911 disinformation campaign


Richard Moore

This kind of disinformation indicates the 911 truth movement is making progress.

What they fail to mention on the TV show (and in the NIST 'research') is that 
Larry Silverstein (owner of the WTC buildings) announced on PBS that WT7 was 
'pulled' (brought down by demolition). The interesting question there is why the
building was wired for demolition prior to 9/11, as it couldn't possibly have 
been accomplished on the day.


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Prime News and Popular Mechanics Attack Rosie and 9/11 Truth
9/11 Blogger | April 5, 2007

They promote stoprosie.com and ask people to sign petition to get her fired.

This is Erica Hill's show on CNN Headline News from 04-04-07. James Miegs and 
Ethan Czahor from stoprosie.com are the guests. James Miegs claims that fire 
didn't have to melt the steel, it just had to be weakened by it. But it did 
melt! Look at the pictures, better yet, look at a portion of the FEMA report 
that was conviently left out of the NIST report. Here is the link:


Go ahead, read how he tested steel from the site and discovered that steel was 

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