911: Shaped Charges and the WTC Collapses


Richard Moore

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Shaped Charges and the
World Trade Center Collapses

Here's what demolition experts use in steel framed buildings, the linear shaped 
charge ... It generates around 3,000,000 psi pressure ... at a speed in excess 
of 27,000 feet per second ... There are over 1000 different types of explosive 
... With the use of delays we can control ... where the debris lands ... 
vibration ... noise level.

WMV video download (680kB)

The job of a shaped charge is to cut steel H-beams. "The way we do this is by 
cutting the beam at an angle which through a series of beams cut at the same 
angle will tend to make the building shift over and 'walk'"

WMV video download (670kB)

[photos of WTC beams cut at perfect angles]

If a "progressive collapse" is required the beams are cut at opposite angles:

The "progressive collapse" of WTC 1.
WMV video download (144kB)

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