9/11: MADE IN THE U.S.A. – a new analysis


Richard Moore

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Subject: 9/11: MADE IN THE U.S.A.
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 18:32:21 -0700

Welcome to the Monday Brownbagger of May 12, 2003.

On today's program we'll be revisiting the 9-11 issue
and taking a look at a third theory of how that
incident was perpetrated - the so-called
Valentine-Plissken Hypothesis.  The source material for
this program comes mainly from two internet articles. 
One is entitled, "9-11: The Flight of the Bumble
Planes".  The other, "The World Trade Center Demolition
and the So-Called War on Terrorism".

Before we get into it, let's recount briefly the former
two theories.

Theory one, the official U.S. government theory
perpetrated by the mass media, says that 19 Arabs,
agents of Osama bin Laden, armed with boxcutters
highjacked almost simultaneously four jetliners.  The
World Trade towers were slammed by two of the
airliners.  Another airliner hit the Pentagon. The
fourth was crashed into the ground after the
highjackers were overpowered by passengers.

Theory two, the "Mike Ruppert" theory, says that there
was an elaborate plot which included high level
complicity, coverup, and dissemination of
misinformation.  Interference with protective
mechanisms allowed the highjackers to successfully
carry out most of their plan without interference.

Theory three, the latest to come along which we'll call
the Plissken theory, discounts the role of the supposed
Osama bin Laden highjackers and says that the plot was
entirely a "made-in-the- U.S." job perpetrated by North
American Air Defense Command (NORAD) insiders, military
generals, and a few agents inside the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA).  As in theory two, there would
also be knowledge at the high levels of the U.S.
government and possibly other high level areas.

Why the need for another theory you may ask.  The
answer is that a number of major discrepancies were
noticed that did not fit in with either of the two
previous theories.  These will be outlined further on
in this program.

We start with an appropriate quote, "Why of course the
people don't want war ... But after all it is the
leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it
is always a simple matter to drag the people along,
whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship,
or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice
or no voice, the people can always be brought to the
bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to
do is to tell them they are being attacked, and
denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and
exposing the country to danger." - Hermann Goering,
Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II

The official story says that the World Trade towers
fell to the ground after the heat from the crashed
airliners caused the steel girders to melt. The
Plissken theory says that the collapse was caused by
numerous explosives planted at crucial points on the
girders, causing a controlled implosion of the
structures 56 and 104 minutes after the planes

The Twin Towers were said to be designed to survive the
impact of a Boeing 707, which in weight, size and speed
is similar to the Boeing 767 which hit the South Tower.
 It is thought to be unbelievable that two towers
collapsed quickly, neatly and symmetrically without
falling over onto the surrounding buildings in
Manhattan's financial district, collapsing completely
into fragments, ash and huge clouds of dust with no
remains of their central massive vertical steel columns
left standing.

New evidence suggests that not four, but only one
Boeing jetliners crashed - the one that crashed in
Pennsylvania.  New evidence also strongly suggests
that, as is common in coups, generals were involved,
and the possibility has emerged that the Twin Towers
were wired for demolition well in advance of September
11th. Thus began the dissemination of this new theory
over the internet in late August 2002.

The official theory, it is stated, is full of holes and
is a deliberate lie designed to fool the American
people and the rest of the world.  It is said that none
of the alleged Arab hijackers had ever worked as
professional pilots, but that at least four highly
trained pilots were needed to fly the Boeing 757s and
Boeing 767s.  Alleged hijacker-pilots Mohammed Atta,
Marwanal Al-Shehhi and Hani Hanjour had received pilot
training, but were considered by their flying
instructors to be incompetent to fly even light
single-engine planes

Doubt is expressed that the highjackers could have
taken command of jetliners away from pilots with
military training using only boxcutters and then
navigated the jetliners to their targets.

The burning jet fuel in the towers, most of it being
burned up in a giant fireball moments after impact, is
said to have been insufficient to melt the steel
girders as the temperatures produced would not have
reached the necessary 1538 degrees centigrade, but only
an unlikely maximum of 825 degrees centigrade.  Even if
the girders had collapsed, it is said, the collapse
would not have been symmetrical, but uncontrollable and
debris would have fallen over a wide area.

