2001: Egyptian intelligence warns US
officials bin Laden is in advanced stages of executing
a significant operation against an US target, probably
within the US. [AP, 12/7/01, NY Times, 6/4/02]

Sep 10, 2001: Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announces that
the Department of Defense "cannot track $2.3 trillion
in transactions." CBS later calculates that 25% of the
yearly defense budget is unaccounted for. A defense
budget analyst says, "The books are cooked routinely
year after year." Coverage of this shocking news is
nearly nonexistent given the events of the next day.
[DOD speech, 9/10/01, CBS, 1/29/02]

Sep 10, 2001: A particularly urgent warning may have
been received the night before the attacks, causing
some top Pentagon brass to cancel a trip. Why that same
information was not available to the 266 people who
died aboard the four hijacked commercial aircraft may
become a hot topic on the Hill." [Newsweek, 9/13/01]
Far from becoming a hot topic, the only additional
media mention of this story is in the next issue of
Newsweek: "a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly
canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently
because of security concerns." [Newsweek, 9/24/01]

Sep 11, 2001: Warren Buffett, the 2nd richest man on
Earth [BBC, 6/22/01], schedules a charity event inside
Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. A small group of
business leaders attend, including at least one who
would otherwise have been in the WTC. This fact goes
unmentioned, except for one aside by a business leader
explaining why she survived the WTC attack. [SF
Business Times, 2/1/02] Bush flies to this same base
that day. [CNN, 9/12/01]

Sep 11, 2001 (B): On Sept. 11th, Mr. Fulton and his CIA
team were running a simulation  response to a plane
striking a building." It was to start at 9:00 A.M near
Washington, DC. [AP, 8/21/02]

Sep 11, 2001 (C): Recovery experts looking at 32 hard
drives salvaged from the 9/11 WTC attacks discover a
transactions surge before and during the attacks. They
say some people may have had advance knowledge of the
attacks in order to move out amounts exceeding $100
million." [Reuters, 12/19/01]

Sep 11, 2001 (D): According to officials, the entire US
is defended by only 14 fighters at seven bases. None
are close to two obvious terrorist targets<Washington
and NY City. [Newsday, 9/23/01, Dallas Morning News,

September 11, 2001<Timeline for the Day of the Attacks
The scrambling of fighter aircraft at the first sign of
trouble is a routine phenomenon. Between September 2000
and June 2001 fighters were scrambled 67 times. [AP,
8/13/02] If a commercial plane deviates by 15 degrees,
or two miles from their assigned course, the flight
controllers will hit the panic button. It's considered
a real emergency. When golfer Payne Stewart's
incapacitated Learjet missed a turn, F-16 interceptors
were quickly dispatched." [MSNBC, 9/12/01]

(6:45 A.M.) "Approximately two hours prior to the first
attack", at least two workers at the instant messaging
company Odigo receive messages warning of the WTC
attack. This Israeli owned company has its headquarters
two blocks from the WTC. [Washington Post, 9/28/01,
Ha'aretz, 9/26/01]

8:46 A.M.  Flight 11 slams into the north tower, 1
World Trade Center. [New York Times, 9/11/02]

8:46 A.M. Three F-16's assigned to Andrews Air Force
Base 10 miles from Washington are flying a training
mission on a range in North Carolina, 207 miles away.
They are recalled to Andrews and land there only after
Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon at 9:41. [Aviation
Week and Space Technology, 9/9/02] F-16's can travel a
maximum speed of 1500 mph. These F-16's could have
returned to Washington within minutes and started
patrolling the skies well before 9:00 A.M.

