Adrian Salbuchi:”Arab Spring”: Spontaneous or US-NATO Sponsored Psy Op?


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“Arab Spring”: Spontaneous Popular Uprising or US-NATO Sponsored Psy Op?

Global Research, November 24, 2011

“Arab Springs” are not as spontaneous as the Western mainstream media would have us believe. 

Their behind-the-scenes instigators always get “a little help from their Global Power Elite mega-planning friends…” 

Isn’t it rather odd that after long decades of slumber, starting in early 2011 millions upon millions of Arabs throughout North Africa and the Middle East suddenly woke up, took to the streets, violently clashed with police and security forces, overthrew their governments and in one instance – Libya – managed to deliver their country to a perverse alliance of foreign terrorists, local thugs, CIA operatives and NATO bombers, eventually murdering their own exceptional leader, Muammar Gaddafi, live on global TV? Question: just how spontaneous are these major social convulsions that lead to revolution, chaos, battles on streets and squares, thousands dead and injured, and the violent overthrow of entire governments? To a certain degree they are, no doubt, spontaneous: people are growing weary of their national governments’ growing inability to resolve vital collective problems.

In fact, a survey of public opinion in any country in the world will show that, on average, half the population rejects their on-going governments, and even their entire political classes. The more lucid and aware see them all as mere puppets subordinated to Money Power elites in one form or another: whether banking cartels, oil and mining companies, media moguls, domestic and foreign lobbies, or a wide array of war-mongers. Because it’s not just the streets of Cairo, Tripoli, Damascus or Benghazi that are in turmoil, but also the streets of New York, London, Oakland, Madrid, Athens and Rome. Uncannily, the standard image of social violence is the same everywhere: disgruntled, exasperated, impoverished protesters clashing with police and security forces: sad scenes of the poor fighting the poor… whilst one can imagine mega-bankers looking down from their 50th floor boardrooms, sipping their whisky and laughing at the scene down there…

What is different, then, about today’s optimistic sounding “Arab Spring”? Basically, that ready-to-happen civil commotions and popular uprisings are purposely and maliciously being triggered by well-trained, well-financed, well-supported foreign and domestic agitators and agents, who have vested interests in destabilizing countries in that region to promote their own agendas, totally unrelated to the National Interest of the locals. They have a very different axe to grind, aligned to the interests of specific foreign powers – notably the US, UK, Israel, France, EU countries and their regional pawns in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait – where the Global Power Elite is embedded.

In fact, this is a whole new form of waging war based on PsyWar (psychological warfare), where the mainstream global media become veritable weapons of mass mental destruction of people’s ability to see and understand what is really being done to them. As with all wars, its objective is conquest and control of entire countries and regions.

Modern war is waged by powerful nations on five different overlapping, holistic levels of aggression against weaker, appetizing countries, ranging from stark naked aggression to subtle subversion:

1. Military Invasion – Allows direct control by fully overthrowing and overpowering the target nation. It has one major drawback: it looks really bad on the evening news. Today, this applies to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine; Libya is a moving target…

2. Military Coup – Identifies and supports domestic military/civilian allies and traitors willing to support a foreign power against their own people. Latin America saw US-backed coups in the 60’s and 70’s in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina… Now we seem to be seeing this in Egypt.

3. Financial Coup – Banking cartels corner any government they please to do “the Global Power Elite’s bidding or else..!” Examples: Argentina’s 2001/2 collapse, preceded by Mexico (1997), Russia (1998), Brazil (1999). Today: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland… Instead of tanks, they use the IMF, World Bank, US Treasury, ECB…

4. Political Coup – Flexibly uses combinations of “crises” to impose unelected governments such as Trilateralists Mario Monti in Italy, and Lucas Papademos in Greece…

5. Social Coup – Today’s PsyWar. First you map out internal social grievances and woes, strife and ancestral hatreds, then you pin the fault on a suitable scapegoat/patsy, then you support and arm domestic and foreign agitators and “freedom fighters”, ensuring that the Western Media clearly tell the world who are the “good guys” and who the “bad guys”. Today, the “Arab Spring”. Tomorrow, maybe we’ll see “Latin American Springs” or “South East Asian Springs…” or “Former Soviet Republics Springs…” Many countries today fit one of these categories and/or a combination of several of them, escalating to/descending from one to another. Egypt began as a “Category 5” and escalated to a “Category 2”. Libya also began as a “Category 5” and was bombed into a veritable “Category 1”.

Macro-management by the Global Power Elite is governed by their specific goals and interests in each country, because they still need a strong US, a nuclear Israel and a stable Germany, but they definitely do not want a strong Russia and China, a nuclear Iran and a stable Latin America… Like Hurricane Watches in the Caribbean, maybe we should start mapping out Political Regime Change Watches on a regional, even global, basis. It would certainly help in tracking the dark clouds of war, death and destruction that are gathering. 

Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in