It is also noted that the south tower was only glanced
by the plane and had its central support columns left
intact, yet it was the first tower to collapse.  It is
stated that the impact of the plane and the fire were
insufficient causes for the collapse of the tower.

Truss failure was also rejected upon analysis, as being
a fabrication.  It is said that steel girders were used
to connect outer walls to the central core, rather than
relatively weak trusses and so the domino theory of
pancaking floors collapsing on each other was false.

It is noted that the contractor whose people were the
first on the World Trade Centre collapse scene - to
cart away the rubble that remained -  was the same
contractor that demolished and hauled away the shell of
the bombed Oklahoma City Murrah building. The name of
the contractor is Controlled Demolition!

And now to the Pentagon.  According to the official
story as reported by the New York Times, the Boeing 757
which struck the Pentagon and which was flown by a
pilot that couldn't fly a Cessna, executed a 270-degree
7,000-foot descent over Washington while flying at 500
mph, approached the Pentagon on a horizontal trajectory
so low that it clipped the power lines across the
street and yet somehow managed the impossible maneuvre
of squeezing between two intact poles which were
separated by less than the 125 foot wingspan of a
Boeing 757.

The original hole in the side of the Pentagon was said
to have been 2 to 3 meters wide - too small to account
for the impact of a Boeing 757.  The hole was later
said to have been enlarged to 70 feet wide by the use
of a crane.  Even so, there was no visible sign of the
100,000 pounds of material comprising the total weight
of the Boeing 757 with a wingspan of nearly twice that
of the 70 foot hole.

There was said to be no bodies recovered at the
Pentagon crash site.  It is noted that in every
airliner crash there are always bodies recovered,
although many are badly burned.

There was also no mention of Arab highjackers in the
alleged cell phone call by Mark Bingham.  In fact it is
said that there is no evidence, except anecdotal, that
any of the doomed passengers made any cellphone call. 
The call by Barbara Olson to her husband Ted Olson,
U.S. Solicitor General, is said to be a fabrication. 
(Incidentally, in a report published in February of
this year, researchers stated that tests had concluded
that cell phone calls can not be made from a jetliner
flying at over 8000 feet elevation and that it is
statistically unlikely for such a call to be made below
8000 feet).

In addition to this, there is a direct quote from Osama
bin Laden in an interview with Pakistani newspaper
Ummaat dated September 28, 2001; "I have already said
that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in
the United States.  As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid
telling a lie.  I had no knowledge of these attacks,
nor do I consider the killing of innocent women,
children and other humans as an appreciable act.  Islam
strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women,
children and other people. Such a practice is forbidden
even in the course of a battle.  It is the United
States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on
women, children and common people ..."

Let's now look at what is theorized to have really
happened, according to available evidence.

In October 2001 two articles appeared on the web which
provided the first clues.  One, Carol Valentine's
"Operation 911: NO SUICIDE PILOTS" and Joe Vialls'
"Home Run: Electronically Hijacking the World Trade
Center Attack Aircraft" drew attention to the
possibility of remote control of a large jet aircraft. 
Such technology would allow specialist ground
controllers to take absolute control of a hijacked
plane's computerized flight control system by remote
means.  But there was a problem with this theory. 
Getting all four remotely controllable planes to take
off within an hour of each other would not be easy and
would require more people with insider knowledge than
would be advisable.

What was needed was a fool-proof plan.

The actual plan which was purportedly implemented was
revealed to Carol Valentine by an analyst with the
pseudonym of Snake Plissken.  Plissken said the plot
was hatched, not by Arabs, but by agents of the
civilian "state security and intelligence" agencies and
bureaus such as the CIA, top-ranking officers within
the U.S. Air Force and high-level officials within the
U.S. Administration, perhaps with Israeli involvement. 
The objectives were fivefold: to take control of four
civilian airliners; to carry out attacks on the Twin
Towers and the Pentagon causing huge loss of life; to
make it appear that these airliners were used to carry
out the attacks; to eliminate the passengers on the
airliners who would not be involved in the operation
except as reluctant witnesses, and to blame these
attacks on "Arab terrorists" and to use this as a
pretext to launch military campaigns against "enemies
of America" in the Middle East and in Asia.