(8:46 A.M.) Flight 77 from Washington goes severely off
course. [see USA Today's Flight 77 flight path]

8:52 A.M. Two F-15's take off from Otis ANG Base.
[NORAD, 9/18/01, Washington Post, 9/15/01] They go
after Flight 175. According to Maj. Gen. Paul Weaver,
director of the Air National Guard, "the pilots flew
'like a scalded ape,' topping 500 mph but were unable
to catch up to the airliner." [Dallas Morning News,
9/16/01] F-15's can travel over 1875 mph. [Air Force
News, 7/30/97]

(8:56 A.M.) According to the New York Times, by this
time (if not earlier), it is clear Flight 77 has gone
missing, yet NORAD is not notified about it for another
28 minutes! [New York Times, 10/16/01]

(9:01 A.M.) Bush later states, "I was sitting outside
the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane
hit the tower -- the TV was on." [CNN, 12/4/01, CBS,
9/11/02] There actually was no film footage of the
first attack on TV until much later and no footage of
the plane actually hitting the tower.

9:03 A.M.  Flight 175, hits the south WTC tower. [New
York Times, 9/12/01, CNN, 9/12/01]

9:24 A.M. The FAA notifies NORAD that Flight 77 "may"
have been hijacked and appears to be headed towards
Washington. [NORAD, 9/18/01, AP, 8/19/02] A Pentagon
spokesman says, "The Pentagon was simply not aware that
this aircraft was coming our way." [Newsday, 9/23/01]
Yet since at least the Flight 11 crash at 8:46,
"military officials in a command center on the east
side of the [Pentagon] were urgently talking to law
enforcement and air traffic control officials about
what to do." [New York Times, 9/15/01]

(9:27 A.M.) Tom Burnett calls his wife Deena and says,
"I'm on United Flight 93. The plane has been hijacked.
This is the first of over 30 phone calls by passengers
inside the plane. [MSNBC, 7/30/02]

(9:30 A.M.) Hijackers tell passengers on Flight 77 to
phone their families as they are "all going to die".
[Sunday Herald, 9/16/01, Cox News, 10/21/01] Why are
there almost no phone calls from this flight?

(9:32 A.M.) Secret Service agents burst into Cheney's
office, carry him under his arms, and propel him down
the steps into the White House basement and through a
long tunnel towards an underground bunker. [Washington
Post, 1/27/02, CBS, 9/11/02] Why didn't this happen to

(9:41 A.M.)  Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.
[Newsday, 9/23/01] NORAD states fighters took off from
Langley at 9:30, 129 miles away, yet when Flight 77
crashes they are still 105 miles away. [NORAD, 9/18/01]
This means they were flying at an average of about 130
mph! Even if one uses the NORAD estimated crash time of
9:37 (which we know is untrue) that still averages to
only about 205 mph!

9:59 A.M.  The south tower of the World Trade Center
collapses. [AP, 8/19/02, NY Times, 9/12/01]

10:28 A.M.  The World Trade Center's north tower
collapses. [CNN, 9/12/01, New York Times, 9/12/01]

Sep 11, 2001 (E): Only hours after the attacks, a US
"shadow government" is formed. Top Congressional
Democrats said they had never heard of it until
journalists broke the story. Top Republicans were "not
sure" if they had heard of it. [Washington Post,
3/1/02, CBS, 3/2/02]

Sep 11, 2001 (F): A National Public Radio correspondent
states: "I spoke with Congressman Ike Skelton who said
that just recently the director of the CIA warned that
there could be an attack - an imminent attack - on the
United States of this nature. So this is not entirely
unexpected." [NPR, 9/11/01]

Sep 11, 2001 (G): Sen. Orrin Hatch says the US was
monitoring bin Laden and overheard bin Laden aides
celebrating the attack: [AP, 9/12/01, ABC News,
9/12/01] Defense Sect. Rumsfeld denounces the report,
not as untrue, but as an unauthorized release of
classified information. [Department of Defense news
briefing, 9/12/01] The head of the NSA says bin Laden
"has better technology" than the US ($30 billion annual
intelligence budget). [Sunday Herald, 9/16/01] Why has
the media not explored the fact that the US  could
monitor private communications of al-Qaeda on the days
up to and including 9/11?

