A quick look at U.S. military involvement in Africa

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U.S. quietly positioning itself as a force in Africa

Using a blend of drones, Special Operations Forces and proxy soldiers, the U.S. has rapidly, but quietly escalated its foothold in Africa to fight what it claims to be a growing security threat. Critics question U.S. motives, citing oil and China as the true targets.


The U.S. says it has assumed its military posture in Africa to combat what it claims to be a growing and multifaceted security threat.

But critics argue that the real goal is oil and to stem the influence of China in the region. The U.S. gets more oil from Africa than the Middle East, and China gets nearly 1/3 of its oil from Africa.

“West Africa is expected to be one of the fastest-growing sources of oil and gas for the American market.” – Dick Cheney.

The African ‘Star Wars’ – It is the Pentagon’s Africom versus China’s web of investments – the ultimate prize: Africa’s natural resources.