>From 1994 to 2001 there were said to be no less than
12 warnings of aircraft being used as weapons.  The
would be terrorists were said to have been helped along
by being supplied with money (via Pakistani Inter
Services Intelligence, ISI, operatives), U.S. visas,
introductions to U.S. flying schools, and useful tips. 
This was so that the terrorists could be lined up as
"useful idiots" who could be blamed for the job.

The actual operation was said to be far more elaborate
than the would-be hijackers were capable of carrying
out, and required equipment which they did not have and
prior access to the Trade Towers which was not possible
for them.

What happened on September 11th is envisioned as

Three planes were made ready by U.S. military
personnel, possibly of NORAD, capable of being
controlled remotely, with no-one on board:1) a military
jet either loaded with high explosives or carrying
missiles or both; 2) an F-16 jet fighter armed with a
missile, and 3) a Boeing 767, painted up to look like a
United Airlines jet which we will call "Pseudo Flight

In the alternative Plissken variation, the F-16 is
replaced by an AGM-86C cruise missile capable of being
fired from a B-52 and of flying to its target under
GPS-guidance, and able upon impact to generate heat of
over 2,000 degrees centigrade.

Early on the morning of September 11th Mohammad Atta
and some other Arabs board American Airlines and United
Airlines planes under instructions from their CIA or
FBI handlers. Atta and others, some recorded by airport
security cameras, will later be declared to be "the

The four civilian jet airliners take off: AA Flight 11,
a Boeing 767, leaves Logan Airport, Boston, at 7:59
a.m. headed for Los Angeles, with between 76 and 81
passengers (about 39% of capacity) and 11 crew members
aboard.  (This is the jet which supposedly hit the
North Tower.)  AA Flight 77, a Boeing 757, takes off
from Dulles Airport in northern Virginia at 8:10 a.m
bound for Los Angeles, with between 50 and 58
passengers (about 27% of capacity) and six crew members
aboard.  (This is the jet which allegedly hit the
Pentagon.)  UA Flight 175, a Boeing 767, departs from
Logan Airport, Boston, at 8:13 a.m. for Los Angeles
with between 47 and 56 passengers (about 26% of
capacity) and nine crew members aboard.  (This is the
jet which allegedly hit the South Tower.)   UA Flight
93, a Boeing 757, scheduled to leave Newark Airport at
8:01 a.m. for San Francisco, is late and does not
depart until 8:41 a.m., taking off with between 26 and
38 passengers (about 16% of capacity) and seven crew
members on board.  (This is the jet which crashed in

The low passenger turnout on all these four western
bound airliners is said to be very unlikely.

Pseudo Flight 175 takes off from its military base,
flying under remote control, and flies so as to
intercept the flight path of UA Flight 175. Radar
operators tracking UA Flight 175 see the two blips
merge.  A half-hour or so after taking off the pilots
of the four civilian airliners are informed by radio
that the U.S. is under attack by terrorists and that
they are to shut down their transponders and land their
planes at a military base in some north-eastern U.S.
state, (tentatively identified by Leonard Spencer as
Yeager Airport near Charleston, W. Virginia).   The
pilots obey this order and change course accordingly.

Pseudo Flight 175 changes course toward New York. To
radar operators it appears as if UA Flight 175 is now
flying toward Manhattan.  Pseudo Flight 175 approaches
Manhattan under remote control and crashes into the
South Tower at 9:03 a.m.  There were several reports
that said the plane that crashed into the South Tower
was the size of a commuter airplane.

The military jet takes off under remote control and
(perhaps after intercepting the flight path of AA
Flight 11 to confuse the radar operators) approaches
the North Tower at 8:45 a.m., fires missiles into it
then crashes into it, detonating explosives already
planted in the building.