Sep 13-19, 2001: Members of bin Laden's family and
important Saudis are "driven or flown under FBI
supervision to a secret assembly point in Texas and
then to Washington from where they left the country on
a private charter plane when airports reopened three
days after the attacks." The flights to Texas and
Washington occur before the national air ban is lifted.
[New York Times, 9/30/01]

Sep 14, 2001: The two "black boxes" for Flight 77 are
found. [PBS Newshour, 9/14/01] FBI Director Mueller
will later say that the voice recorder contained
"nothing useful." [CBS, 2/23/02]

Sep 15-17, 2001: Two articles suggest that five to
seven of the 9/11 hijackers may have had training at
secure US military installations. [New York Times,
9/15/01, Newsweek, 9/15/01]

Sep 17, 2001: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who claims
to have made many secret trips into Afghanistan,
describes to Congress a missed opportunity to capture
bin Laden. He concludes "that our intelligence services
knew about the location of bin Laden several times but
were not permitted to attack him... because of
decisions made by people higher up." [Speech to the
House of Representatives, 9/17/01]

Oct 2, 2001: The Patriot Act is introduced in Congress.
One day later, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle says
he doubts Senate will take up this bill in the
timetable the administration wants. [Washington Post,
10/3/01] On October 4, Senate Judiciary Committee
Chairman Patrick Leahy (D) accuses the Bush
administration of reneging on an agreement on the
anti-terrorist bill. [Washington Post, 10/4/01] Anthrax
letters are sent to Daschle and Leahy on October 9.
[South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 12/01]

Oct 4, 2001: The first case of anthrax infection
appears in the media. After many false alarms, it turns
out that only four letters contain real anthrax. They
are sent to NBC, New York Post, Democratic Senator
Daschle and Democratic Senator Leahy. [South Florida
Sun-Sentinel, 12/01]

Oct 10-11, 2001: The FBI allows the original batch of
the Ames strain of anthrax to be destroyed. Suspicions
that the anthrax used in the letters was the Ames
strain are confirmed on October 17. [New York Times,
11/9/01, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 12/01]

Nov 16, 2001<Mar 25, 2002: At least 12 renowned
microbiologists die. Most of them are killed or
murdered under unusual circumstances.Among them were
world leaders in developing biological plagues and
experts in the theory of bioterrorism. [Globe and Mail,
5/4/02] Nov. 16: Dr. Don Wiley, 57. "Wiley is one of
the world's leading researchers of deadly viruses."
[CNN, 12/22/01, Fox News, 11/24/01] Nov 21: world-class
microbiologist Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, 64. [London
Times, 11/30/01, New York Times, 11/23/01] Dec 10:Dr.
Robert Schwartz, 57, worked on DNA sequencing and
pathogenic microorganisms. [Washington Post, 12/12/01]
Dec 14: Nguyen Van Set, 44, dies in an airlock filled
with nitrogen in his lab. [Sydney Morning Herald,
12/12/01] Jan 2002: Ivan Glebov and Alexi Brushlinski.
Both were "well known around the world" and members of
the Russian Academy of Science. [Pravda, 2/9/02] Feb 9:
Victor Korshunov, 56, was the head of the microbiology
sub-faculty at the Russian State Medical University.
[Pravda, 2/9/02] Feb 11: Dr. Ian Langford, 40, one of
Europe's leading experts on environmental risk."
[London Times, 2/13/02] Feb 28: Two in San Francisco:
Tanya Holzmayer, 46, and Guyang Huang, 38, both highly
regarded in genetics. [San Jose Mercury News, 2/28/02]
Mar 24: David Wynn-Williams, 55, an astrobiologist with
NASA Ames Research Center. [London Times, 3/27/02] Mar
25: Steven Mostow, 63, was known for his expertise in
bioterrorism. [KUSA TV, 3/26/02]

