911: Media are frightened to death


Richard Moore

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The CORPORATE MEDIA have launched a desperate attempt to eliminate all 
Just watch how they are trying frantically to GET ROSIE O¹DONNELL FIRED from 
ABC¹s The View. Also think back to when the media launched a broad based attack 
against the character of Charlie Sheen for daring to publicly question the 
official story of 9/11. Rosie, however, is a much greater problem for the 
criminals in the media. She is on a daily network TV program with a large 
audience that doesn¹t even know that questions and disturbing facts about 9/11 

Let¹s understand one thing: the 9/11 truth movement is doing nothing but 
growing. People who have been exposed to the actual evidence and understand the 
ramifications of what it reveals are not waking up one morning and suddenly 
deciding that they believe the official story. The dynamic works like this: 
those who are not aware of the evidence believe the official story. Once they 
start poking around they realize that the official story about the attacks could
not possibly be true, and they discover the plethora of evidence that was hidden
and misrepresented by the Bush administration, the 9/11 Commission and the 
corporate media. 9/11 truthers are not suddenly coming across new information 
that causes them to suddenly believe the official story. It¹s a one way flow. 
The evidence speaks for itself.

Could that last statement possibly explain why the media are trying so 
desperately to quash any discussion about 9/11 or destroy the credibility of 
anyone who dares to try to raise the topic? You can bet that it is! But there is
another angle here as well. The media are no longer trying to protect the 
insiders of the Bush administration whose involvement in the events and cover up
of the evidence is implicated by so much that has been uncovered. This time 
around they are protecting themselves. Let¹s be real here. With every day a liar
continues to lie it becomes more difficult to undo, explain, correct or justify 
that lie. This is the position in which the corporate media find themselves 
right now.

The events of 9/11 pose a unique problem for the criminal corporate media. For 
generations, the media have kept Americans in the dark about topics like war, 
taxation, the monetary system, America¹s involvement in atrocities in the world,
domestic assassinations, science, health, and our environment. Yet, 9/11 is a 
topic that hits home like no other. Understand that this is not theory, this is 

We have to understand that the media have ³protected the people² from the truth 
about many events over the years. I demonstrate this very clearly in a 
presentation that I give to live audiences. You can get some insight into media 
deception by perusing TvNewsLIES.org, but my lecture leaves no doubt in people¹s
minds that the media lie to them via distortions, distractions delusions and 
omissions. But even more important, they discover that the media are controlled 
by a single source. I don¹t just tell people this, I show them the proof so they
see it if for themselves. It¹s right there, all the time and once you know what 
to look for you see it.

If anyone cares to call me out on this, all they have to do is invite me to give
my presentation and provide an unrestricted question and answer session. Those 
who hear me will see the world in a different light; I promise you. That aside, 
my point here is that exposing the deceptions surrounding an issue such as the 
FEDERAL RESERVE to the American public would probably not provoke a huge amount 
of anger and outrage. I say that despite the fact that this topic involves 
perhaps the biggest conspiracy in the history of this country, and one that 
affects us all.

On the contrary, I can just imagine the horror and rage if the general public 
were to learn that the events of 9/11 had been actually carried out by rogue 
elements operating within our government, with outside cooperation (can you say 
LARRY SILVERSTEIN?).The tragedy of 9/11 was personal. It was a vivid, 
calculated, murderous assault on Americans. Hindsight allows us to realize that 
9/11 was the Bush administration¹s first ³shock and awe² campaign. It is easy to
understand that. We all felt the pain and horror of that day, and many of us 
have lived ever since with 9/11 hanging over our heads and in our hearts, and we
have seen those events eclipse our Constitution and democracy. Because of this, 
we have been easily emotionally manipulated and motivated ever since the attacks
by the criminal corporate media. That is probably one of the most difficult 
realities to confront in all of this. Just think about the reactions of the 
newly awakened 9/11 truthers when they start to absorb the voluminous evidence 
that the criminal corporate media has hidden from them for all these years!

Have you ever seen the movie Cape Fear? In the film, Max Cady is a criminal who 
is released after a long prison term. While Cady was in prison he teaches 
himself law, using the prison library. While in prison Max discovers that his 
lawyer had been in possession of evidence that might have affected the outcome 
of the trial. However, the lawyer had not disclosed any of it to either Cady or 
the jury. He did not allow the jury to see evidence that might have led them to 
conclude that Cady did not commit the crime of which he was accused. For those 
of you who saw the movie, you know how angry Cady was when he got out of jail. 
And you also know that Cady¹s vengeance is taken out on his lawyer, not on the 
jury that actually put him in jail.

Let me suggest that in the theoretical Case of 9/11, you, the American people, 
are very much like the members of the jury, just as and the criminal corporate 
media parallel the lawyer in the film. In a sense, as you will see a bit later, 
you also become one of the condemned defendants in the case of 9/11. In 
attempting to influence the jury as they try to determine what happened on 9/11,
the criminal corporate media, like Cady¹s lawyer, withheld EVIDENCE from you, 
the jury. Based on the cherry-picked evidence selected and presented to you, you
were intentionally misled to draw prescribed conclusions related to the case. As
a result, you easily found the defendant guilty. As a matter of fact the media 
in this case made sure that you pre-convicted the prescribed accused before they
even presented any evidence to you.