George W. Bush announces to the nation that he has made
some phone calls and then goes into hiding for eight
hours. He fails to order defensive action by ordering
U.S. Air Force jets from bases near Washington to
scramble to intercept the other two (allegedly
hijacked) planes still in the air.  No other Air Force
officer orders jets to intercept the planes in an
unprecedented failure of the air traffic security
system when four errant jetliners were in the skies at
the same time.  Interceptor fighters are finally
scrambled an hour after the first of the commercial
jets has gone off course and 45 minutes after the
impact at the North Tower.  Even so, they are ordered
to fly at subsonic speed, well below their top speed..

The F-16 jet fighter, under remote control, flies at
high speed toward Washington D.C. (perhaps after
crossing the flight path of AA Flight 77), descends to
near ground level, makes a horizontal approach to the
Pentagon, fires a missile which produces a huge
explosion at the outer wall of the Pentagon, then
itself crashes into the building (at 9:38 a.m.), its
engine penetrating several rings of the Pentagon.  In a
variation of the alternative theory it is an AGM-86C
cruise missile which strikes the Pentagon.

The first media report from NBC said that there was an
explosion at the Pentagon with no mention of an
airliner.  Later reports from eyewitnesses said that a
small aircraft hit the Pentagon.

Meanwhile  all four AA and UA jets have landed at the
military base to which they were directed. The 199 
passengers and crew from AA Flight 77, AA Flight 11 and
UA Flight 175 are herded onto UA Flight 93, where they
join the 33 passengers and crew, for a total of 232
people. Explosives are loaded on board.

Sometime around 10:00 or 10:15 a.m. UA Flight 93 takes
off from the military base, either under remote control
or under the control of a military pilot unaware of his
fate, and flies toward Washington in a fake "terrorist

Either explosives on board UA Flight 93 are detonated,
or the jet is blown apart by a missile fired by a U.S.
Air Force F-16 fighter jet, over Pennsylvania, almost
two hours after it took off from Newark Airport.

Pennsylvania state police officials later say debris
from the plane had been found up to 8 miles away from
the crash site in a residential community [Indian Lake]
where local media have quoted residents as speaking of
a second plane in the area [this was the F-16] and
burning debris falling from the sky.  That wreckage was
scattered over an 8 mile area is a clear indication
that the airliner did not fall from the sky after
supposed defiant passengers wrestled control from the

All passengers and crew from all four "hijacked"
planes, perhaps or perhaps not including those 34
(later unlisted) passengers (including Mohammad Atta)
who are part of the operation, are in this way

George W. Bush announces his "War on Terrorism" and the
Pentagon swings into action to implement its
previously-prepared plans to bomb Afghanistan.

The writer has admitted that some of the details of
this account may turn out to be wrong, but believes
that overall it is the most likely explanation of the
events of September 11th and is consistent with all the
evidence and is contradicted by none. The writer admits
that only a full and impartial investigation will
reveal the truth.

Incidentally, in a May 7 report, Newsweek has learned
that President Bush's chief lawyer has privately
signaled that the White House may seek to invoke
executive privilege over key documents relating to the
attacks in order to keep them out of the hands of
investigators for the National Commission on Terror
Attacks Upon the United States - the independent panel
created by Congress to probe all aspects of 9-11. 
Could it be that Bush's lawyer is trying to protect,
among others, the CIA from possible involvement with
the deaths of 200 or so passengers who died when UA
Flight 93 exploded in the sky over Pennsylvania and the
deaths of thousands in the Twin Towers?

There is also the matter of unusually high put options
being purchased on United Airlines.  Many of the UAL
puts are purchased through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a
firm managed until 1998 by the current Executive
Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard.  Despite an
Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation, the
identity of those who purchased the put options has so
far not been revealed.

There is evidence that the Trade Towers were taken down
by controlled demolition.  The towers collapsed at near
freefall speed.  The buildings collapsed inward and
downward in a smooth wave at an equal speed.  All of
the structural members were destroyed in a smooth
pattern, so there was no remaining skeleton.  The 
damage was uniform, symmetrical and total.

Also there were unusual occurrences prior to the Trade
Tower's collapse. Televised images show what appears to
be a huge explosion occurring near ground level, in the
vicinity of the 47-story Salomon Brothers Building,
known as World Trade Centre 7, prior to the collapse of
the first tower. One eyewitness saw six brief light
sources accompanied by "a crackling sound" being
emitted from inside the building between floors 10 and
15 before the tower collapsed.

