911: new website has hundreds of eyewitness statements


Richard Moore

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Subject: WSJ Pulitzer Prize-winner - Eyewitness report

Astonishing new website, <http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/> 

It contained 40 excerpts from comments made by various government and military 

Last night, a new section was unveiled on this website that contains statements 
made by more than one hundred 9/11 survivors and family members.

and read the testimonials from some very credible individuals.

Here's a sample...

John Bussey is the Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Wall Street Journal...

He was in his office across the street from the WTC during both airplane 
impacts.  His office building was severely damaged in the collapse and he was 
forced to evacuate.

Article, Wall Street Journal, 9/12/01:

"By the time I'd gotten to the ninth floor of the Journal's building and taken a
position at a window in the northeast corner, diagonally across an intersection 
from the World Trade Center, the conflagration was well underway. ...

"I called our partner, CNBC, the business news television service, and began 
reporting the scene from inside our offices, beneath the burning structure. Then
suddenly -- as suddenly as the first explosion -- I saw the second tower erupt 
in flame, sending more debris crashing southward. This time, the television 
cameras, located in midtown Manhattan and pointed south, caught the image of a 
commercial jet veering into the second tower [South Tower]. ...

Off the phone, and collecting my thoughts for the next report, I heard metallic 
crashes and looked up out of the office window to see what seemed like perfectly
synchronized explosions coming from each floor, spewing glass and metal outward.
One after the other, from top to bottom, with a fraction of a second between, 
the floors blew to pieces. It was the building apparently collapsing in on 
itself, pancaking to the earth."


Editor's note: Despite hundreds of eyewitness reports of explosions throughout 
the Twin Towers by doomed victims, survivors, emergency service personnel, 
reporters, and bystanders, the 9/11 Commission Report contains virtually no 
mention of them and entirely ignores them in its conclusions.  Graeme MacQueen's
analysis of oral histories of 9/11 taken from 503 FDNY survivors reveals more 
than 100 FDNY personnel reported explosions in the Twin Towers.

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