But what you did not know when you reached your verdict was that you had not 
been allowed to see a massive amount of available evidence. The intent of the 
lawyer was to ensure a conviction, not to expose the truth. For example, in this
predetermined trial, among so much more, you were never told about:

* A large ORGANIZED GROUP OF HIGHLY PLACED PEOPLE with known motives to commit 
the crime in question had far better opportunity to do so.

* Aspects of the crime that the accused could not possibly have carried out, 
such ordering NORAD not to follow procedures, PREVENTING THE US SECRET SERVICE 
FROM DOING ITS JOB by immediately moving the president to a safe location once 
they knew the nation was under attack.

* Eyewitness testimony directly relating to the events of that day.
* Evidence of foreknowledge by people other than the accused.

* Scientific evidence that contradicts the official story by stating that pools 
of molten metal (much hotter than burning jet fuel ) burned below the collapsed 
building for weeks, by questioning how the buildings could have collapsed at 
faster than free fall speed, and by challenging the scientific accuracy of 
evaporating planes and impossible maneuvers by jet airliners.

And here is the more tragic irony. At the same time that you convicted a 
defendant on largely unsupported and highly unbelievable evidence, you actually 
sentenced YOURSELF as well. In this farce of a trial, you condemned yourself to 
an eternal post 9/11 nightmare world you could never have otherwise imagined!

You sentenced yourself to accepting the elimination of your own Constitutional 
rights. You sentenced yourself to supporting the use of your tax dollars for 
egregious and illegal assaults on other nations. You sentenced yourself to 
allowing the reduction of funding for vital domestic programs. In a nutshell, 
you sentenced yourself to supporting a foreign and domestic policy that has 
weakened almost every imaginable aspect of our nation.

All this has happened because evidence was withheld from you, making it 
impossible for you to seek the truth with any credible tools at your disposal. 
But, fortunately, that does not have to be the end of the story.

I submit to you that the Internet has served the American people in the same way
that prison library served Max Cady. As we read and access legitimate public 
records on the Internet, we see more and more of the evidence that the lawyer 
(the criminal corporate media) withheld from us. And with each piece of evidence
we find, we understandably become more and more angry with the lawyer ­ in fact,
the corrupt corporate media - who was supposed to work on our behalf!

As a result, the criminal corporate media have a lot to fear. They have to fear 
the response of the American people who may one day discover that they not only 
withheld evidence from the public, but duped the people of this country into 
supporting the actual criminals who committed atrocities against them on 9/11.

I learned this lesson before 9/11. I started TvNewsLIES.org while I still 
believed the official explanation of 9.11 but still had the US corporate media 
tagged as AMERICA¹S #1 ENEMY! I use 9/11 often in my writing because it is an 
issue that hits home with the American people. It is something they can 
understand. It is something that they experienced. The media have acted against 
the interest of the American people for generations, allowing a small group of 
powerful people to pretty much have their way with us and the planet in 

Maybe 9/11 can serve as an eye opener and jolt the people into recognizing the 
US corporate media as the enemy. We don¹t need media reform in this nation, we 
need media replacement. We need a real news industry, one that understands why 
its vocation is the only one protected by thy US Constitution. We don¹t need a 
media with incestuous connections to the CIA or nefarious secret organizations 
such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group). We don¹t 
need journalists who report American Idol scandals; we need journalists to keep 
an eye on our government and show us every last piece of evidence they uncover 
about their misdeeds.

I often wonder what would happen if enough establishment institutions were to 
become really informed about 9/11. I have to believe that many Americans would 
probably accept the idea that 9/11 was an inside job and somehow justify it in 
their mind and heart. But I also wonder what would happen if a great many other 
people were like me and would not be OK with it. I often wonder how these people
would react and who would be the target of their rage. But wondering aside, I 
know how I am reacting right now, and whom I want to punish. I am sure I am not 
alone when it comes to being angry with those who lie to protect the real 
criminalsŠand that¹s why the media are becoming more and more terrified of any 
discussion about 9/11. Exposing the evidence can serve to wake up the millions 
of falsely imprisoned victims of their deception. And that can be fatal for the 
criminal corporate media.

The 9/11 truth movement can only grow. It¹s not about theories. It¹s not about 
accusations. It¹s not about speculation. It¹s about the official public body of 
evidence and how much of it has been kept from us, misrepresented and in some 
cases totally fabricated. You don¹t have to convince people of a theory; all you
have to do is show them the evidence. And the longer the criminal corporate 
media continue to withhold evidence, the harder it will be to explain to the 
growing body of very angry Max Cadys out there, why they have done so. Think 
about it.

April 6th, 2007


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