Nov 20, 2001: Five Israelis arrested on 9/11 for
videotaping the WTC attack and then cheering about it
[Bergen Record, 9/12/01, Ha'aretz, 9/17/01, ABC News,
6/21/02] are released and return to Israel. Some of the
men's names appeared in a US national intelligence
database. They were released as part of a deal between
the US and the Israel government. [Forward, 3/15/02,
ABC News, 6/21/02]

Nov 21, 2001: Opium farmers rejoice at the defeat of
the taliban. Massive opium planting is underway all
across Afghanistan. [Independent, 11/21/01] The
Observer states that farmers are being encouraged by
warlords to plant "as much opium as possible."
[Observer, 11/25/01]

Dec 22, 2001: Afghani Prime Minister Hamid Karzai takes
power in Afghanistan. He once consulted for Unocal and
was Deputy Foreign Minister for the Taliban. [Le Monde,
12/13/01, CNN, 12/22/01]

Dec 25, 2001: Leading structural engineers and
fire-safety experts believe the investigation into the
collapse of the WTC is "inadequate." The note that the
current team of 20 or so investigators has inadequate
financial and staff support, has been prevented from
interviewing witnesses and from examining the disaster
site. They couldn't even get detailed blueprints of the
WTC. The decision to rapidly recycle the steel beams
and from the WTC means definitive answers may never be
known. [NY Times, 12/25/01]

Jan 1, 2002: Zalamy Khalilzad is appointed by Bush as a
special envoy to Afghanistan. [BBC, 1/1/02]  Khalilzad,
a former consultant of Unocal, took part in
negotiations with the Taliban to build a pipeline
through Afghanistan. [Independent, 1/10/02]

Jan 4, 2002: A firefighter trade magazine with ties to
the New York Fire Department calls the investigation
into the collapse of the WTC a "half-baked farce." It
concludes that a growing number of fire protection
engineers have theorized that "the structural damage
from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel
were not enough to bring down the towers." [NY Daily
News, 1/4/02, Fire Engineering, 1/02]

Jan 24, 2002: Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle later
claims that on this day Cheney calls him and urges that
no 9/11 inquiry be made. He is repeatedly pressured
thereafter. [Newsweek, 2/4/02]

Feb 6, 2002: CIA Director Tenet tells a Senate hearing
that there was no 9/11 intelligence failure. When asked
about the CIA on 9/11, he says, "We are proud of that
record." He also states that the 9/11 plot was "in the
heads of three or four people" and thus nearly
impossible to prevent. [USA Today, 2/7/02]

Feb 14, 2002: Looking at the map of the big American
bases created in the Afghan war, one is struck that
they are completely identical to the route of the
projected oil pipeline. [Chicago Tribune, 3/18/02]

Feb 20, 2002: The Pentagon announces the new Office of
Strategic Influence (OSI) whose role is to plant false
stories in the foreign press and other covert
activities to manipulate public opinion. The
controversial office is closed six days later. [CNN,
2/20/02, CNN, 2/26/02] It is later reported that the
"temporary" Office of Global Communications will be
made permanent. This office seems to serve the same
function as the OSI, minus the covert manipulation.
[Washington Post, 7/30/02]

Feb 21, 2002: The UN detects massive opium planting
that had mostly stopped under the Taliban. The
estimated opium harvest in Afghanistan in June 2002
will reach a record 4500 metric tons. Afghanistan
supplies 75% of the world's heroin. [Financial Times,
2/18/02] [Guardian, 2/21/02]

Mar 2, 2002: Building 7 near the WTC collapsed on 9/11
even though it was farther away than many other
buildings that remained standing. It was the first time
a steel-reinforced high-rise in the US had ever
collapsed in a fire. [New York Times, 3/2/02, Dow Jones
News, 9/10/02] Building 7 was where the SEC was storing
files related to numerous Wall Street investigations.
All the files for approximately 3,000 to 4,000 SEC
cases were destroyed. [National Law Journal, 9/17/01]
Lost files include documents that could show the
relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom
bankruptcy. [The Street, 8/9/02]

