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Richard Moore

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Webster Tarpley <> wrote:

A grand slam -- a surprise fourth broadcast of the landmark Alex Jones Los 
Angeles 9/11 panel will take place on Tuesday, August 1 at 6:10 PM Eastern 
Daylight Time (Washington-New York time).

This telecast can be seen worldwide over the internet as a video stream over the
internet at



Let us mobilize to organize the biggest audience ever by an incessant and 
sustained intervention in radio and television call-in talk shows, by blast 
emails, by direct personal contact alerts, by public signs, leaflets, and by 
every other means at our disposal.

Let us overwhelm Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Jerry Doyle, Glenn Beck, and the other 
fascist parrots of the airwaves with the announcement of the Tuesday broadcast. 
Let us confront Ed Shultz and the other Air America gatekeepers with  reality of
the Tuesday show. Please do the same in the rest of the world.

We have 48 hours to do this vital world-historical work.

Any self-styled 9/11 web site which should fail to publicize and support this 
event will never again enjoy the confidence of the 9/11 truth movement. Quite a 
few need to redeem their inexplicable silence over this past weekend.

It would appear that a faction of the ruling class may actually desire to turn 
back from the catastrophic abyss of thermonculear World War III -- let us 
exploit this opportunity with all our energy. The official 9/11 Big Lie is 
collapsing around the ears of Bush, Cheney, the necons, and the invisibles who 
run them.

The worldwide 9/11 truth movement is in the ascendant -- now let us drive the 
neocon fascist madmen from public life once and for all. The impeachment of 
Bush-Cheney & Co. for their 9/11 crimes has never been closer.

Webster G. Tarpley

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