A firefighter in the second tower, Louie Cacchioli,
told People Weekly on Sept. 24: "I was taking
firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th floor to
get in position to evacuate workers. On the last trip
up a bomb went off. We think there were bombs set in
the building."

Kim White, an employee on the 80th floor, reported
hearing two explosions.

A Danish website offers a 4-hour video containing
visual evidence of what happened on September 11th
which has been suppressed or ignored by the mainstream
media.  Among other things, the video shows bombs
popping out windows of the World Trade Center facade
far below the crash level of the collapsing tower.

A seismograph at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty
Earth Observatory recorded a "sharp spike of short
duration", said to be similar to a seismographic
signature of an underground nuclear explosion.  Whether
nuclear or not, a massive explosion was surmised to
have taken place in the lowest levels of the Trade
Towers.  For a week after the collapse of the Twin
Towers there were areas beneath the surface which
remained intensely hot - in the area of 800 to 1300
degrees fahrenheit.  The source of this heat is not

A way to prove that the supporting steel columns of the
Twin Towers had been blasted by explosives would have
been to examine fragments from them among the debris
for evidence of what metallurgists call "twinning". 
But the World Trade Center site was declared out of
bounds, debris removed as fast as possible and no
forensic examination of the debris was permitted by the
FBI or any other government agency.  Almost all the
300,000 tons of steel from the Twin Towers was sold to
New York scrap dealers and exported to places like
China and Korea as quickly as it could be loaded onto
the ships, thereby removing the evidence.

There is a section of discussion on controlled
demolition of the towers and on a built-in self-
destruct mechanism in the construction of the towers
which is interesting, but which I will not include due
to time constraints.

There is an indication that Tom Kenny of the Federal
Environmental Management Association  had preknowledge
of the 9-11 event in a statement to Dan Rather of CBS. 
On September 12 Tom Kenny said to Dan Rather that we
(FEMA officials) arrived (in New York) late Monday
night (September 10) and went into action on Tuesday
morning (September 11) and not until today did we get a
full opportunity to work the entire site.  So from that
statement one must presume that FEMA officials were
sent to New York a day before the 9-11 event so as to
be on site to deal with the event immediately after it

The author charges that the attacks against the World
Trade Centre and the Pentagon were brought to us by the
same group of people who gave us the 1993 World Trade
Center Bombing and the Oklahoma City Bombing.  There is
evidence that the Oklahoma City Bombing was actually
planned and directed not by Arab terrorists, who were
merely the operatives, but by the FBI. The mastermind
of that bombing was the government of the United States
charges the author.

Also Ron Kuby, defense attorney, said in the article
Troubling Questions in Troubling Times; "In the
Oklahoma City Bombing explosives were placed by the
structural supports of the Murrah Federal Building,
demolishing it and killing hundreds of people.  The
psy-war propaganda experts then succeeded in convincing
the more gullible among the American people that this
was the work of one or two men using a truck full of
ammonium nitrate.  (Some of the high-explosive devices
planted within the building did not explode.  They 
were seen by four witnesses after the attack and were
removed by the FBI, but were never officially
mentioned.)  Within a few days of the bombing, the
Counter-Terrorism Bill was passed by Congress, a piece
of legislation which provided for secret trials and
seizure of assets without due process of law, and which
foreshadowed the so-called Patriot Act passed by
Congress one month after the events of September 11th."

The author concludes by saying, "The perpetrators of
these atrocities were Americans.  For at least forty
years this group of traitors, most of whom are present
or former occupants of the White House or are working
or have worked in those U.S. government organizations
whose activities are hidden behind a cloak of "national
security", or are high-level military officers, has
controlled the U.S. government by subversion of its
democratic institutions, has manipulated a gullible
American population and the political leadership of
other countries by the skillful use of propaganda and
has ruthlessly exploited the economic resources of the
Earth for its own profit."


    For the movement, the relevant question is not, "Can we
    work through the political system?", but rather, "Is
    the political system one of the things that needs to be
    fundamentally transformed?"

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