Mar 13, 2002: Bush says of bin Laden: "He's a person
who's now been marginalized. I just don't spend that
much time on him. I truly am not that concerned about
him." "I am deeply concerned about Iraq." [White House,
3/13/02] On April 6, Joint Chief of Staff Chairman
Myers states: "the goal has never been to get bin
Laden." [Department of Defense, 4/6/02]

Apr 19, 2002: FBI Director Mueller states: "We have not
uncovered a single piece of paper that mentioned any
aspect of the September 11 plot." He also claims that
"investigators have found no computers or laptops used
by the hijackers." [FBI speech transcript, 4/19/02, Los
Angeles Times, 4/22/02] "A senior FBI official says
investigators have obtained hundreds of e-mails
reflecting discussions of the planned Sept. 11
hijackings." [Wall Street Journal, 10/16/01] Many
e-mails coordinating their plans written by the
hijackers in internet cafes have been recovered by
investigators. [USA Today, 10/1/01]

May 8, 2002: FBI Director Mueller: "there was nothing
the agency could have done to anticipate and prevent
the [9/11] attacks." [Senate Intelligence Committee,

May 15, 2002: CBS Evening News reveals that Bush had
been warned about al-Qaeda domestic attacks in Aug
2001. Bush had repeatedly said that he had "no warning"
of any kind. White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer
states unequivocally that while Bush had been warned of
possible hijackings, "The president did not - not -
receive information about the use of airplanes as
missiles by suicide bombers." [New York Times, 5/16/02,
Washington Post, 5/16/02] "The [Aug] memo left little
doubt that the hijacked airliners were intended for use
as missiles and that intended targets were to be inside
the US." [Guardian, 5/19/02]

May 17, 2002: Dan Rather tells the BBC that he and
other journalists haven't been properly investigating
since 9/11. [Guardian, 5/17/02]

May 21, 2002: Minnesota FBI agent Coleen Rowley, upset
with lying from FBI Director Mueller and others in FBI,
makes public a long memo on the topic (memo here Time,
5/21/02). Time magazine calls the memo a "colossal
indictment of our chief law-enforcement agency." [Time,
5/27/02] Time magazine later names Rowley one of three
"Persons of the Year" for 2002. [Time, 12/22/02, Time,

May 23, 2002: President Bush says he is opposed to
establishing a special, independent commission to probe
how the government dealt with terror warnings before
9/11. [CBS, 5/23/02]

May 30, 2002: FBI Agent Robert Wright formally accuses
the FBI of deliberately curtailing investigations that
might have prevented 9/11. Wright is under threat of
retribution should he talk to members of Congress about
what he knows. [Fox News, 5/30/02] He also alleges that
for years the US was training Hamas terrorists to make
car bombs to use against Israel. [LA Weekly, 8/2/02]

July 23, 2002: The New York City government decides
that the audio and written records of the Fire
Department's actions on 9/11 should never be released.
The New York Times has been trying to get the
materials, which include firsthand accounts by scores
of firefighters and chiefs. [NY Times, 7/23/02]

Aug 11, 2002: The renewed production of heroin is a
blow to the effort to stop drug production Afghanistan.
The Observer learned the location of six heroin
refineries, some of them operating in broad daylight.
[Observer, 8/11/02]

Aug 15, 2002: Rena Golden, the executive vice-president
and general manager of CNN International, claims that
the press has censored itself over 9/11 and the
Afghanistan war. "Anyone who claims the US media didn't
censor itself is kidding you. [Press Gazette, 8/15/02]

Aug 29, 2002: German authorities charge a Moroccan man
with complicity in the 9/11 attacks. He is only the
second person in the world to be charged with any crime
related to the 9/11 attacks. [AFP, 8/29/02]

