A Jazeera a BBC propaganda channel?


Richard Moore

someone's claims...judge for yourself...


From: "Dstacey" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: 911: How it works......
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 09:53:07 -0400

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1. In case you didn't know, Saddam's Super Gun was not aimed at Israel. It was 
designed to launch a geo-synchronous communications sattellie for Saddam to 
broadcast to the entire Middle East.

2. Al Jazeera was set up by BBC specialists (and MI6), with the former British 
Colony Qatar. The BBC sold its 50% stake to Saddam in the 1990s - and apparently
got it back after the invasion ...

3. Al Jazeera's HQ is on The Embankment right between the UK Foreign Office and 
BUSH House where BBC Radio 4 "World Service" global broadcasts are produced by 
the Gov't propaganda team(s including but not limited to sending encoded 
messages to field operators). Hence - Al Jzeera, from inception, is riddled with
deep cover 'humints', easily on a par with Valerie Plame as head of the WMD CIA 
unit stateside.

4. When Dubya (dumbly and probably unwittingly) blurted he was going to bomb 
said Al Jazeera, IN PUBLIC AND ON-THE-RECORD, Tony and the 'bankster boys' were 
terrified - had to straighten him out ... double-quick!

5. HINT. Jack Blood traced the uploading of the Daniel Berg so-called 
'be-heading' video (complete with US issue flak-jackets and small-arms worn by 
the be-sheeted 'al Qaeda members' in the background) from a huge Saudi Business 
Group loacted on Regent St, London ... just up the road from ... Al Jazeera's 
HQ). Then Al JAzeera just happened to 'find' and re-broadcast it ... to 
'recruit' / locate potential 'wanna be' disaffected al Qaeda patsy cannon-fodder

6. Al Qaeda 'tourist network' is A US DOJ/CIA/FBI CONstruct - spawned by the 
first WTC bombing with the explosives supplied by under-cover 'intelligence' ...
and the dead patsies in the London 7/7 job appear to have been similarly 
recruited and probably thought they were part of the drill on the day.

Simple and very dirty ...

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