9/11 : new evidence of WTC demolition


Richard Moore

    "It's a massive cover-up. We all know it," added Isaac.


Former NY Aux. Fire and Policeman Uncovers Transit Authority 
Tapes Showing 'Heavy Smoke Condition' Below WTC On 9/11

More evidence now surfaces indicating explosions rocked the 
WTC and a pre-planned controlled demolition.

9 Oct 2005

By Greg Szymanski

More 9/11 evidence has surfaced indicating explosions rocked
the North Tower prior to the jetliner striking the top floors,
again showing the official government story is nothing more
than a pack of lies.

Transit Authority conversations between motormen and
dispatchers reveal a "heavy smoke situation" on transit line's
1 and 9 adjacent to and in the sublevel basement area near the
North Tower just minutes before the jetliner strike.

The obscure tapes, unknown until recently discovered in
official transit authority transcripts and released in the
Transit Authority News, adds further credibility to the
numerous eye-witness claiming to have heard explosions rock
the North Tower prior to the jetliner strike.

The conversations between subway worker's came to light after
avid 9/11 researcher and former auxiliary fireman perused
through transit authority records after listening to the same
conversations he taped himself on the morning of 9/11.

"I'm an emergency communications buff and have kept many tapes
of what what was going on the morning of 9/11," said Isaac
this week in a conversation from his home in Brooklyn. "I have
on tape the motormen talking to the dispatchers about a heavy
smoke condition between building 5 and 6 right next to the
North Tower.

"This occurred a minute before the plane hit the tower on the
1 and 9 lines that were running below the mezzanine levels
between sub level one and two."

Isaac, who has compiled an enormous amount of research
contradicting the official  story, said his tapes were
verified by the official transit authority transcripts he
recently uncovered.

"This adds more credibility to William Rodriguez's statements
that her heard explosions in the basement," said Isaac about
the WTC head maintenance man who has tried for years to get
people to listen to his eye-witness accounts, corroborated by
at least 20 other people in the North Tower who also heard the
same massive explosions.

Rodriguez, the last man out of the WTC and declared a national
hero for saving hundreds of lives, has had his damaging
testimony censored by both the cowardly American press as well
as the 9/11 Commission.

Besides Rodriguez, the commission and the press have never
reported on at least 20 other eye-witnesses who verify the
head maintenance man's statements. And now comes the "heavy
smoke' reports on the transit authority tapes, also ignored by
the lapdogs in media and the 9/11 Commission.

Further, the testimony of a man by the name of Felipe David,
severely burned in the basement from the underground
explosions, has also been suppressed by all parties, including
the 9/11 Commission and the unscrupulous media.

"It's a massive cover-up. We all know it," added Isaac.

To illustrate the massive cover-up and to the extent in which
former 9/11 commissioners are still lying to the public,
recently on September 10, commissioner and former congressman
Tim Roemer refused to confront Rodriguez or answer his
questions after a victim's and family meeting held at the
Marriot Hotel in New York.

Roemer, who spoke to family members, told a heart breaking
story how just after 9/11, a women who lost her husband, put
his wedding ring on his desk, demanding the truth be uncovered
since the only thing the widow had left of her husband's after
the tragedy was his finger in the ring.

Roemer, like a typical lying politician, told the families
after that incident he vowed to get the truth behind who
caused 9/11.

However, as quick as the tear jerking wedding story ended,
Roemer forgot about his vow to get at the truth as he ran from
the Marriot like a scared rabbit when confronted by Rodriguez
and asked why his statements have been kept out of the final
9/11 report and from the most of the American people.

"You see, they still will not deal with the truth, but for the
memory of all those who died, I will never stop telling it,"
said Rodriguez after he tried to confront Roemer.

Besides the explosions rocking the WTC basement, Isaac said he
has uncovered another little known fact, which also may show
the WTC was a pre-planned, staged demolition.

Isaac, a man with a knack of digging a little deeper than most
about 9/11, said two large 400 foot tall empty WW II fuel
reserve tanks, standing side by side, were brought down in a
controlled demolition in East Williamsburg (Brooklyn) on July
15, 2001, at 7:02am.

"I found out the same company, CDI, who had the clean-up
contract at Oklahoma City and with the WTC, brought down the
water tanks for no apparent reason and despite complaints from
the neighborhood who tried in vain to stop the demolition,"
said Isaac, adding the site still remains vacant and a reason
for the demolition was never given by local or company

"I think it might have been a dry run for 9/11. Perhaps they
were trying to see the tilt and how the top 400 feet of the
towers would fall in place. There has been no plans to put
anything on the property or any valid explanation  why they
were taken down.

"But I do know the company who owned the tanks, Keyspan
Maspeth, acquired a minor league baseball team called the
Brooklyn Cyclones right around the same time. There may or may
not be a connection, but it is suspicious and should be
investigated further."

Isaac's investigations into terrorism have long been a thorn
in the side of New York officials, including former Mayor Rudi
Giuliani. The former auxiliary fireman and police man said he
sent a personal correspondence a year prior to 9/11, urging
the city to beeter prepare for terrorist activity as he felt
the city's resources remained vunerable

Isaac also was relieved of his duties, for conduct unbecoming
an auxiliary police officer, after being alerted by a bus
passenger on July 27, 2000, and responding to a bomb threat on
a New York City bus.

After given clearance by NYPD, Isaac and his partner blocked
heavy city traffic by 53rd Street and Madison Ave. and then a
man with a brief case was apprehended. He claims, however, the
only result of the apprehension was his suspension as he never
found out what happened to the suspect on the bus or the
contents of the brief case.

"It was very strange why I was suspended and I never found out
what was in the briefcase," said Isaac.

It seems Isaac almost always is in the middle of controversy
as on the recent fourt anniversary of 9/11, he was involved in
a confrontation with 9/11 protestors who set up their protest
on the sidewalk in front of Ground Zero in the midst of the
reading of the names of those who perished.

Isaac, who believes with his heart in the 9/11 truth movement,
tried to convince protestors it was neither the time or place
to create a controversy, especially on a morning which is set
aside solely to remember those who dies without having
politics getting in the way.

"If it was any other day, I would be right out there
protesting with them. I would even do it front of the fire
station. But on the morning of 9/11, when the families are
mourning their loved ones, it just wasn't the right time,"
said Isaac, adding he was also tring to protect the protestors
fro violence since many in the crowd seemed to be almost
provoked into raising fists.

"This type of protest has a way of discrediting the 9/11 truth
movement and maybe that was their intentions. I just don't
know. But I do know that the same people who were protesting,
misquoted and totally printed things I didn't say on their web

"If you read the Village Voice who covered what happened the
next day, it was totally different then what appeared on the
Wing TV web site. What they did wasn't right on the 4th
anniversary of 9/11 and what they wrote about me isn't what I

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