Sep 11, 2002: On the first anniversary of the 9/11
attacks, The New York Times writes, "One year later,
the public knows less about the circumstances of 2,801
deaths at the foot of Manhattan in broad daylight than
people in 1912 knew within weeks about the Titanic."
The former police commissioner of Philadelphia says:
"You can hardly point to a cataclysmic event in our
history when a blue-ribbon panel did not set out to
establish the facts and suggest reforms. That has not
happened here." [NY Times, 9/11/02]

Oct 5, 2002: Congressional investigators say the
F.B.I.'s efforts to block their inquiry makes them
skeptical of FBI assertions. They also say the Justice
Department has joined the F.B.I. in fighting the
Congressional requests for information. [New York
Times, 10/5/02]

Oct 17, 2002: The directors of the US's three most
famous intelligence agencies, the CIA, FBI and NSA,
testify before a Congressional inquiry on 9/11. All
three say no individual at their agencies has been
punished or fired for any of missteps connected to
9/11. [Washington Post, 10/18/02]

Oct 21, 2002: No more than 6 of the 19 hijackers were
interviewed by US officials before being granted visas.
This contradicts the State Dept's claim that 12 had
been interviewed. Of 15 hijackers whose applications
could be found, none filled in the documents properly.
[Washington Post, 10/22/02] In December 2002, two
senators report "if State Department personnel had
merely followed the law in Saudi Arabia, 9/11 would not
have happened." [AP, 12/18/02]

Oct 27, 2002: A leaked report from Defense Secretary
Rumsfeld's influential Defense Science Board 2002
recommends creation of an intelligence body which would
launch secret operations aimed at 'stimulating
reactions' among terrorists, for instance, prodding
terrorist cells into action, thus exposing themselves
to 'quick-response' attacks by US forces." [Los Angeles
Times, 10/27/02, Asia Times, 11/5/02]

Nov 27, 2002: Bush names Henry Kissinger as Chairman of
the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks. [New York
Times, 11/28/02] Kissinger has a very controversial
past. "Documents released by the CIA strengthen
suspicions that Kissinger was actively involved in a
covert plan involving six Latin American countries to
assassinate thousands of political opponents." He is
also famous for an "obsession with secrecy." [BBC,
4/26/02] "Indeed, it is tempting to wonder if the
choice of Mr. Kissinger is not a clever maneuver by the
White House to contain an investigation it long
opposed." [NY Times, 11/29/02]

Dec 11, 2002: A Senate Committee investigating the
performance of government agencies before the 9/11
attacks releases its final report. The committee
criticizes the Bush administration, the FBI, and the
CIA. [ABC, 12/10/02] Several senators express
frustration that information that should be released is
being kept classified by the Bush administration. [St.
Petersburg Times, 12/12/02] Sen. Shelby says that CIA
Director Tenet should resign. "There have been more
failures on his watch than any CIA director in
history." [Reuters, 12/10/02, PBS Newshour, 12/11/02]

Dec 12, 2002: Of over 800 people rounded up since 9/11,
"only 10 have been linked to the hijackings" and
"probably will turn out to be innocent." [Newsweek,
10/29/02] Though many were held for months, "the vast
majority were never charged with anything other than
overstaying a visa." [NY Times, 7/11/02]

Dec 13, 2002: Kissinger resigns as head of the new 9/11
investigation rather than reveal his clients.[AP,
12/13/02, ABC, 12/13/02 MSNBC, 12/13/02] Kissinger has
been a consultant for Unocal and was involved in plans
to build pipelines through Afghanistan. [Washington
Post, 10/5/98] Kissinger claimed he did no current work
for any oil companies or Mideast clients, but several
corporations with heavy investments in Saudi Arabia pay
him consulting fees of at least $250,000 a year.
[Newsweek, 12/15/02]

Dec 16, 2002: Bush names Thomas Kean chairman after
Kissinger resigns. [Washington Post, 12/17/02] Kean
promises an aggressive investigation. [AP, 12/17/02] He
plans to devote one day a week to the commission.
[Washington Post, 12/17/02]


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